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Beck, Bogert & Appice “Live in Japan”

June 29, 2010


Tugas saya hanya satu: mengaduk emosi temen2 yang mengunjungi blog gemblunk ini. Siapa suruh mampir ke sini? Wong saya gak mengiklankan kok. Sumprit! Tanya sama ibu saya kalau gak percaya! Saya gak pernah pasang iklan di Pos Kota, Warta Kota maupun Kompas bahwa temen2 kudu mampir ke sini.

Saatnya ngomongin Jeff Beck lah. Lha monggo lho… Kalo denger nama ini saya inget kaset rekaman Saturn berisi Jeff Beck Live yanf sebenernya Beck, Bogert and Appice. Gak tahu tuh kaset kemana. Yang jelas sekarang ada CDnya. Silakan dibahas …



Jeff Beck Beck, Bogert and Appice: Live in Japan album cover

Live, released in 1974

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Superstition (5:17)
2. Lose Myself Without You (10:49)
3. Jeff’s Boogie (3:33)
4. Going Down (3:33)
5. Boogie (4:57)
6. Morning Dew (14:11)
7. Sweet Sweet Surrender (4:43)
8. Livin’ Alone (6:11)
9. I’m So Proud (5:42)
10. Lady (6:16)
11. Black Cat Moan (9:13)
12. Why Should I Care (7:20)
13. Plynth/Shotgun (Medley) (5:57)


Search JEFF BECK Beck, Bogert and Appice: Live in Japan lyrics

Music tabs (tablatures)

Search JEFF BECK Beck, Bogert and Appice: Live in Japan tabs

Line-up / Musicians

– Jeff Beck / guitar, vocals
– Tim Bogert /bass, vocals
– Carmine Appice / drums, vocals

Review oleh GW:

4 stars This is Beck in his best, performed live!

One of key attractions for me to purchase rock live albums is the live vibes and ambient created by scream of the audience (like Queen Killers). But with this Beck, Bogert, Appice power rock trio, it’s not the scream by the audience that matters most to me but . the improvisational work performed by these three powerful musicians. It’s awesome. Again, this album was very popular during my teenage years where I got the cassette version. We called this album as the “red” album by BBA, while the studio version as the “brown” album. Both we considered good albums but the red album has something much more to offer: the energy of rock music which is very obviously trajected by the three musicians. As this is a rare collection and the CD price is quite expensive for me, I only keep the cassette version that I have had it with me since teenager.

This album was in par excellent with live albums by other classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin “The Song Remains The Same”, Deep Purple “Made In Japan”, Grand Funk “Live” and Humble Pie “Live at Fillmore”. They were all so rockin’! Of course, all of them were part of musical listening zone during that age and I did enjoy them very much. As far as BBA concerns, I especially like how Beck explores his range of technical capabilities in sliding his guitar. It’s marvelous. No wonder, when in February 14, 2006 I had a dinner with Mick Box (Uriah Heep) he replied my question of “Who is your favorite guitar players?” with “Jeff Beck!”.

Of course, it’s not only Jeff Beck who rocked the audience during the the show in Japan. Tim Bogert also performed his tight and dynamic bass lines excellently while Carmine Appice not only providing beats for the rest musicians but he also played dynamically to create great grooves of the songs performed. Of course, the most legendary track is Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. But other tracks also excellent. “Jeff’s Boogie” and “Going Down” are also great favorite of all time. Having known how the band performed and how this record was so popular during 70s, I can only say that this is a gem of 70s that no one should miss.

Overall, it’s an excellent classic rock, performed live. You should not miss this album!

The Dear Hunter Act III: “Life and Death” review

June 26, 2010

Pada tret tentang band ini sebelumnya, saya janji mau memuat reviewnya. Pokoke ini album kuwereeeennn!!!

The Dear Hunter Act III: Life and Death album cover

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Writing on a Wall (1:36)
2. In Cauda Venenum (5:29)
3. What It Means to be Alone (4:16)
4. The Tank (4:39)
5. The Poison Woman (4:18)
6. The Thief (5:01)
7. Mustard Gas (4:09)
8. Saved (4:25)
9. He Said He Had a Story (3:31)
10. This Beautiful Life (4:05)
11. Go Get Your Gun (2:48)
12. Son (5:39)
13. Father (4:48)
14. Life and Death (0:57)

Total Time 56:42


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Music tabs (tablatures)

Search THE DEAR HUNTER Act III: Life and Death tabs

Line-up / Musicians

Casey Crescenzo / vocals, piano, guitar, producer
Andy Wildrick / guitar, producer
Erick Serna / guitars
Nick Crescenzo / drums
Nate Patterson / bass

Releases information

Triple Crown Records

5 stars The Best Prog Album of 2009!

Oh man .. don’t trust my words! You just need to prove it until you guide your mind to similar rating like I have given to this latest album by The Dear Hunter ‘Act III: Life And Death’. My straight forward suggestion is: go to youtube or the band’s myspace and try ‘In Cauda Venenum’ and decide what you gonna do. You don’t need to read this lengthy, novel-long review as it wasyes your time. Just make a decision now!

I have known this band quite late when they already released their second album ‘Act II: The meaning Of, And All Thing Regarding Ms. Leading’. But I also purchased the debut EP ‘Act I’. I think their music is quite original in style even though, whenever I listen to The Dear Hunter, I kind like associate them with Cirque du Soleil (the circus music) or Sweden’s A.C.T … the one that I call it as cabaret in prog rock. This last album ‘Act III: Life And Death’ I purchased just couple weeks ago because I thought I was more interested in new album of IQ and Dream Theater. I did not include purchasing ‘Act III’ because I thought it’s predictable. I was wrong! Style-wise, it is similar with previous two albums. But when I look at the subtleties of the music, it is so intricate to me. Despite great music offered with this CD, I also love the CD package in digipak with 14 loose postcards inserted inside the CD inlay. It’s unique and enjoyable as I listened to the CD while reading the lyrics as printed in each individual post card: one lyric per post card. It’s so innovative.

I cannot afford not to write track-by-track review …

Writing on a Wall (1:36) is an inspiring opener that successfully sets the whole tones and nuances of the concept album. It kicks off beautifully with an acapella that reminds me to the Islamic nuance in some mosque activities where I ever joined. It contains solid nuance using choirs, beautiful piano notes strengthened with bass drums as well as snare sounds in marching style. What a fabulous opening, really! Not only that this is a suitable opener for the storyline but it also has a catchy melody. It serves wonderfully as Pseudo Silk Kimono opens Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood, or take the other extreme example in power metal music (if you like it) like “Regalis Apertura” that opens Kamelot’s Karma album. But this time, the opener has wonderful lyrics: ‘Ooooohhh …..Come away young man where the ground is red and you need a mask to breathe. Oh it’s been so hard but you’ll like the change if you just roll up your sleeves ..’. Mann ….this is really great!

In Cauda Venenum (5:29) flows seamlessly from the opening track with an energetic music depicting angry mode that serves, at the same time, as motivator to get ahead with war. The music is like a rock opera played by the band in big band setting using brass section as well as other standard musical instruments like guitar, bass, drums, piano and keyboards. The composition is really top notch with fast tempo, great harmonies resulted from instruments being played, beautiful accentuated vocal line plus energetic choirs. The music is full of inspiration and the style is something that I rarely found before. The Dear Hunter is really creative in creating the new kind of music. Casey’s singing quality is of high quality where he can scream and sing low register notes with clear words coming out from his voice. The music is dynamic as it has various tempo and style changes that make the overall composition sounds really brilliant. The great sonic quality of the CD helps elevate the energy of the music. Lyric-wise this song seems like the start of the war : “And now with our hands aligned these arms move tonight. And we cry ‘we can not allow this, This is terrible’ with all the sentiments remembering home and loved one : ‘Oh when I think about your eyes’. Overall, this track is the best one amongst all excellent tracks provided here with this album. The melody is catchy and full with accentuation, the harmonies are great and the structural integrity of the song is solid like an iron!

What It Means to be Alone (4:16) moves seamlessly from previous track with a mellow style. Stand individually, this track might not be attractive as a stand-alone song. But as this song is used as part of the whole story, finally I find joy in listening to it. It moves in medium tempo mood with piano and string section as rhythm section and vocal that tells the story about the choice that does not seem much especially with this condition: ‘Run scared from this cruel and bitter world. This has only begun, as the bombs are bursting off’. I know, I cannot view this song as a stand-alone one because each song in this album serves like a connecting chain from one song to another, telling the whole story of the concept album. As each scene (represented by a ‘track’) is printed nicely on dark brownies post card, it helps build the nuances of the album. I like this brilliant album of inserting fourteen loose postcards in the CD sleeve.

The Tank (4:39) starts nicely with string section of violin and cello followed with drums and energetic vocal backed with choir line. The song is structurally dynamics even though not that energetic. Casey’s capability as singer is really great as he can manage his screaming as well as normal singing nicely. The music style reminds me to those of A.C.T. I am emotionally drowned when the lyrical part reaches this : ‘And still he moves on. Arm and iron conquer heart and soul”. As the music moves up with intricate vocal line that moves to higher register notes with this part ‘And what of those in silent disconnect?’ until it reaches ‘ …Relief is just gone tear its time away..’. The music returns then to chorus line beautifully. It’s really fabulous composition.

The Poison Woman (4:18) is a happy-go-lucky song with cheering-up mood as the vocal moves dynamically with a catchy melody backed with choir line. The tagline melody sung by vocal is really great while the accentuation from one segment to another has been crafted wonderfully so that it moves in catchy and memorable notes. Piano, banjo and bass guitar play important role in this great track.

The Theif (5:01) seems to depict helplessness in facing unfavorable situation where no one really wants to give hands. The frustration is expressed in the lyrical phrase: ‘Love seems abandon when cash is king’. The music is quite experimental in nature. It starts with guitar rhythm followed with a music in floating style followed with vocal work. The experimental nature is demonstrated through the sounds of guitar effects as well as those produced by keyboard. The keyboard effects in the middle of the track is coupled with bass guitar solo. The vocal line also demonstrates high register notes in screaming style but still acceptable to my ears.

Mustard Gas (4:09) kicks off suddenly with a screaming vocal yelling ‘Here they are. The wicked. A panic floods the field’ backed beautifully with string section and bass guitar, guitar and drums. At minute 1:40 the music changes dramatically into another style with banjo as rhythm section creating very good segment of music. The combination of catchy melody, balanced harmonies from instruments used in the album and changes of styles throughout the track has made this track very attractive.

Saved (4:25) is an acoustic setting that, for me, provides a musical break as the music is quite simple with minimum instruments. It requires only acoustic guitar, piano and vocal in ambient mood. The melody moves nicely from one segment to another with sometimes backed by choir line. There are percussion work at the end of the song. The lyric is quite intriguing with the anecdote : ‘The private does what the general says. The general does what the president says. The president does what the first lady says … So so they say’

He Said He Had a Story (3:31) is a very attractive song which blends the harmonies, melodies and style changes beautifully from start to end. The most important component is the melody as the story telling goes with the vocal line. The accompanying music changes according to the mood as the vocal represents the plot of the story. The most enjoyable part is when there is a soft guitar riff combined with drum work or those with string section. It’s really a memorable song. I like the one after Casey sings ‘What was your name?’ followed with music riffs. It’s so greaaaaattt …!

This Beautiful Life (4:05) moves wonderfully with excellent vocal accentuation accompanied with dynamic music that supports the storyline. Again, through this composition The Dear Hunter has successfully blended the changes in styles, ups and downs of the story, melody and harmonies in its best way. It’s hard to deny the virtuosity of Casey and his brother and friends here with this song. I am really amazed with this, really.

Go Get Your Gun (2:48) is another example of how genius Casey is in crafting this piece of music and positioning it right here in the album after previous ups and downs. This is another happy-go-lucky song that cheers you up and it’s very inspiring. I am thinking of playing this song in one of my management workshops that I regularly conduct as part of my profession. It’s really a great song, especially with its fast tempo and happy mood.

Son (5:39) is a sad song that starts nicely with an acapella followed with a piece of music that comprises acoustic guitar rhythm section and vocal in mellow style coupled with vibraphone to enrich the texture of the music. As far as melody, this is an excellent one as well. It flows nicely and almost unnoticeable to the next track Father (4:48) which continues the sad ambient. These two songs sound like a one integral part. Well, actually all 14 songs in this album form a cohesive whole as one storyline.

Life and Death (5:46) is basically a mellow pop song but it has meaningful lyrics. It serves its role really well as an ending chapter of the whole story. The most meaning full one is the parts where it has ‘We all have hearts. We all have homes. But when we die. We die alone?’. If we all remember this, we will of course only do good deeds as a saving in an account for life after death. Even though there is no complexity in terms of the arrangement as it typically comprises piano and vocal followed later with other instruments but still maintaining slow tempo. The Dear Hunter seemed to conclude the story in mellow mood after the second track ‘In Cauda Venenus’ runs in an energetic and dynamic way. It’s a beautiful concluding track.


It’s definitely a masterpiece progressive music album and must be the best prog album of 2009. The music is quite original in nature even though we cannot deny there must be influences from legendary bands especially on its basic elements from the like of The Beatles. But that’s OK, there is no band not being influenced by The Beatles, I believe. But the composition is really masterpiece as it has catchy melody in each song it contains while the sum of the whole parts forms a cohesive melody that supports the storyline. Performance of the musicians are also of great importance in this album especially Casey’s talent and virtuosity in handling vocal job in differing styles from low register, high register as well as screaming style. The string section also plays critical role in the music. The structural integrity of each song is excellent. And, very importantly, the soniq quality of the CD is really great and it’s much better than any Porcupine Tree albums. I admire Casey’s attention to detail in executing his duty as producer of the album. Get the CD of this album and play it LOUD! Keep on proggin’ ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

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Cream at Royal Albert Hall (2005)

June 24, 2010

Tret ini dibuat untuk mas Indrayana sebagai tombo ati atas rasa kepenasarannya karena dikira embah Ginger Baker A psychedelic-style line drawing of the members of Cream (from left to right: Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, and Jack Bruce), circa the late 1960s. The band members are pink with yellow and red highlights and the logo of the band and album name are red on a blue background. The autograph of artist John Van Hamersveld is in the lower right corner.udah ndak aktif lagi. Siapa bilang?! Pada bulan Mei 2005 selama empat hari, tepatnya tanggal 2,3, 5 dan 6 mereka bertiga (ya, hanya bertiga doang): Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, dan Ginger Baker menggelar konser reuni di Royal Albert Hall. Dalam waktu lima bulan setelah konser, double CD sudah dirilis dan langsung masuk dalam Bilboard 200 menduduki posisi nomer 59 dan penjualan CD sebanyak 19 ribu keping. Beberapa bulan kemudian 3 LP dari konser ini juga dirilis. Opo ora hebat? Sopo ngomong musik claro wis matek? Durung rek!

Kinerja trio ini luar biasa karena double CD ini keren banget, mainnya kompak dan nyaris tanpa cacat. Bahkan gebugan drum Ginger mewarnai dinamika musiknya yang bluesy menohok kalbu (mas Indrayana ojo ngiler yo …). Kualitas rekaman CD nya juga luar biasa banget, keren pol rekamannya. The CD sonic quality is definitely TOP NOTCH. Saat ini saya sedang nyetel CD nya, sampe di lagu kedua “Spoonful” …waduh mak .. ngguweblak tenaaaaan … Aduh tulung iki aku arep semaput menikmati musik djadoel kemedoel namun dengan teknologi rekaman yang sangat canggih .. Uwediyaaaaannn ….!!!

Ini koleksi CD ku:

CD and its inlay .. Ojo ngiler yo mas Indrayana ...

Eric Clapton lagi beraksi, Bruce lagi berharmonika-ria ...

Disc one

1. “I’m So Glad” (Skip James) – 6:18

2. “Spoonful” (Willie Dixon) – 11:28

3. “Outside Woman Blues” (Blind Joe Reynolds) – 4:33

4. “Pressed Rat and Warthog” (Ginger Baker, Mike Taylor) – 3:21

5. “Sleepy Time Time” 1 (Jack Bruce, Janet Godfrey) – 6:08

6. “N.S.U.” (Bruce) – 6:02

7. “Badge” 1 (Eric Clapton, George Harrison) – 4:28

8. “Politician” (Bruce, Pete Brown) – 5:08

9. “Sweet Wine” (Baker, Godfrey) – 6:28

10. “Rollin’ and Tumblin'” (Muddy Waters) – 5:02

11. “Stormy Monday” 2 (T-Bone Walker) – 8:09

12. “Deserted Cities Of The Heart” (Bruce, Brown) – 3:56

Disc two

1. “Born Under a Bad Sign” (Booker T. Jones, William Bell) – 5:31

2. “We’re Going Wrong” (Bruce) – 8:26

3. “Crossroads” (Robert Johnson, arr. Clapton) – 4:55

4. “White Room” 1 (Bruce, Brown) – 6:18

5. “Toad” 2 (Baker) – 12:06

6. “Sunshine of Your Love” 1 (Bruce, Clapton, Brown) – 8:46

7. “Sleepy Time Time” 1 (Alternate) (Jack Bruce, Janet Godfrey) – 6:07

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “Solar Fire”

June 24, 2010


Kembali ke djadoel lagi. Pertama kali saya kenal band ini saat di Madiun, kakak saya yang saat itu tinggal di Jakarta sedang berada di Madiun. Mas Jokky (kakak no 3 dari keluarga Hidayat) pada suatu siang saat saya pulang dari main layang-layang secara sayup nyetel lagu yang huenak tenan dan gitarannya nunjek. Setelah saya sampai rumah ternyata lagu tersebut adalah “Father of Day, Father of Night” dibawakan oleh band yang namanya Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Kontan saya suka lagu ini dan membekas hingga sekarang.

Mas Kristanto, pengunjung blog gemblunk ini, menginginkan saya bahas band ini. Ternyata saya sudah review juga di, jadi ya sekalian aja saya posting. Mas Indrayana dan mas Yuddi mungkin bisa menambahkan juga. Silakan. Mari kita kupas band yang saking khasnya si Manfred Mann ini pernah diminta Uriah Heep main Hammond di July Morning.




Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Father Of Day, Father Of Night (9:53) Manfred Mann's Earth Band Solar Fire album cover
2. In The Beginning, Darkness (5:19)
3. Pluto The Dog (2:45)
4. Solar Fire (5:14)
5. Saturn, Lord Of The Ring / Mercury, The Winged Messenger (6:30)
6. Joybringer (3:23)
7. Earth, The Circle (3:48)

Total Time: 36:52

Re-Mastered 1998 (2 Bonus Tracks) Mann 006:
8. Joybringer (3:22)
9. Father Of Day, Father Of Night (3:01)

1973 LP Bronze ILPS 9265 had the following tracks:
1. Father Of Day, Father Of Night (9:56)
2. In The Beginning, Darkness (5:22)
3. Pluto The Dog (2:50)
4. Solar Fire (5:17)
5. Saturn, Lord Of The Ring / Mercury, The Winged Messenger (6:32)
6. Earth, The Circle Part 2 (3:23)
7. Earth, The Circle Part 1 (3:48)


Search MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND Solar Fire lyrics

Music tabs (tablatures)

Search MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND Solar Fire tabs

Line-up / Musicians

– Manfred Mann / organ, synthesizers, vocals
– Colin Pattenden / bass
– Mick Rogers / lead vocals, guitar
– Chris Slade / drums
– Doreen Chanter / backing vocals
– Irene Chanter / backing vocals
– The Grove Singers / backing vocals
– Peter Miles / percussion (2)
– Paul Rutherford / trombone

Releases information LP. Bronze ILPS 9265 (1973 UK)
LP. Polydor PD 6019 / Re-Mastered 1998 (2 Bonus Tracks) Mann 006

4 stars An album that colored my childhood …

Well .. this is like a trip to the beautiful past days when rock music was well accepted by many people with different backgrounds and tastes – even those who loved pop and jazz, could also absorb the beauty of rock music. It was quite hot afternoon when I was approaching home at Madiun, east Java, Indonesia, I heard the guitar sounds in unique way with a bit of blues influence. I then I knew that it was my brother Jokky, who visited Madiun from Jakarta during his holiday. I then asked him what kind of music and he showed me a cassette tape that had MANFRED MANN’s EARTH BAND “Solar Fire” label at its cover. And, the song that I just heard while I was approaching home was “Father of Day, Father of Night” which later I knew it became national hit in my country. Couple of years later after this album was released, there were many illegal radio stations who aired this song. So then, it was a rock hit even in small and suburb area of Madiun.

For years I know that this song is by Manfred Mann but I then realized that it’s actually Bob Dylan’s! I never be a great fan of Bob Dykan but I amazed with his creation because when it’s rearranged it becomes great music. The beauty of this song is on the bluesy style and its killing guitar solo, played at exactly precise time. It’s fabulous!!! The second track “In The Beginning, Darkness” (5:19) still elaborates the guitar solo but this time it’s composed in classic rock style. “Pluto The Dog” (2:45) gives a chance to bass guitar to provide beats augmented with keyboard and drums.The title track “Solar Fire” is another excellent exploration of Manfred’s keyboard work. This track was also famous in my country.

There is no such this as bad track featured in this album. The composition is all excellent for each song. The balanced work of guitar and keyboards is quite interesting. Mick Rogers’ guitar work is excellent and it has characterized the music of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Blues influence is the true nature of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band music. In addition to the music, I also love the sonic quality of the CD which reminds me to the sounds of the 70s. What kind of sound? It’s much focusing on “midrange” and clean basslines while treble is not that excessive. It’s really very enjoyable album. Keep on proggin’ ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

Epica “Consign to Oblivion”

June 23, 2010

Epica Consign to Oblivion album cover

Studio Album, released in 2005

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Hunab Ku (1:45)
2. Dance of Fate (5:13)
3. The Last Crusade (4:20)
4. Solitary Ground (4:23)
5. Blank Infinity (4:02)
6. Force of the Shore (4:02)
7. Quietus (3:46)
8. Mother of Light (5:57)
9. Trois Vierges (4:41)
10. Another Me (4:41)
11. Consign to Oblivion (9:46)
Total: 52:36

Bonus DVD with limited edition digipak
1. Consign to oblivion – Documentary
2. Slideshow


Search EPICA Consign to Oblivion lyrics

Music tabs (tablatures)

Search EPICA Consign to Oblivion tabs

Line-up / Musicians

– Mark Jansen / guitar, vocals
– Simone Simons / vocals
– Ad Sluijter / guitar
– Coen Janssen / keyboard
– Yves Huts / bass

Releases information Transmission records TME 052
Released as standard edition and Digipak “Limited edition” with bonus DVD

Consign to Oblivion
Epica Progressive Metal

Review by Gatot
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars Half-star to Masterpiece …

What I have in my mind so far is that Epica plays power metal music and I did not pay particular attention to its releases. Yes, I bought the CD of the later album “Divine Conspiracy” and now I am shocked having this album which in fact was released long time ago. It matters to me because some of the music reminds me to Haggard’s “Tales of Ithiria” which I have adored so far. Other parts of the music remind me to Kamelot.

Well, I don’t wanna talk some more about who the band is as I assume that most of you are fully aware about it and if you aren’t …easy man…just click your computer and ask Dr Google to explain it. What I really wanna do in this write-up is to share with you about the outcome, not really the output of the music. frankly, I really want to do differently in my review style as I have been – in so far – focus more on the output, i.e. the quality of the music instead of what I feel about it. Why do I need to do it differently? Because that’s what lacking so far – there have been many reviews that concentrate ore on quality, eg. the musical composition as well as the musicians’ performance in the album. That’s all about the output. Quality output does not directly correspond to good outcome. How come? I give you a simple example. No one would argue on the quality of classical music, especially with those made by top-class composer such as Beethoven, Mozart, Thcakovsky (spelling?). For me personally, classical music does not satisfy my needs in terms of my feeling towards the music. Why? Simple. So far, classical music is like a lobby music – i.e. the music that frequently played at the hotel lobby. The circumstances and nuances where I listen to the music do not support me to have a special feeling about the music. Music is emotion …

Let’s see this Consign to Oblivion

Easy to Digest. That’s the first reaction from me the first time I played this album. Oh man … I love the orchestral piece “Hunab Ku (1:45) the first time I listened to it and I could digest it very easily. That’s probably my association with Kamelot’s “Regalis Apertura” as an opening piece of “Forever” in Karma album. It’s hard for me to differentiate which one I love most between this and Kamelot’s “Regalis Apertura”. But when the music enters to the next track “Dance of Fate” (5:13) there is a disconnected piece in between. That’s OK because the second track is basically mind-boggling with its riffs as well as powerful female vocal that reminds me to Tarja Turunen (ex vocalist of Nightwish). My point is that the overall music of this album is easy to digest and makes me happy while listening to it.

Captivating. It’s true. From the first time I played this album, I feel that the emotion created as result of listening to this album is really captivating and makes me energized even though there are segments or even songs with mellow style like the “Solitary Ground”. I really enjoy this track having listened to the third track “The Last Crusade” which has higher energy than the second track. The band is successful in creating pieces of music that combines great choirs, poweful symphonic nuances combined with power metal riffs and excellent vocal. I enjoy the album from start to end and usually I keep repeating again because I want to restart from the beginning again.

Rich in Variety. Well, what I mean here is basically more on the singing style that combines female vocal, choirs and growling vocal. I do enjoy the one like “Force of The Shore”. The growling vocal sounds really good and I sometimes replayed this song again. In general, Epica is excellent in combining the female vocal, metal riffs, orchestra arrangements and growling vocals. Oh.. I forget to tell you that all songs have a very solid melody that is memorable and makes you sing when you repeat the song for the second time. “Quietus” reminds me to the music of Rhapsody (of Fire).

All of the three things (the bold words) have made me energized when I listen to this album. That’ means a lot to me because I can have high energy and keep myself motivated the whole day. That’s what the music is for. In terms of outcome – how satisfied I am with the music – I would say this album is only half-star to masterpiece. Four and a-half stars and very highly recommended, especially if you have metal-mind. Keep on proggin’ …!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

Berpikir Terbalik

June 22, 2010

Jangan heran dengan tret ini. Critanya, saya baru menerima telpon dari klien yg minta tolong saya jadi pembicara tentang “Breakthrough Thinking”. Maka saya bukalah buku-buku terkait topik ini dari ratusan buku di rak buku saya, mulai dari The Circle of Innovation, The Power of Impossible Thinking, Breakthrough, Quantum Learning dan akhirnya menemukan lagi sepasang buku gila karya Paul Arden bertajuk: It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be dan Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite. Dua buku kecil yang dahzyat berisi lebih mengutamakan sisi visual ketimbang narasi, namun bermakna sangat dalam.

Karena ini adalah Music for Life, saya tertarik pada halaman 62 dari buku Whatever You Think, yang isi narasinya begini:

Seorang anak muda yg bekerja sebagai pesuruh di sebuah perusahaan periklanan pada suatu ketika mengatakan kepada atasannya: “Saya akan menjadi pemain drum”. Kemudian atasannya berkata: “Wah, saya tidak tahu kalau Anda pemain drum”. Si anak muda itu menjawab: “Memang bukan, tapi akan …”.

Beberapa tahun kemudian anak muda tersebut ngeband dengan gitaris Eric Clapton dan basis Jack Bruce membentuk band yg kemudian masyhur dengan nama CREAM. Dialah Ginger Baker yang mencapai impiannya sebelum ia mengetahui bahwa ia bisa menjalankannya.

Inspiring …


Opeth “Blackwater Park”

June 12, 2010

Atas permintaan proghead dari Jombang, maka saya post review saya beberapa tahun lalu tentang album dahzyat dari kelompok Opeth ini. Saya sendiri tadinya tidak mengenal band ini. Namun karena di milis i-Rock! ada beberapa orang menyinggung mengenai band ini dan bahkan dibahas khusus, maka saya jadi tertarik menyimak. Apalagi ada yang bilang bahwa Steven Wilson dari Porcupine Tree ikut terlibat memproduseri album ini. Wah semakin tertantang saja. AKhirnya cari CDnya dan kemudian saya review di situs Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP).

Bagaimana kesan Anda mengenai band ini, utamanya album dahzyat ini?

Opeth Blackwater Park album cover

Studio Album, released in 2001

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Leper Affinity (10:23)
2. Bleak (9:16)
3. Harvest (6:01)
4. The Drapery Falls (10:54)
5. Dirge For November (7:54)
6. The Funeral Portrait (8:44)
7. Patterns In The Ivy (1:53)
8. Blackwater Park (12:08)

Bonus tracks on 2CD edition:
9. Still Day Beneath The Sun (4:34)
10. Patterns In The Ivy 2 (4:12)
11. Harvest – Cd-rom video clip

Total Time: 67:13


Search OPETH Blackwater Park lyrics

Music tabs (tablatures)

Search OPETH Blackwater Park tabs

Line-up / Musicians

– Mikael Åkerfeldt / voice, guitars
– Peter Lindgren / guitars
– Martin Lopez / drums
– Martin Mendez / bass guitar
– Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE) / voice, guitar, piano (courtesy of Snapper music)
– Markus Lindberg / 3 eggs (courtesy of Madrigal)

Releases information

CD Music for Nation-2001 / CD Zomba music Ltd.
Cover art by Travis Smith

Review Gatot di DPRP:

I knew Opeth quite late because I never considered the band was in progressive scene as I heard the band name at the very first time from metal community mailing list. When someone posted an email mentioning that Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree did contribute in Opeth’s album, I started to ask who is this band. So it’s clear that Steven Wilson was the linking pin that connected me to Opeth. I was actually quite hesitant to know the band as people telling me that the singing style was growling. Later, I found Opeth’s live DVD Lamentations in one of famous record shops in my country. So I purchased it. As the DVD contained some mellow tracks at the first half of the gig, I was not interested about the music. What amazed me though was the second half that contained more heavy stuff with growling style. I don’t know why I was not bothered at all with growling style the band produced. It’s probably because I assumed that vocal has the same role as other instruments – it produces sound as part of total music. Having this in mind, I could accept any sound produced by the band.

The album opener The Leper Affinity starts off with ambient keyboard sound that increases in volume followed suddenly with heavy riffs in relatively fast tempo music, growling vocal and double bass pedal sounds typical in the metal scene. The music is so loud and fast but for some reason I like the melody as well as the rocking guitar work and dynamic drumming style. Interesting to note here that during the lyrical part, the drummer (Martin Lopez) does not use double pedal bass drum sounds. It’s basically a hard driving style with heavy guitar work. The music turns into quieter passage to feature vocal in slower tempo with excellent acoustic guitar work.. It reminds me to Porcupine Tree’s sound. What surprises me is that this track ends up unexpectedly with an excellent piano which influenced by classical music. Overall, this is an excellent track with some variations in melody and complexity.

The second track Bleak is still a hard driving track in a little bit slower tempo than the opener but it still produces another nice melody. The intro part contains a nice combination of acoustic guitar and drum work followed with stunning electric guitar fills. When the growling voice enters the music, guitar provides simple sounds at the background and gives a gothic style. The combination of growling voice and the music is excellent especially it is accentuated by a dynamic drum work. In transitions to quieter passages the acoustic guitar fills the gap nicely. When the music accompany non-growling lyrical part, it reminds me to Porcupine Tree’s music. In the middle of the track the music turns into a blues-based style featuring voice line. The music turns louder suddenly with faster tempo. Overall, it’s an excellent track with relatively complex structure and frequent tempo changes. It forms a solid and cohesive music.

Harvest brings the music to a more relaxing mood with beautiful acoustic guitar rhythm that features vocal in an ambient medium tempo style. Structurally, it’s a relatively simple track with excellent clean guitar solo in the middle of the track. It’s a reminiscent of Porcupine Tree’s Light Bulb Sun or Stupid Dream.

The fourth track The Drapery Falls opens with a nice acoustic guitar rhythm followed with full music in medium tempo style built around long sustain and distorted guitar work. The music turns into a quieter passage with main feature of acoustic guitar rhythm followed with distant vocal singing style. What a great sound produced in this part! The music flows smoothly with a nice tagline melody. The vocal part changes to a growing style in a faster tempo music with louder volume. Overall, it’s a song with relatively long duration that basically comprises two styles: the light one at the beginning and the heavy one at the other part.

Dirge For November starts off with a mellow singing style with acoustic guitar work, followed with a stunning guitar solo in a bluesy style accompanied with excellent acoustic guitar fills. Unexpectedly, the music turns louder with a distorted guitar work in gothic nuance. The electric guitar solo takes the melody of the opening part and brings the music with growling singing style. A very nice segment. The music turns suddenly into a break followed with a combination of guitar fills and soft keyboard at background. This quiet passage brings the song to the end.

The sixth track The Funeral Portrait starts beautifully with an acoustic guitar work that brings the music into a hard driving style in fast tempo with growling voice style. The music reminds me to power metal band’s rhythm section where the energy moves upward in line with the lead singer’s voice. Even though this track can be considered to have a straight forward structure, there are some excellent transitions with great acoustic guitar work that fills the gap between musical passages.

Patterns In The Ivy is a short track that explores excellent acoustic guitar and nice piano work. It provides a nice break after the hard driving tracks performed previously. The CD continues with a hard driving style album title track Blackwater Park. It has heavy and distorted guitar sounds at the beginning part. As the music moves, there are some transitions into quieter passages exploring clean guitar fills accompanied with acoustic guitar. This track has a wide variations in terms of styles as well as density. The structure is relatively complex because it changes as the music flows with various singing styles.

In summary, this is an excellent album with tight composition, exploring various sounds that can be produced from musical instruments, frequent tempo changes which sometime occur abruptly. The style can be categorized under progressive metal. However, this is not the kind that might appeal directly to those who like Dream Theater, Threshold, Symphony X, Kamelot or Rhapsody. For those who hate growling vocal, I suggest that you change your perception from vocal’s role to deliver message with lyrical part with vocal as musical instruments. This might help. I would say, this album might favour death metal fans immediately.

Conclusion: 8.5 out of 10


John Mayall and The Bluesbreaker

June 5, 2010

Kayaknya kurang gemblunk kalau gak membahas musisi legendaris yang telah menghasilkan banyak musisi kelas wahid di dunia ini. Hari ini memang perjalanan saya mulai dengan album kedua dimana Eric Clapton juga bergabung. Wah keren banget musiknya, dibuka dengan “All Your Love” yang legendaris dan bernuansa riang, trus nyambung ke Hideaway. Yang paling saya suka saat masuk track 5 “Double Crossing Time”. Wah nikmat nian … Apalagi sambil nyruput kopi tubruk … Dijamin ngguweblak!  Meski ini album keluaran 1966, tetep aja sakti!

Track listing

  1. All Your Love” (Willie Dixon/Otis Rush) – 3:36
  2. Hideaway” (Freddie King/Sonny Thompson) – 3:17
  3. Little Girl” (Mayall) – 2:37
  4. Another Man” (Mayall) – 1:45
  5. Double Crossing Time” (Clapton/Mayall) – 3:04
  6. What’d I Say” – (Ray Charles) – 4:29
  7. Key to Love” (Mayall) – 2:09
  8. Parchman Farm” (Mose Allison) – 2:24
  9. Have You Heard” (Mayall) – 5:56
  10. Ramblin’ on My Mind” (Robert Johnson/Traditional) – 3:10
  11. Steppin’ Out” (James Bracken) – 2:30
  12. It Ain’t Right” (Little Walter) – 2:42

Discography of OFFICIAL Original Albums

CD’s currently available in stores are indicated with a *

  • 1965 John Mayall Plays John Mayall (Decca*)
  • 1966 Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton (Decca*)
  • 1967 A Hard Road (Decca*)
  • 1967 Bluesbreakers with Paul Butterfield (Decca EP single)
  • 1967 Crusade (Decca*)
  • 1967 Blues Alone (Ace of Clubs*)
  • 1968 Diary of a Band Volume 1 (Decca*)
  • 1968 Diary of a Band Volume 2 (Decca*)
  • 1968 Bare Wires (Decca*)
  • 1968 Blues from Laurel Canyon (Decca*)
  • 1969 Looking Back (Decca*)
  • 1969 Thru The Years (London)
  • 1969 Primal Solos (Decca)
  • 1969 The Turning Point (Polydor*)
  • 1970 Empty Rooms (Polydor*)
  • 1970 USA Union (Polydor*)
  • 1971 Back to the Roots (Polydor*)
  • 1971 Memories (Polydor*)
  • 1972 Jazz Blues Fusion (Polydor*)
  • 1973 Moving On (Polydor)
  • 1973 Ten Years Are Gone (Polydor)
  • 1974 The Latest Edition (Polydor)
  • 1975 New Year,New Band,New Company (ABC – One Way*)
  • 1975 Notice to Appear (ABC – One Way*)
  • 1976 Banquet in Blues (ABC – One Way*)
  • 1977 Lots of People (ABC – One Way*)
  • 1977 A Hard Core Package (ABC – One Way*)
  • 1978 Last of the British Blues (ABC – One Way*)
  • 1979 The Bottom Line (DJM)
  • 1980 No More Interviews (DJM)
  • 1982 Road Show Blues (DJM*)
  • 1982 Return of the Bluesbreakers (Aim Australia)
  • 1985 Behind the Iron Curtain (GNP Crescendo*)
  • 1987 Chicago Line (Entente – Island*)
  • 1988 The Power of the Blues (Entente*)
  • 1988 Archives to Eighties (Polydor*)
  • 1990 A Sense of Place (Island*)
  • 1992 1982 Reunion Concert (One Way*)
  • 1992 Cross Country Blues (One Way*)
  • 1993 Wake Up Call (Silvertone*)
  • 1995 Spinning Coin (Silvertone*)
  • 1997 Blues for the Lost Days (Silvertone*)
  • 1999 Padlock on the Blues (Eagle*)
  • 1999 Rock the Blues Tonight (Indigo*)
  • 1999 Live at the Marquee 1969 (Eagle*)
  • 2000 Time Capsule (Private Stash) Limited release, website only, no longer in print
  • 2001 UK Tour 2K (Private Stash) Limited release, website only, no longer in print
  • 2001 Boogie Woogie Man (Private Stash*) Limited release, website only
  • 2001 Along For The Ride (Eagle/Red Ink*)
  • 2002 STORIES (Eagle/Red Ink*)
  • 2003 No Days Off (Private Stash*) Limited release, website only
  • 2003 Rolling With The Blues (Shakedown UK*)
  • 2003 70th Birthday Concert CD & DVD (Eagle*)
  • 2004 Cookin’ Down Under DVD (Private Stash*) Limited release, website only
  • 2004 The Godfather of British Blues/Turning Point DVD (Eagle*)
  • 2004 The Turning Point Soundtrack (Eagle*)
  • 2005 Road Dogs (Eagle*)
  • 2007 In The Palace Of The King (Eagle*)
  • 2009 Tough (Eagle*)


June 5, 2010


Baru pertama kali ini tahu grup ini dari mas Wahyu Adi. Musiknya keren. Silakan simak. Sudah lebih dari seminggu ini saya putar debut albumnya yang dirilis 2006. Pagi ini langsung direview di progarchives:

 Crisálida (Homónimo) by CRISÁLIDA album coverStudio Album, 2006
4.00 | 2 ratings
Crisálida (Homónimo)
Crisálida Neo-ProgReview by Gatot
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars An Impressive album from Chile!I knew nothing about Crisalida until my colleague prog head Wahyu Adi informed me emotionally on how he has been totally impressed by the neo-prog music created and delevered by this Chile based band. He urged me to have a try and he gave me this debut album.

Oh man … it BLEW me away at first spin! Why?

First, the kind of music the band delivers is something that I have been missing a lot from any new progressive bands: the combination of high energy, or you may call it an energetic or dynmaic kind of music blended beautifully with great tagline melody, captivating tempo, mood and style changes throughout the music that brings you to musical orgasm from start to end and you are not even aware that the album reaches its final track. Man … I am not exaggerating it, try it for yourself and satisfaction guaranteed! The music scores high on the composition in terms of melody, complexity, harmony, change of styles and structural integrity.

Second, the music brings me to the zone when I don’t need to think about what kind of genre or sub-genre or sub-sub-genre these folks are trying to do. I am just drown into the beauty of the music they are playing and I do not really care what the heck of musical genre they do – it does NOT really matter to me at all. It brings me to the basic principle: “Music is emotion”. Yeah, that’s right man! My emotion is totally stirred when I am listening to this album like what I am doing now while writing this review. Of course I am accompanied by a cup of kopi tubruk (freshly brewed Javanese cofee). Well… if you force me to say what kind of genre this band plays, I tend to say it’s the kind where you can not differiantiate between symphonic prog and progressive metal. Yes, the texture is symphonic or neo- progressive but if you look at the tempo and guitar solo you will see the smell of Petrucci style but .. the keyboard sounds bring you to symphonic music – I would say it’s Mark Kelly style (Marillion Fish era). Confused? I bet you are! I do apologize for not being able to give you the right answer on this issue. Can I suggest this: “A hybrid of symphonic prog and progressive metal”? You’d better have the album first and make your comments about it.

One thing for sure, do NOT miss this album!

“Alas” (3:43) (in Javanese language this word means ‘forest’) is a great opener in symphonic prog style starting with an ambient keyboard solo followed with musical riffs using keyboard as main instrument followed with guitar riffs. The music gives a chance to Cinthia Santibanez Verdugo delivers her powerful voice in Spanish. This is another excellent thing, the lyrics are Spanish and they sound well ini the kind of music Crisalida is playing. There are parts with guitar solo and keyboard solo that reminds me to progressive metal scene. The song ends beautifully in relatively short period.

The second track “A mi tierra no llegarás” (4:47) is in fact much more captivating with excellent opening part with drums followed with keyboard and guitar that brings to voice entering the music in moderate tempo. But the music climbs its tone with really powerful (I mean it) Cinthia voice. You will find this song is very dynamic and it demonstrates the ultimate power of female vocal who sings wholeheartedly throughout the song. I think she can control high and low tones beautifully in this song. The guitar solo by Cristian Alfredo Carrillo is also wonderful. This second track is really a WOW! to me. It’s really great! Look at how Manuel Soto performs his keyboard solo after guitar one. Oh man … You must listen to this album! Rodrigo plays his drums using double pedals that reminds me to typical power metal music.

“En el nombre de… “(5:06) maintains the same spirit with the first two tracks through the relatively fast tempo music with some insertions of heavy musical riffs – but it’s not really progressive metal. Yes, you can find the nuances of power metal of Rodgrigo drumming – buut it’s in a balanced way. The great thing about this song is its melody that allows the female vocal delivers her best through various changing moods and tempo of the music. This third track is more prog than the previous two tracks. It blows me away .. especially on the way the singer sings (it’s because of the powerful melody).

You will remember Dream Theater if the track number 4 “Ameba” (4:58) is being played. It’s becase of the opening riffs remind you to the similar prog metal music like Dream Theater. But the female vocal makes it different from other bands. There is part where the band is able to combine symphonic prog (through the keyboard solo) and progressive metal (through the drum work and guitar riffs). Garcia is finally given a chance to give his bass guitar solo followed with Petruccian guitar solo.

“Hojas en invierno” (5:22) starts mellow with stunning guitar solo followed with mellow female voice. When the track reaches the middle it elevates to a very nice and more complex symphonic prog music using keyboard as solo instrument. “Justicia made in Chile” (5:04) brings the music back to progressive metal style with double pedal bass drumming combined with excellent keyboard. “Sinfonía “V”” (3:18) brings the music into heavier tone with dynamic riffs and powerful vocal. “Silencio” (1:49) provides a musical break with nice piano touch and mellow vocal. It’s a nice bridge to the next instrumental track. I bet you will love to listen to “Despertar” (5:04) – an instrumental track that reminds me to band like Aghora which combines heavy progressive metal music with jazz falavour. Well, you can say this track at par excellent with Rush ‘Yyz” or other Dream Theater instrumental tracks like the wonderful “Stream of Consciousness”. But this instrumental track is not purely metal as it has other styles as well. It’s mainly a symphonic prog music, of course. The guitar solo brings you to the Petrucci style. This time the bass guitar solo gives the jazz components of the music. It’s really an excellent composition.

The remaining two concluding tracks “Camino secreto” (6:32) and “De sueño y libertad” (6:57) are also excellent.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended prog album that you must have it. It’s a 4.5 star rating. Keep on proggin’ …!!!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW – Deep sympathy for the Gaza situation …