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4 starsAPPLE PIE Crossroad | review
3 starsBILLY COBHAM The Billy Cobham – George Duke Band: “Live” On Tour In Europe | review
3 starsMOONLIGHT COMEDY The Life Inside | review
4 starsJIMI HENDRIX Band Of Gypsys | review
5 starsRICK WAKEMAN The Six Wives Of Henry VIII | review
3 starsFRIJID PINK Frijid Pink | review
3 starsROBERT PLANT Pictures at Eleven | review
2 starsPETER GABRIEL Scratch my back | review
4 starsASIA MINOR Between Flesh and Divine | review
3 starsARCTURUS Sideshow Symphonies | review
4 starsTRIANGLE Retreat | review
4 starsRHAPSODY (OF FIRE) Frozen Tears Of Angels | review
4 starsKAMELOT Poetry For The Poisoned | review
3 starsANATHEMA Resonance: Best of Anathema | review
3 starsMINDFLOWERS Improgressive | review
3 starsCAMEL I Can See Your House From Here | review
4 starsABEL GANZ Shooting Albatross | review
4 starsRELOCATOR Relocator | review
4 starsMONTECRISTO Celebration of Birth | review
5 starsVARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) Romantic Warriors: A Progressive Music Saga | review
4 starsRUSH Beyond the Lighted Stage | review
4 starsRENAISSANCE Live at the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Part 1 | review
4 starsANATHEMA A Natural Disaster | review
3 starsMARTIGAN Vision | review
4 starsEPICA Consign to Oblivion | review
4 starsANEKDOTEN Chapters | review
3 starsANATHEMA A Fine Day to Exit | review
4 starsCRISÁLIDA Crisálida (Homónimo) | review
3 starsBACAMARTE Depois Do Fim | review
4 starsAKACIA An Other Life | review
4 starsCHICAGO Chicago at Carnegie Hall | review
4 starsCHICAGO The Chicago Transit Authority | review
3 starsALSO EDEN About Time | review
3 starsABIGAIL’S GHOST D_Letion | review
3 starsABIGAIL’S GHOST Selling Insincerity | review
4 starsTRACE The White Ladies | review
5 starsRETURN TO FOREVER Live At Montreux 2008 | review
3 starsAGE OF NEMESIS Terra Incognita ( English version) | review
3 starsPENDRAGON The Jewel | review
4 starsOPETH Damnation | review
3 starsGOLDEN EARRING Something Heavy Going Down (Live From the Twilight Zone) | review
3 starsGOLDEN EARRING The Naked Truth | review
4 starsD.F.A. Work in Progress Live | review
4 starsTHE MARS VOLTA Octahedron | review
5 starsPATRICK MORAZ The Story of I | re

5 Responses to “My Reviews @ ProgArchives”

  1. Gido Says:

    Hello Gatot,

    Via a nice tool in Songbird (smarty pants – based on the music you are listening to you can create a playlist of similar tracks and get recommendations) I found Circus Maximus. It appeared you reviewed the cd’s of this band very favourable on progarchives and as always your reviews were spot-on. Whenever I get cd’s from prog-rock bands I check your reviews on progarchives. Somehow your reviews are in the areas as my musical tastes ! Thanks for all the hard work you put into these reviews.
    As Marillion is one your favourite bands (and in my top-5): I went to see their less=more tour here in the Netherlands and I really enjoyed myself.

    best regards and (indeed) keep on progging !

    Amstelveen, The Netherlands

  2. Gatot Widayanto Says:

    Hello Gido,

    Many many thanks and BIG APOLOGY for late response as I am just aware your comments recently as I update this page. So sorry about that.

    I thank you very much for the nice words about my review. Great! we have similar taste and we can exchange knowledge about prog.

    Best regard and keep on proggin’ …!!!

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  3. Ruls AREMA Says:

    Halo paklek om “G” aku baru sj nemu rekaman yes mahavishnu “apocalypse”, chick corea “and gary burton in live” “delphi I” “return to forefer”, lego rasane bos. Salam 1 jiwa “PEACE AREMA”

  4. edigimo Says:

    Kok Insurgentes nya Steven Wilson cuma dikasih 2 bintang, wah nelongso aku…..Tapi biar dikasih bintang berapapun Steven Wilson tetep Topz!!

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