The VALUE Proposition

Sometime in mid nineties I wrote an article in USAHAWAN monthly magazine published by Lembaga Mananajemen Fakultas Ekonomi (LMFE) Universitas Indonesia about my first thought on value. Value has been in my system of thinking about one year before that article was published. To me, life is a quest for value. The value that we choose to create in life as we were all created by ALLAH SWT, GOD the Almighty. The value that we absorb as accumulation of knowledge from passages of life in order to create “the better tomorrow” including life after death. I define value simply as “something that has deep meaning”. This simple definition spans across the manifestation of value as something tangible or physical like the fulfillment of basic needs or something intangible like self actualization of spiritual advices.

As result of my contemplation about value itself I came to a proposition that in order to prosper in life I had a VALUE proposition:

Vision and Action Lead Us to Excellence

We have to know where we are going and align our action to that direction. If this is done in alignment it will lead us to excellence. This will create the better tomorrow. The proposition is valid since the day I first proposed it in mid nineties even until now.

There are two fields I like most in life: 1. the continual search for knowledge (the serious part) and 2. the continual search for great media for contemplation through music (the fun part). Life must be balanced! I have written much about these two fields. This blog represents my thoughts on my continual search for knowledge – therefore I call it The Value Quest: The Quest for Value. While on the other field (music) is presented in Music for Life. If I find it hard to classify, then I put it in other blog: Gatot Widayanto.

Yours sincerely,


2 Responses to “VALUE”

  1. Prambudi Harinto Says:

    So interesting after reading this nice article… it would be more value for everyone else…

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