King Crimson “On Broadway” Live in NYC 1995

Sore ini sambil nyruput kopi arabika dari Aceh saya menikmati album live dari King Crimson dalam format “double trio” ini dimana semua pemainnya ada dua: dua bass, dua gitar dan dua drums. Kalau dua drums sudah umum ya. tapi kalau dua bass? rasanya hanya bend gemblung yang mau main dengan double bass. Itulah King Crimson yang motornya orang gemblung dengan ide brilian untuk selelu memposisikan King Crimson sebagai band papan atas. Meski ini adalah performance tahun 1995 namun baru dirilis tahun 1999. Menurut saya performance mereka luar biasa di album live ini. Tak hanya masing-masing pemain bermain gila namun juga setiap lagu yang dibawakan semuanya lebih bagus daripada versi studionya. King Crimson memang kagak ada matinye!


Songs / Tracks Listing
Disc 1
1. Conundrum
2. Thela Hun Ginjeet
3. Red
4. Dinosaur
6. Frame By Frame
7. Walking On Air
10. Neurotica
11. Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
Disc 2
1. People
2. One Time
3. Indiscipline
4. Improv: Two Sticks
5. Elephant Talk
6. Prism
7. Talking Drum
8. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (Part II)
9. Three Of A Perfect Pair
11. Coda: Marine 475
12. Fearless And Highly THRaKked

Line-up / Musicians

Robert Fripp – Guitar, Soundscapes
Adrian Belew – Guitar, Voice
Trey Gunn – Touch Guitar
Tony Levin – Basses, Stick
Pat Mastelotto – Acoustic & Electronic Drums & Percussion
Bill Bruford – Acoustic & Electronic Drums & Percussion

Review by Gatot
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

5 stars I personally enjoy this live set as an example how powerful the Double-Trio lineup that was promoted heavily by the master of positioning strategy: Robert Fripp. I can not disagree with his words as the more I listen to this live album the more I like it. The opening track Conundrum depicts the double drumming works that sounds nicely to open the album. I can not imagine if I was there in the show I would keep shouting to them as the music being played live. Thela Hun Ginjeet sounds much much better here than the studio album under Discipline album – I think it’s mostly more lively and there are double bass-guitar- drums. How can afford to have these wonderful sounds in other records? It’s really great. Especially, the interlude sounds really different than the studio version.What surprised me is that they also played the legendary track Red. Again, it’s much better performed live under this one than the original recording from the Red album. Bill and Pat play the drums dynamically while the guitar portion of Fripp still referred to the original version but much more lively. Well ,….the basslines are also much more powerful here. I also love how the drums fill in transition pieces beautifully so that this track sounds really great. The interlude part has ambient sound which sounds like a keyboard work but …as we all know that this format has no keyboard player at all. It must be coming from guitar work.

All other tracks are great as well like Dinosaur where the drumming is really dynamic in nature combining two personalities with their own style. Belew vocal is powerful as well. Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream is also much better recorded live here than the studio version. I enjoy the drumming and basslines. My favorite track One Time is also featured here. As this one is simple in composition it serves as a break after many improvisations along the way from start. One Time was performed excellently, flawless with full expression of Belew. It returns back to discrete music under Indiscipline which is another great track also. I love the percussion improvisation throughout the song – which were not there under original studio track. Wow! This track is really wonderful man!!! The drumming part is really articulative and inspiring at the intro part. It flows with all music where all instruments play together and immediately stops when the vocal starts to enter the music, Again…it’s so great!!! Oh man …this track really make my day! It’s so powerful! The way belew sings is really great! And at the end of the track he shout : I like it …and people clap their hands plus another words from Belew: And I hope you like it too … Yeah, I like it Mr. Belew! It’s a great performance. Then he sings with piano (?) – nice singing! Free as a bird …. This singing is not listed in tracklist but it’s good.

The Improv: Two Sticks is basically between two players: Tony and Trey on their stick basses as a wonderful intro of Elephant Talk performed wonderful from start to end, better than the studio version. This song means a lot to me as this was the first time I knew in 1981 that KC musical direction had changed drastically to this kind of discrete music. Talking Drum is another wonderful track I love from this live set and it is performed wonderfully from start to end. It continues seamlessly to Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (Part II) . Wow!!! Three Of A Perfect Pair is also great! Flawless really.

For me personally, this live set is a masterpiece for two reasons: the individual performance of the players who contribute to this live set are really oustanding; and secondly all tracks are performed better here than any other version the band has ever recorded. With no doubt I can give full five stars for this live set. Keep on proggin’ …!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW


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6 Responses to “King Crimson “On Broadway” Live in NYC 1995”

  1. Edi Apple Santoso Says:

    sayang aku belum punya yang ini, langsung muter park west, chicago, illinois (august 7, 2008) sambil nyruput kopi kawisari …. lha yok opo wong gak duwe sing double trio ….

    • Gatot Widayanto Says:

      Mas Edi,

      Jujur saja … saya cinta banget sama format double-trio ….karena setiap hentakan musiknya baik saat kenceng maupun sunyi bener2 membuat jantung berdegup kenceng saking indahnya perpaduan duo drummer top pat dan bill, duo bassist kondang tony dan trey serta duo gitaris fripp dan belew. Nangis bombay tenan …. Setiap ketukan terasa banget nuansa NEW King Crimson nya. Paling mantab pas lagu Indiscipline. Ini lagu kayaknya jauh lebih keras dari musik metal apapun. Vokal marahnya Belew juga edan tenan. Wis …pokoke KC ora ono matine blas!

  2. cosmic_eargasm Says:

    Sama seperti mas Edi, sy blm punya dan blm dengar album live ini. Selain itu, KC format double-trio yg sy miliki baru sedikit. “ThRak”, “ThRakaTTak” dan bbrp live2 nya semacam “Vroom”, “B’Boom”, “Heavy ConstruKction” dll, nanti sy liat lg. Memang KC ini band Prog yg paling eclectic, inovatif dan yg pasti lain dr pd yg lain, serta sangat musical-open minded sekali dan jauh mendahului jaman. KC memang selalu keren musiknya, walopun pd awalnya sy kurang bs menerima pd bbrp album era 80 an, namun sekali lg, ide Fripp memang sdh jauh melesat mendahului jaman, sementara kita sebagai pendengar baru ngeh album trilogi 80an, KC sdh membuat format double-trio, saat kita lg kagum dgn “ThRak”, KC sdh membuat Avant-Garde Prog dgn “ThRakaTTaK” dst. Blm lg solo2 album dr para personilnya yg terasa dahsyat juga. Mari kita tunggu kedahsyatan KC version 8 yg kbr nya tahun ini merilis albumnya.

    “Just for people who had a musical-open minded!” Hahahaha.

    Thanks mas GW.

    ::: Feed the Music without Border! :::

    “Powerful Secrets are revealed through Intensity and Extremes of experience.” John Zorn

  3. Edi Apple Santoso Says:

    iki ono solo 3 drummer pat mastelotto, bill rieflin n gavin harrison

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