Haken “The Mountain”

Sore ini saya rencana gowes ke Jl. Sabang karena ada reuni pendiri IPS (saya baru sadar bahwa saya merupakan salah satu dari 24 orang pendiri Indonesian Progressive Society, meski di urutan terakhir, nomer 24). Namun hujan mengguyur Jakarta, sehingga saya ngendon di kantor saya, Tumah Reformasi – Cikatomas, Kebayoran Baru sambil kemat kemot nunggu hujan reda. Namun ternyata tak juga reda dan dari FB nya bli Rikon ada pengumuman bahwa reuni ditunda mengingat cuaca belum mendukung terjadinya reuni. Maka …saya kemat kemot di depan laptop sambil browsing musik asik di youtube. Ah …tempo hari saya pernah keblasuk menikmati youtube di tajuk HAKEN “The Mountain” yang saat itu gak begitu saya nikmati.

Maka…saya buka kemasan headset Senheiser PX100 yang sudah sekitar 5 tahun saya miliki dan gak bosen karena memang suaranya nyuwamlenk suromenggolo ing wanito udo tenan …pokoke apik suaranya. Wuiks !!! Sekarang begitu nikmat musiknya mengalun dibuka dengan himne nan indah bertajuk The Path yang liriknya sungguh sangat transendental :

The Path
This life is a dream
A gift we receive
To live and to love
We forge The Path

Our nightmare in birth
Our strunggle for worth
In vain we carry on
Our mission to become

Adapt to this world
It’s a a chance we must take
We’ll play our hand

Keren to liriknya? Musiknya pun mengalun seperti requiem begitu. Selanjutnya, alunan musik indah luar biasa menghiasi pangsit saya … Biyuh! Musiknya aneh namun nikmat dan rasanya ini aliran baru meski ada beberapa pengaruh musik lama. Yang membuat saya ndhredhegh itu, salah satunya, adalah track 6 – Falling Back to Earth. Ediyaaaannnn musiknya bener2 nyeleneh, aneh bin mujair tenan! Gak percaya? Coba dah simak album ini in its entirety! Kalau gak suka, berarti saya jamin Anda bukan progger dan keblasuk masuk ke blog guwemblung ini!



Studio Album, released in 2013

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Path (2:47)
2. Atlas Stone (7:34)
3. Cockroach King (8:15)
4. In Memoriam (4:17)
5. Because It?s There (4:24)
6. Falling Back to Earth (11:51)
7. As Death Embraces (3:13)
8. Pareidolia (10:51)
9. Somebody (9:01)

Total Time 62:13

Bonus tracks on limited edition:

10. The Path Unbeaten (2:12)
11. Nobody (4:53)

Total Time 69:18

Line-up / Musicians

– Ross Jennings / vocals
– Charles Griffiths / guitars
– Raymond Hearne / drums
– Richard Henshall / keyboard and guitar
– Thomas MacLean / bass
– Diego Tejeida / keyboards

Releases information

Will be released on September 2 by InsideOut Music. The album was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren.


Keep on proggin’ ….!




Saya gak tahan untuk tak menulis review tentang album dahzyat von gila ini  …. saat ini masih di halaman depan progarchives:

The Mountain
Haken Heavy ProgReview by Gatot
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

5 stars Oh my God …what is this?This might be my second experience getting hooked to a music at first listen and feel excited from start to end of the album. Not only that! I feel like my adrenalin runs three times faster than its usual speed. I could not believe it and I replayed, again the music from start with The Path that serves as a requiem to open the album, my feeling towards the album has even doubled in terms of degree of likeness ….oh my God .. This is really great to the bone maaannnnn!!! And when I said ‘second experience’ it relates to the first time when I heard Marillion ‘Script for a Jester’s Tear’. But this time with Haken “The Mountain” I feel different as the kind of music (the composition – to be exact!) is totally different. I feel like I never heard this kind of music before. So I am totally engaged with this wonderfully crafted album! Keep on proggin’ ….!!!! Long live prog!

Well, it’s too premature to say that the music presented here is original as I can see there are some influences (even though only a bit and not totally the same) from bands like Gentle Giat, especially in the choirs of some segments. But Haken is really inventive because they use different patterns so that the music sounds really fresh. Of course for those of you who have not heard at all about the music of this album, it’s a bit taough to imagine especially through the words I put in this review. Put it this way…. Yes, it’s the kind of heavy prog where you have that sorts of progressive metal riffs but at the same time you have the other kinds of vintage eclectic music that all and all are beautifully packaged into great soundscapes and wonderful sonic production at par excellent with any Steve Wilson’s work. Just take an example of the second track that flows seamlessly from the opening requiem The Path through an ambient piano work. The music flows in a style that you can hardly find similar with other bands. But then suddenly you got changes in style where the music demonstrates some acrobatic patterns in staccato style. Oh mannnn …..!!! And not only that, there are some other breaks where the vocal sings differently backed with dynamic bass guitar work.

I think, musically Haken has reached its top creativity that I believe they would not stop right here and would embark on another creativity in their future releases, I think….. This “The Mountain” album is really mid boggling and adrenalin pondering kind of music as I cannot predict at all how the music is going to be as I spin the album. Just take a look on the third track with weird title “Cockroach King”. I bet you will be laughing alone when you listen to the funny opening choirs that sond really greaaaaaat ….! “Tantalized by the cockroach and it’s promise. I fantasised about soaring with golden wings. “Flying with gold wings””. And then suddenly the music turns o jazz with no compromise at all! Oh my God … it’s really creative and fabulous! This is the kind of music that I really love and I will promote this album to as many people as I can. I have already put this album on my personal blog and people start to make themselves curious about what I say. And …yes … you must also track track 6 “Falling Back To Earth”. You will then definitely say: “This is it!”. Yeah .. this is a true progressive music.

Overall: It’s really GREAT album and of course it’s a MASTERPIECE with well rounded five stars – no discount!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW


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15 Responses to “Haken “The Mountain””

  1. budicaspia Says:

    Koment pertama. Salam kenal mas

  2. Gatot Widayanto Says:

    Salam cenal mas budicaspia … Mohon KLIK link di atas dan silakan menikmati alunan musik gila huwenak tuwenan …renyah kayak daging rendang empuk mas … Gendhenk band satu ini! It’s really genius mas! You must try!!!

  3. Gatot Widayanto Says:

    ADUUUHHHH ,….. band ini bener2 GILAAAAAAAAAAA……!!!!

  4. cosmic_eargasm Says:

    Sy tau Haken beberapa tahun yg lalu lewat salah satu teman yg suka metal, tp lupa album yg apa? setelah itu baru liat iklannya di majalah Progression. Thanks infonya Mas GW, ini layak disimak, karena Mas GW menganugerahkan *5 pd album ini.

    Oya Mas, pas reuni IPS besok mbok usul kalo IPS aktif lagi, biar dunia Prog lokal bergairah dan semarak lg.


    ::: Grab The Prog without Border :::

  5. pur Says:

    ini masuk daftar album superkeren 2013. cockroach king!

    • Gatot Widayanto Says:

      Lagu “Rodjo Tjoro” kuwi pancen huwebaaattttsss!!! Gentle Giant pasti akan terpukau liat band jaman gini bisa membuat musik aneh namun dahzyat!

      • cosmic_eargasm Says:

        Wah ini memang sangat pantas utk disimak lbh lanjut, karena disebut menyerupai Gentle Giant yg dahsyat itu.. Judul lagu “Cocroach King” mengingatkan pada lagu “King Cocroach” nya Chick Corea Elektric Band yg sangat State-of-the-Art itu.. DI album tsb ada Scott Henderson nya Tribal Tech yg memang sdh sangat canggih permainannya pd era tsb. Selain itu jg msh ada Frank Gambale.Nanti musti hunting Haken ini..

        Thanks Mas GW, infonya sangat mencerahkan..

      • Gatot Widayanto Says:

        Mas Cosmic

        Dicoba di youtube nya dulu. Bagus kualitas audionya. Nikmati Cocroach King yang nJentel Jaien tenan …

        Gatot Widayanto

        “Bureaucracy is not an obstacle to democracy but an inevitable complement to it.” Joseph A. Schumpeter

      • cosmic_eargasm Says:

        Sip mAs GW.. thanks..

  6. dadi Says:

    Gentle Giant Plays Metal ! Wajib punya nih.

    • Gatot Widayanto Says:

      Benar mas Dadi … Edan tenan band satu ini….

      Gatot Widayanto

      “Bureaucracy is not an obstacle to democracy but an inevitable complement to it.” Joseph A. Schumpeter

  7. andria Says:

    kebetulan saya pernah dapat format mp3-nya, termasuk album sebelumnya: aquarius & Visions. gara2 kilas balik tulisan2 yg di belakang saya coba muter lagi. ternyata menarik 😀 krn kebetulan skrg saya sdg dlm fase kenceng (mendengarkan turisas, freedom call & sebangsanya)

  8. Soeprijadi dari Bantul Says:

    Album the Mountain ini memang keren sekali pak Gatot. Pertama kali dengar, saya sendiri terkagum-kagum dan langsung ngguweblak pada 2 lagu pertama. Tambah kelojotan pd lagu because it’s there….

    • Gatot Widayanto Says:

      Halo pak Soeprijadi dari Bantul ….
      Salam kenal pak!
      Luar biasa ternyata di Jateng orangnya pada ngeprog semua
      … Kagum saya!
      Ada Koh Win von Klaten
      Ada pak soeprijadi von Bantul

      Top tenan pak!

      Monggo pak kalau ada yang mau diulas, kirim ke gatotprog@gmail.com….


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