“Beyond The Shrouded Horizon” by Hackett

Studio Album, released in 2011

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Loch Lomond (6:49)
2. The Phoenix Flown (2:08)
3. Wanderlust (0:44)
4. Til These Eyes (2:41)
5. Prairie Angel (2:59)
6. A Place Called Freedom (5:57)
7. Between The Sunset And The Coconut Palms (3:18)
8. Waking To Life (4:50)
9. Two Faces Of Cairo (5:13)
10. Looking For Fantasy (4:33)
11. Summer’s Breath (1:12)
12. Catwalk (5:44)
13. Turn This Island Earth (11:51)

Total time: 59:00
Line-up / Musicians

– Steve Hackett / acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
– Roger King / keyboards
– Gary O’Toole / drums
– Rob Townsend / winds
– Nick Beggs / bass
– Amanda Lehmann / vocals

Releases information

Release date: September 23 (Germany) / September 26 (Europa) / September 27 (USA & Canada)
Label: Inside Out /EMI Records

Review by Gatot
SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Honorary Collaborator

4 stars Oh man …. He has done it again! This album blew me away at first spin for a couple of reasons. First, I am amazed with how productive he has been since 1975 until now producing 22 (twenty two) studio albums plus some live albums and DVDs. This is great, really. In fact he has produced 21 albums after he quitted Genesis while the band he left had not produced that many albums. Second, talking about quality, I think Hackett has been very consistent with his music style so far as compared to Genesis who tried to make poppy albums. I have not seen any effort that Hackett made to make pop music, he has been so consistent with his progressive music style. Look at this album; you will find this one is consistent with his styles since debut album in 1975, also the legendary ‘Spectral Morning’ as well as ‘Dark Town’ in 1999. Third, I like enjoying this album as I have always been failed with my effort to stop the music in the middle of the album. Whenever I play this album, I always spin in its entirety from start to end. The music has a solid structural integrity and it’s so cohesive like story telling from start to end.

He has been consistent with his music style

Let’ have a look the music in this album. It starts off wonderfully with “Loch Lomond” (6:49) where it reminds me to the Spectral Morning album in terms of nuances and textures even though the song is totally fresh – there is no such elements that copy the previous tracks from previous albums. This is not something like “Everyday” that opens Spectral Morning album nicely, it’s much mellow than Everyday. Wonderful! It also reminds me to one of his songs ‘The Steppes’ of Defector album in 1980. The guitar fills still represent his style really well. What surprising is when the vocals enter comprising male and female vocals, it’s really nice. Even thogh Hackett’s vocal quality is not that good but he manages to blend nicely with the music. The guitar solo is also stunning. The second track ‘The Phoenix Flown’ (2:08) sounds like continuing the opening track by showing off Hackettian guitar style with some howling segments as well. Even though it’s a short instrumental track but it’s so instrumental to the album as a whole because it satisfies Hackett guitar style freaks. It’s really great!

‘Wanderlust’ (0:44) is basically a guitar fills outfit that reminds us to ‘Horizon’ and it flows nicely to ‘Til These Eyes’ (2:41) which ha opening guitar fills that remind me to Kansas’ ‘Dust In The Wind’. Again, I enjoy this mellow track especially with Hackett guitar fills and vocal, backed with nice string section. I am sure most of you would love this track as the melody is really nice and it’s very Hackett!

You must love ‘Prairie Angel’ (2:59) as it starts beautifully with howling guitar work by Hackett. It flows in mellow fashion with slow tempo and when it enters the interlude there is a rocking part with his unique guitar riffs followed with music that moves faster, faster and faster – combining the work of guitar and keyboard, augmented with guitar fills that is unique style of Hackett as an opening of the next track. It flows seamlessly to ‘A Place Called Freedom’ (5:57) with vocal line. In here Hackett explores his guitar fills as rhythm section of the vocal line. ‘Between The Sunset And The Coconut Palms’ (3:18) – again …it reminds me the Defector album, something like before ‘The Toast’ I believe …. It’s a nice track.

‘Waking To Life’ (4:50) something that is really different than other tracks of Hackett even though there are components that are still his style. This one has eastern music style with female vocal. I think he is brilliant making this track as it demonstrates something unique that focuses more on traditional elements as the music flows in this track. The guitar solo is still showing his style; he plays it soft and inventive. The song has high energy especially it contains beats and grooves. It’s probably will be your favorite from this album. As the tittle implies, ‘Two Faces Of Cairo’ (5:13) represents the nuances of Middle East music. The opening part that has atmospheric drumming work sets the tone of the music really well. What follows are the keyboard solo that replicates the style of eastern music followed brilliantly with Hackett guitar solo while the drumming style remains intact. Well, you might refer to Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir on the kind of eastern style the rhythm section (predominantly played by keyboard) of this track. This track is really killing me man!

‘Looking For Fantasy’ (4:33) starts off with keyboard work followed with Hackett vocal line and acoustic guitar fills. ‘She’s only looking for fantasy …’ followed with wonderful guitar fills that sound really great if you play your CD at decent stereo set or using a headset. ‘Summer’s Breath’ (1:12) is a nice acoustic guitar outfit that bridges to the next ‘Catwalk’ (5:44) that sounds blues rock to me – and it’s really an excellent track as far as my taste. Again his guitar solo rules!

I think the mascot of this album is the concluding track ‘Turn This Island Earth’ (11:51) that has opening part in the same nuance like Dark Town album with its atmospheric, haunted style combining sound effects from keyboard and a wonderful acoustic guitar work. The song moves in crescendo and it’s really moving on with rockin’s part especially in the interlude. The guitar and drums sound really nice backed with inventive string arrangements at the back. The music turns mellow at approx minute 7:50 – it’s really a very nice segment and it flows mellow with nice melody augmented with atmospheric music comprising keyboard and string section at the background. It’s hard for not loving this track, really!

With all the positive words that I use throughout this writing, I am confident to say that this is really an excellent addition to any prog music collection with 4+ rating. Keep on proggin’ …!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW


12 Responses to ““Beyond The Shrouded Horizon” by Hackett”

  1. hippienov Says:

    Wow..nice album..hrs dicari nich mas.ak tertarik bgt bc review mas G.suwun mas pencerahannya..

  2. edigimo Says:

    pertama denger album ini gak nyangka klu simbah Hackett masih bisa menghasilkan karya yg begitu Joss Gandhossh ……… berarti simbah Hackett masih belum capek.
    bintang empat layak untuk karya ini …………. Majulah Prog!! ….

  3. hippienov Says:

    Mgkn mas Hackett hrs balik ke Genesis lg u/ membangkitkan raksasa prog itu.ak yakin hasilnya bs bgs bgt,Genesis back to prog..asal tmn2 Genesis lainnya mendukung ya,jgn bikin album “pop-prog” lg 😀

    • edigimo Says:

      Peter Gabriel mengatakan, “the door is not locked” berkenaan dengan reuni Genesis. Berbicara pada Andrew Marr Show, ia juga mengatakan tentang reuni yang sudah pernah didiskusikan, tetapi hal ini, katanya, “became a bigger project than I thought I could take on.” (BBC, 16 Oktober 2011).
      Klu ini benar2 …….mungkin jadi reuni yg paling di tunggu2 ….

  4. Gatot Widayanto Says:

    Mas Hippienov, mas Edigimo ….

    Bagi saya memang kejutan bahwa Hackett masih punya gigi dan taring membuat album yang nunjek gini. Tadinya aku pikir lembek aja …tapi kok enak …. Padahal kualitas vokal Hackett kan jelek. Tapi da bisa meramu sedemikian rupa sehingga komposisinya menarik. Bahkan seharian ini saya senandung terus menerus salah satu lagunya,…lupa yang mana … Tapi memang nyamlenk album ini ….

    Reuni Genesis? Wah … Phil Collins kan harus istirahat gak boleh nggebuk drums selama 1.5 tahun. Rasanya masih 1 tahun lagi ….

  5. edy aprianto Says:

    mudahan aja jadi reuninya

  6. Kristanto Says:

    Album barunya mbah Hackett ya ? Paling pas direkam YESS dgn
    gradasi biru, hahaha … ngasal.com

  7. Bintang Sukma Mukti (@bounbone) Says:

    satu kalimat untuk mendefinisikan album ini

    “Simbah Hackett masih rosa,stunning!”

  8. hippienov Says:

    Sayang dulu Hackett cabut dari Genesis,kalo gak mungkin sekali Genesis masih produktif n masih prog..

    Mas Kris,gimana kalo kita hidupkan lagi “Yess”? 🙂
    U/ kalangan kita aja,hehe..

    • edigimo Says:

      Wah sayang aku gak duwe alat pemutar kaset, nek gak salah simbah Hackett, Jan Akkerman n Mayall suk desember main di Jakarta Blues Festival ……..
      salam ..

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