Kabar dari Steve Hackett: Bermusik di Kapal

Ini kabar terakhir dari Steve Hackett per malam tadi: (tanpa edit)

It was exciting at our show on board ship last night to be joined by Chris Squire, Simon Collins and John Wetton. There was a tremendous buzz. The boat’s engines thundered into life as Simon and Nad together sung out on the 666 part of Supper’s Ready. John gave a fab vocal on Firth and he and Chris whipped up a storm with the band on All Along the Watchtower…
Warmest wishes to all,

Dan ini foto yang ia kirim:

Steve Hackett 12 Apr2014




6 Responses to “Kabar dari Steve Hackett: Bermusik di Kapal”

  1. Rocco Brown Says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Gatot Widayanto Says:

    Karepmu opo?

  3. Rizki Says:

    For info, ada cuplikan konser diatas diyoutube dgn judul CTTE 2014 Hackett, Wetton, Squire. Lagunya All along the watchtower milik Bob Dylan (yg kemudian dipopulerkan Jimmy Hendrix). Terlihat disitu John bernyanyi sambil main gitar, sementara bass dimainkan oleh Chris Squire (ditambah Nick Begg dengan Chapman Stick).

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