The Watch “Planet Earth?” – a review

WHOAAAA … setelah begitu lama gak menulis review di ProgArchives, pagi ini mencoba lagi menulis …rada kaku tapi ya udahlah yang penting masih eksis di situ …ha ha ha ha ha …. Album ini asik dinikmati bagi pencinta Genesis, terutama Gabriel era. Vokalis nya bersuara mirip Gabriel. Top! Sekaligus memenuhi permintaan mas Cosmic untuk mengulas band prog era baru ….


Studio Album, released in 2010

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Welcome to your Life (6:11)
2. Something Wrong (7:41)
3. Earth (5:52)
4. All the Lights in Town (8:15)
5. The World Inside (5:58)
6. New Normal (3:41)
7. Tourist Trap (7:23)

Total Time 45:00

Line-up / Musicians

– Simone Rossetti / vocals
– Giorgio Gabriel / guitars
– Guglielmo Mariotti / bass
– Valerio De Vittorio / keyboards
– Marco Fabbri / drums



Planet Earth?
The Watch  Neo-ProgReview by Gatot
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars Greetings from Jakarta! Happy Eid Mubarak for those muslims who are progheads as well ..!

Hi there! How are you? Sorry for missing from this lovely prog site such a long long time even though I keep visiting this site at least once in a week….but I have not written anything prog at all so far even though I am still proggin’ till now and forever till the end of the world, probably … My BIG apologies for many of you who emailed me and sent me PM asking me to comeback revieing prog albums. Yeah .. I wanted to but I had other demanding commitments on other things that I had to manage. Trust me .. I always keep on proggin’ ….and have been enjoying many new prog albums such as Spock’s Beard, Steven Wilson, The Tangent, The Flower Kings, Pain of Salvation and many more. Some of them I realize that I have not written any word about it including this album by The Watch. Let me try again to write another prog album review and hope that I still remember how to write good review as I really busy with other things including something related to music, ie the rebirth of cassette tape as an excellent analog medium for vintage prog and rock music. In my country, cassette tape is now regaining its competitive edge as many music lovers are getting bored with the clean (too damn clean) of digital music while vinyl is too damn expensive to acquire to most people.

Let’s now talk about this “Planet Earth?”…

First off, you may recall that I am a great fan of symphonic prog – so no wonder that I love Genesis, Yes, ELP and the like. Talking about Genesis, most of you might refer to the charismatic figure of Peter Gabriel with his powerful voice. I missed Gabriel voice after he left Genesis that’s why when I had a CD of Citizen Cain where the voice of Cyrus was clearly emulating Gabriel’s I was so happy. Later, I found the Italian band named as The Night Watch whom its vocalist sounded like Gabriel as well – I was very happy also. I don’t mind people call this band as copy cat of Genesis Gabriel era. So what? That’s what I want, so … I kept listening the band which later changed the name to The Watch. The fact that the vocalist sounds like Gabriel is a plus point for me even though musically is not as complex as Genesis. Never mind, I still enjoy it.

This album came to me long time ago and by the time I’m writing this review I have spun the album for more than eight times in its entirety already – so it’s about time to write a fair review about this. Overall, I still think this album represents what I expected from this band who has been in fact consistent with its music direction: emulating Gabriel voice and Genesis kind of music. So, I am very happy about it. As I keep spinning it I find that as far as music flow this album makes a tendency for the listeners to get bored with the music which is not quite enthusiastic or less energetic, I would say, after the first impressive track. Sometimes I could not stand to listen the album until the end because of there was not so much variations in terms of nuances and musical dynamics. It’s too soft probably…and less melodious.

The first track “Welcome to your Life” (6:11) is really impressive and very energetic as a symphonic prog music. It’s not as energetic as “Back in NYC” but it makes me smile and happy enjoying the music especially with the repeating riffs that form an excellent rhythm section. It’s so wonderful and I don’t hesitate to give this track as an excellent one with fice star rating! In fact, this track has become my prime motive to spin this album. It’s really my favourite track from this album and probably one of the finest from The Watch.

Unfortunately the great dynamic created by the opening track is not maintained beautifully at the following track 2. “Something Wrong” (7:41) which seems like being positioned like Genesis’ “Entangled” with similar segments sounding alike. Great guitar work actually. It’s like a dream comes true: Gabriel sings at A trick of The Tail album. fabulous idea, right? Unfortunately this track lacks its soul and nuance so that it creates a drawback. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good track – but not having enough soul, in my opinion.

The third track “Earth” (5:52) is more energetic and in the same vein as the opening track. I would imagine if this one should have been positioned right after the first track ends or it flows seamlessly. The reason is because they both are in the same vein. Even tjough it’s not as energetic as the opening track but this one is energetic and has its soul. It has some mellotron breaks as well. “All the Lights in Town” (8:15) starts nicely with piano work followed with energetic music like Watcher of The Skies style, combined with Get tHem Out By Friday – listen to how the bass guitar is played. The closing track “Tourist Trap” (7:23) is another good track from this album. The composition is balanced combining the energetic as well as mellow part with very good guitar fills very specific like Genesis.

In summary, this is a very good album from The Watch and I want them continue with this kind of music they play. I think this one deserves a 3.5 star rating. Never mind being called as Genesis copy cat. It’s an excellent copy cat band. Keep on proggin’ …!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

*) Oh I forgot how to make Bold and Italic ….


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6 Responses to “The Watch “Planet Earth?” – a review”

  1. cosmic_eargasm Says:

    Great mas GW.. bacanya kudu pelan2 bgt nih hehehe.. jd inget, ada band lg yg kayak Genesis, namanya Scarlet apa gitu? terus ada lg, Rewiring Genesis. pasti mas GW taulah..
    The Watch yg album ini saya belum pernah dengar ternyata mas.. wah layak utk disimak ini.. nanti sy cari2 sample lagunya di internet. Terus terang, sdh lama bgt sy nggak ngikutin band prog era sekarang.. Jd ya banyak ketinggalan. Padahal, band2 tsb sangat subur perkembangannya dgn bnyknya permunculan band2 baru yg namanya aneh2.. Sempat capek jg ngikutinnya hehehe, yg ini blm denger, eh album barunya sdh rilis.. blm lg ada band2 baru yg rilis album secara berbarengan.. menurut pengamatan sy, band yg paling bnyk rilis album selain yg bergenre progmet, ya yg symphonic prog itu..

    Thanks atas pencerahannya ya mas GW..

    :::salam proggin’:::

    • Gatot Widayanto Says:

      Ha ha ha …. Kalau Scarlet itu saya malah pubya CD original nya. Apa ya namanya … Little Scarlet ya? Konon perbah satu panggung sama Discus di Eropa ….kata Krisna Prameshwara

      Gatot Widayanto

    • Gatot Widayanto Says:

      Ah …akhirnya nemu juga …namanya LIQUID SCARLET dan saya pernah mereview nya di PA:


      *”Ciptakan Keterdesakan Sebelum Keterdesakan Yang Sebenarnya Datang”*

      *Gatot Widayanto*

      2013/8/11 Gatot Widayanto

      > Ha ha ha …. Kalau Scarlet itu saya malah pubya CD original nya. Apa ya > namanya … Little Scarlet ya? Konon perbah satu panggung sama Discus di > Eropa ….kata Krisna Prameshwara > > > Gatot Widayanto

  2. cosmic_eargasm Says:

    Nah iya mas GW, LIQUID SCARLET. pernah baca jg katanya gayanya teatrikal jg pas manggung. iya jg, sy baca di majalah Rolling Stone Indonesia edisi Desember 2005, Liquid Scarlet pernah sepanggung dgn DISCUS di Eropa. Hebat ya musisi kita bs sampai go int’l. Sayang bgt kalo Discus sampai bubar. Kita berharap jg, LIGRO, simakDIALOG bisa menyusul go int’l. dgn dirilisnya album mereka di label MOONJUNE USA. Amin!!!

    :::salam proggin’:::

  3. kunangkunangku Says:

    belum dengar yang ini. yang timeless bikin nggeblak, meski nggenesis banget.

  4. Gatot Widayanto Says:

    Gak sengaja nemu ini:

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