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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

March 31, 2010

Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album cover

Ngomongin musik rock 70an jadi inget Black Sabbath album “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” yang nuansamatik memorablik buat saya pribadi. Dulu dapet album ini pertama kali dari kaset Chrome-Dioxide (CrO2) warna item yang direkam oleh kakak saya, Henky, yang saat itu adalah penyiar di radio Geronimo, Yogya. Gileeee… Banyak juga ya pendidikan musik rock saya yang berasal dari radio Geronimo padahal dari dulu sampai kini belum pernah menyimak dengan baik siaran Geronimo ini. Mas Henky memang banyak mendidik saya dalam hal menikmati musik rock ini, dan udah banyak banget grup band 70an yang saya tahu dari rekaman PH milik Geronimo ini.

Black Sabbath sendiri sebenernya sudah saya kenal lewat lagu “Changes” yang ngepop itu. Baru denger full album ya melalui kaset Chrome-Dioxide warna item yang direkamkan oleh mas Henky ini. Lucu juga, karena kasetnya Chrome, jadi ya head nya tape deck saya katanya harus “kristal” supaya suaranya kemrincing kayak pring pecah … ha ha ha ha ha …. Seru juga menikmati kaset Chrome-Dioxide ….obral treble kecres-kecres tapi miskin bass .. ha ha ha ha …

Tapi ndak papalah yang penting saya bisa menikmati Sabbath Bloody Sabbath yang riff-nya bener2 “nggajak” (keren – red.) tenan itu. Biyuh, begitu denger lagu ini langsung saya puter berkali-kali.

you’ve seen life through distorted eyes
you know you had to learn
the execution of your mind
you really had to turn
the race is run the book is read
the end begins to show
the truth is out, the lies are old
but you don’t want to know


nobody will ever let you know
when you ask the reasons why
they just tell you that you’re on your own
fill your head all full of lies

Whoaaaaa…. pokoknya muantab dah! Apalagi bagian chorusnya ada gitar akustik segala menemani Ozzy nyanyi “Nobody will ever let you know…” kereeeeeeennn …!!! Gak prog gak pa palah … ha ha ha ha ha …



Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (5:42)
2. A National Acrobat (6:16)
3. Fluff (instrumental) (4:10)
4. Sabbra Cadabra (5:55)
5. Killing Yourself to Live (5:40)
6. Who Are You? (4:10)
7. Looking for Today (4:59)
8. Spiral Architect (5:29)

Total time: 42:21


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Music tabs (tablatures)

Search BLACK SABBATH Sabbath Bloody Sabbath tabs

Line-up / Musicians

– Ozzy Osbourne / vocals
– Tony Iommi / guitar
– Geezer Butler / bass
– Bill Ward / drums

Guest musician:
– Rick Wakeman / Keyboards (4)

Review by Gatot
SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Honorary Collaborator

4 stars For “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (November 1973), the band brought in Yes keyboard player Rick Wakeman on one track, signaling a slight change in musical direction; it was Black Sabbath’s fifth straight Top Ten hit and million-seller. Musically, this is a solid album by Black Sabbath and was in fact it was the first album that I listened to in its entirety when the album was released in 1973. The album title track “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is truly a killing rocker that would definitely attract million rock ears by that time.The album remarked a sad story in the band’s career because their manager Jim Simpson sued them for wrongful termination. The band realized that their manager screwed them out for millions of dollars. The lawsuit went on for two years. As Osbourne said, this “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” album was made to pay their lawyers. Through this album Black Sabbath reflected the brutal realities of the music business. “Killing Yourself To Live” was representing their grievances from the music business.

“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is for me an excellent album as it has good combination of melody, riff and structure. For those who have never heard the music of Black Sabbath (‘coz you Mom did not let you collect their record!) can even start with this album. Keep on rockin’ ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

Uriah Heep – Live

March 27, 2010


Menyambung pembicaraan di tret sebelumnya, album live ini wajib kita tayangkan di blog gemblung ini. Permainan bass almarhum Gary Thain keren banget.  Bagaimana menurut Anda tentang album ini?

Uriah Heep Uriah Heep - Live album cover

Live, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing Record One, Side A
1. Sunrise (3:50)
2. Sweet Lorraine (4:27)
3. Traveller In Time (3:20)
4. Easy Livin’ (2:43)
Record One, Side B
1. July Morning (11:23)
2. Tears In My Eyes (4:34)

Record Two, Side A
1. Gypsy (13:32)
2. Circle Of Hands (8:47)
Record Two, Side B
1. Look At Yourself (5:57)
2. The Magician’s Birthday (1:15)
3. Love Mchine (3:07)
4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Medley (8:17)

Line-up / Musicians

– David Byron / vocals
– Mick Box / guitar, vocals
– Gary Thain / bass, vocals
– Lee Kerslake / drums, vocals
– Ken Hensley / keyboards, vocals

Releases information

1973 UK: Bronze ISLD1, double album

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5 stars Talking about this album, I would definitely remember my childhood. Yes, this album was released when I was a child and “Gypsy” really blew my mind! Why not? This track deserves to be loved as teenagers usually like something energetic and rocking (of course). And “Gypsy” in this live version is the best that the band has ever performed as it has a drum solo and keyboard solo that I kept repeating with my cassette at that time. When this track reached the solo drum, I have a habit turn up my amplifier volumes to get a full sense of pedal drum as well as the snare drumming. The other interesting part of this live album is in introduction when Byron shout “URIAH HEEP ..” followed by Hensley’s punch on his keyboard to start “Sunrise”. Wow! Such a wonderful opening, mate! “Jreng! Jreng! Sunrise …” Ghuszzzzz .. great sound!

My first version of this album was a cassette personally recorded by my big brother, Henky, who was one of rock station broadcasters in Yogya. (Intermezzo – Have u ever been in Yogya? It’s another tourist destination beside BALI island).The cassette handed to me was unlabelled with no track list. But it created curiosity to me as I wonder who the band was. Fortunately, before I got this cassette, I had listened to “Demons and Wizards” so that when it reached “Traveler in Time” I knew exactly the band! But now I got the CD version, of course, after I could afford it.

Through this live album I realized how brilliant GARY THAIN was with his bass guitar. He played dynamically. Even after having enjoyed this album I tried to trace down who he was and found out KEEF HARTLEY’s “Half Breed” album where he played his bass guitar. Mick Box guitar playing is unique and I have not heard any musician plays the guitar like the way he does. Byron has an excellent vocal and unique. Ken Hensley? No question at all – he is a great musician. I even love his solo work. Lee Kerslake is also, a terrific drummer.

Well, it’s enough now to justify this brilliant album with a five star. Even though, I never thought that this sort of music could be classified as progressive. Never mind. This is a great album that you MUST have in your collection regardless you love prog or not. Especially, if you enjoy LIVE album, this one is definitely the best choice as is the case with SAGA “In Transit” live album. Gatot Widayanto – Indonesia.

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Apa Iya Ini Album Tebaik Led Zeppelin?

March 17, 2010


Katanya mas Yuddi di tret sebelumnya, album ini adalah terbaik dari Led Zeppelin. Apa iya sih?

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti album cover

Studio Album, released in 1975

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Custard Pie (4:13)
2. The Rover (5:36)
3. In My Time of Dying (11:04)
4. Houses of the Holy (4:01)
5. Trampled Under Foot (5:35)
6. Kashmir (8:31)
7. In the Light (8:44)
8. Bron-Yr-Aur (2:06)
9. Down by the Seaside (5:14)
10. Ten Years Gone (6:31)
11. Night Flight (3:36)
12. The Wanton Song (4:06)
13. Boogie with Stu (3:51)
14. Black Country Woman (4:24)
15. Sick Again (4:43)

Total Time: 86:15


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Music tabs (tablatures)

Search LED ZEPPELIN Physical Graffiti tabs

Line-up / Musicians

– Jimmy Page / acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin
– Robert Plant / harmonica, vocals
– John Paul Jones / bass, keyboards, mellotron, guitar, mandolin
– John Bonham / drums, percussion
– Ian Stewart / piano (4)

Releases information

LP Swan Song Records (1975)
CD Atlantic 92442 (1994)

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5 stars The “Lamb” of Heavy Metal!

Oh yeah, this album is a masterpiece and this is the best album that Led Zeppelin has ever made. This album comprises eight (8) new tracks especially written for this sixth album plus seven (7) takes during the sessions of previous albums (Led Zeppelin III, IV and Houses of The Holy). When this album was released in 1975 at the time I was also listening to Golden Earring “Together” with its powerful song “From Heaven, From Hell”, Styx “Man of Miracle”. “Magic” by Pilot was Top 10 hits in my country and people like it very much. “Boogie With Stu” was also popular right after the album was released.

Opened with stunning “Custard Pie” (4:13) as album opener featuring unique riffs by Page intervened by Jones’ keyboard work, it’s enough to expect how great the album would be. This is now becoming classic while by the time it was released I sometimes played the cassette altogether with Styx “Christopher Mr. Christopher”. “Custard Pie” is different, of course. It has a strong rock composition with dynamic textures that bring the music into an uplifting mood for the listeners. “The Rover” (5:36) starts off with simple drum work by Bonham followed with floating style rhythm section mainly contribute by Jimmy Page’s guitar work.

“In My Time of Dying” (11:04) is a true rocker and it has been one of my favorites’ Led Zeppelin’s tunes. I have been so longing for this song to be performed live and I could only get it when the Earl’s Court DVD was released couple of years ago. Now I know why it’s rarely played by the band it’s due to Robert Plant’s reluctance to sing after his car crash in 1975. The song really represents the energy, powerful riffs and stunning guitar solo plus Robert Plant’s crystal velar voice.

“Houses of the Holy” (4:01) was a spilled over from the band’s session of fifth album “Houses of The Holy”. By the time the band wrote this song, the album was already packed with many songs. This song was dropped even though the title represented the album. Under “Physical Gaffiti” album, this song was then featured and it’s clear that this is an excellent song.

“Trampled Under Foot” (5:35) for me is another kind of Led Zeppelin composition with relatively complex arrangements especially on Page’s guitar effects and riffs. What so excellent about this song is the melody and how Robert sings it. Another interpretation for me especially referring back to my listening experience with Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti” is that this song as a bridge to the next masterpiece : “Kashmir”. Oh yes .. I always listen to Physical Graffitti in its entirety. For me, this double LP album is “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” of heavy metal music. The music is varied and each individual song is superb. “Kashmir” closes disc one wonderfully with its eastern orchestral arrangement. Thanks to the experience that Robert had through his travel to Morocco that led to the dazzling eastern rhythm section of Kashmir. Great track!

Well, actually the first time I spun the cassette, I rarely continued to the second part of the LP until accidentally “In The Light” was played in someone’s car and it stimulated me to spin the song at home. Oh man .. in fact this might be another prog track (beside “Kashmir”) of this album. I really enjoy the long sustain keyboard work by John Paul Jones in “In The Light”. This song comprises multi passages with different tempo and style. With “In The Light” as my first entrance to Disc 2, it then started to roll with other tracks and since then I always listened to this album in its entirety. “The Wanton Song”, “Night Flight”, “Ten Years Gone”, “Boogie With Stu”, “Down By the Seaside” etc are all excellent tracks!

What can I conclude with the long writings above? Simple: it’s a masterpiece album by Led Zeppelin. This is Led Zeppelin’s reply to Genesis “the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”! The only difference is that while Peter Gabriel wrote The Lamb as concept album, Physical Grafitti serves like a collection of old takes and new takes of Led Zeppelin throughout their entire career until the album was recorded. JRENG! Keep on rockin’ ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

ProgRing #5: Wed, Mar 31, 2010; 6:30 PM @ Cafe Cartel

March 16, 2010


So here I am Once More …THENG!

Setelah absen hampir dua tahun (ProgRing #4 digelar tanggal 30 Agustus 2008), maka saatnya sekarang kita mulai lagi dengan ProgRing #5 sekalian menutup bulan Maret, sekaligus menutup Pajak Tahun Takwim 2009 yang SPT nya diserahkan tanggal 31 Maret 2010. Lho …apa hubungannya Prog dengan bulan Maret? Trus apa pula kaitannya dengan SPT tahun 2009? Yang bilang PROG harus ada hubungannya itu siapa? Justru prog itu ngajari kita supaya berpikir “out of the box” tul nggak? Hua ha ha ha ha …kuak kak kak kak kak kak …xi xi xi xi …qi qi qi qi …

Tema ProgRing #5

Kata mas Prijo, supaya memorable progring harus bertema seperti halnya progring terdahulu selalu ada temanya .. Mas Prijo mengusulkan tema “sustainibility prog pasca kematian Dulmatin di Tanah Air” …hua ha ha ha .. makin ndak keruan to? Tapi progressip abis tuh! Hua ha ha ha ha …. Dari tema besar tersebut, kita bisa ambil sub-tema: Membangun Top 10 Prog Albums. Lha, makin ora karuan to? Wis yo ben…sing penting, mangan ora mangan kumpul wae! Hayo, siapa saja mau datang silakan ngacung dan tulis di komentar di bawah ini.


RABU, 31 MARET 2010 JAM 18:30 – SELEASI

CAFE CARTEL (Gedung Djakarta Theater, Sarinah)

Kenapa di Sarinah?

Pas shalat Isya bisa BMW (berjamaah di masjid pada awal waktu) di Masjid At Takwa, Sarinah. Masjid ini soalnya nuansamatik pol..

Kenapa Cafe Cartel?

Cozy dan gak ada suara musik berisik sehingga nikmat buat berdiskusi, apalagi temanya DULMATIN dan sub-temanya saja berat …”Membangun Top 10 Prog Albums”. Saya sudah survei tempat lain kayak Oh La La .. aduh biyung berisik banget tuh tempat. Starbucks juga kurang nyamlenk … Kalau jumlahnya banyak yang dateng, saya akan book ke Cafe Cartel …




Gowes “Keep On Moving” Jakarta-Bandung

March 10, 2010


Alhamdulillah akhirnya bisa sampai garis finish dalam Bersepeda-lipat Jakarta-Bandung tanggal 24 Februari 2010 lalu. Silakan baca laporan lengkap di link tersebut. Tapi yang jelas, nikmat banget bersepeda disemangati musik rock dan progrock. Jangankan menikmati musiknya, tema perjalanannyapun saya buat classic-rock banget dengan mengambil tema “Keep on Moving” sebagai plesetan dari lagu nuansamatik karya Deep Purple dalam album “Come Taste The Band” (1975). Sebanyak 6 (enam) playlist saya siapkan dengan masing-masing playlist berdurasi 2 jam sekaligus sebagai tanda untuk istirahat.

(Ntar ah nulisnya saya lanjutkan besok aja ya, mau gowes pulang kerja nih …)

Lanjut lagi ya …

Deep Purple Come Taste The Band album coverDi bagian awal setiap playlist selalu saya isi lagu-lagu yang upbeat baik prog seperti Gentle Giant “All Through The Night” maupun Bon Jovi “Living On a Prayer” atau The Beatles “Your Mother Should Know” (aduh gila ini lagu keren abis!). Kemudian setelah menit ke 90 dimana saya predikdi mulai ada tanda kelelahan saya menyemangati dengan “You Keep On Moving” terasa mak blez tenaaaan.

You keep on moving
Far away, far away
You keep on moving
Far away, far away
Everyday, wheels are turning
And the cry… still returning

Biyuh muanteb tenan ini lagu apalagi saat mental dan fisik down menghadapi tanjakan curam di Cariu atau Padalarang. Terasa semangat kembali ….WHEELS ARE TURNING ..!!! Terus ada lagi lagu DC Cooper (dulu pernah jadi vokalis nya Royal Hunt) berjudul “Within Yourself” yang liriknya sungguh sangat menggugah dan menyemangati:

Have the power, take control
In your own mind live within yourself
Within yourself, within yourself, within yourself

Bener banget yang dia bilang karena it’s all about mind games …kalo Anda bisa, ya PASTI bisa. Kalau berpikir tak bisa, pasti akan putus asa. Terus nyambung lagi:

It takes some time for destiny to show it’s face
Reality it seems will never take it’s place
Whatever is done can always work out in the end
But maybe there’s no way to make ammends

WHOOOAAAAA.. jadi semangat gowesnya man …!!!! Guendhenk!

Duke’s Travel & Frequency

March 8, 2010


Ngeles lagi …ngeles lagi …!!! Biar pembaca di blog super duper gemblunk ini semakin lupa dengan PR saya membuat Top 10 Prog Albums …hua ha ha ha ha … Ampun…keknya hamba ndak sanggup menyusun sepuluh album pilihan musik prog (of all time!) makanya mendingan “nylimur” (bahasa Inggris: mengalihkan perhatian – red.). Sekarang cerita yang sersan (serius tapi santai) ajalah …

Ceritanya, saat saya gowes “Keep On Movin’ Jakarta – Bandung” tanggal 24 Februari 2010 yang lalu (wah belum posting laporan perjalanannya) sya menyusun Play List sebanyak 6 dan masing-masing berdurasi total 2 jam. Campuran musik prog, rock biasa sampai pop yang tujuannya buat menyemangati saat nanjak di tanjakan maut dan panjang di Cariu sama Padalarang. Singkat cerita, kemarin saya coba di iPod dengan urutan lagu berdasarkan abjad dari playlist yang ada di iPod. Anehnya pas nyangkut di lagu Duke’s Travel nya Genesis ternyata ada tiga versi yang ada di iPod saya. Wuaaaaahhh …kerrennn banget nih lagu instrumental yang nyambung ke vocal di Duke’s End ini. Ngebayangin duet maut Phil Collins dan Chester Thompson menggebuk drum dibalut dengan kibor inovatif Tony Banks dan gitar melengkin ala Rutherford. Wuih ….nggeblak nggulung koming ping kopang-kaping tenan jal! Tiga versi itu adalah: bootleg, Live (Archive 2) dan versi album asli (Duke). Dari tiga versi ini paling saya suka adalah dari versi box set Live ARchive 2 karena produksi suaranya bagus sekali, suara drum Chester di speaker kiri terasa mantab membarengi Phil di kanan. Wis jan muanteb kemleteb tenan jal! Kalau denger lagu Duke’s Travel – Duke’s End jadi inget nonton Cockpit di Gelora Saparua Bandung pada tahun 1983. Saat itu pas lagu ini Cockpit pakai dua drummer: Yaya dan Budi. Wah kerreeeennn..!!!

Kontan Duke’s Travel kemarin saya putar berkali-kali sampe puas …!!! Setelah itu ada lagu lain yang juga saya putar berulangkali kemarin, yaitu “Frequency” dari album bertajuk sama dari IQ. Wah ini lagu gak sekedar gagah musiknya namun juga melodinya begitu renyah sehinga pas dengerin lekukan segmen tertentu, ulu ati langsung miris dan air mata meneteskan air mata karena begitu menohok melodinya. Uediyan! IQ memang perawi melodi paling handal di muka bumi ini, bahkan terkadang Genesis maupun Marillion bisa bertekuk lutut di hadapan IQ ini. Ciamik tenan! Udah melodinya indah dibangun di atas flow yang menawan dimana di setiap perpindahan segmen selalu ada lekukan melodi nan indah dibarengi rofel gebukan drums dari drummer baru Andy Edwars yang telah menggantikan Paul Cook. Kibordis baru (Mark Westworth) pengganti Martin Orford juga piawai banget. Sampai kepikir, sebenernya virtuoso pencipta melodi di IQ ini siapa? Yang jelas pasti antara dua manusia ini: Peter Nicholls (vocal) atau Mike Holmes (guitar). Masih ingat lagu bertajuk “Headlong” dari album “The Wake” (1983)? Sumpah! Dijamin nangis kalo denger melodinya!

Wis pokoke kemarin itu seharian hariku diselimuti dengan Duke’s Travel dan Frequency .. Wah nikmatsz sekali. Pagi gowes ke acara di Menpora terus siang kondangan kawinan ditemani dua lagu dahzyat tersebut!