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Return To Forever ‘Returns’ DVD (Review)

February 21, 2010

Ngeles mode “ON”. Daripada setres mikirin Top 10 Prog Albums, mendingan nonton DVD Chick Corea, dan langsung nulis reviewnya di progarchives. Pokoke DVD ini jan doahzyat luwar binaza …!!! Ditanggung semapoets kalo nonton! Lima bintang POL tanpa cacat buat DVD ini!!!

Mari kita nikmati ….



 Live At Montreux 2008 by RETURN TO FOREVER album cover DVD/Video, 2009
Live At Montreux 2008
Return To Forever Jazz Rock/FusionReview by Gatot
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

5 stars What do you expect more?It’s the hottest jazz ticket in the summer of 2008 when the highly-anticipated reunion of the legendary Return to Forever with their best instrumental (because some compositions of their album had vocals as well) line-up: Chick Corea (the Rick Wakeman of contemporary jazz rock), Stanley Clarke (the Tony Levin of jazz rock), Al Di Meola (the Steve Howe of contemporary jazz rock) and Lenny White (the Bill Bruford of contemporary jazz rock). When I had not got the DVD yet I could not imagine how this quartet would perform as I had never seen them on stage even though on video. So I expected them very high and thanks God they really meet my expectation. Two thumbs up. Their performance, overall is flawless.

Return To Forever has been phenomeal, at least for me personally. First, I was hooked with the RTF music the first time when I listened to RTF seventh album ‘Music Magic’ from a cassette owned by my friend sometime in 1976 / 1977. Since then I was curious about RTF and tried to search other albums. The reason I liked was the composition that was very dynamic, complex but it still maintained excellent harmonies especially with the inventive keyboard work by Chick Corea – one of the founding fathers of RTF. Second, my debut as music reviewer with this wonderful ProgArchives started with writing short review about Return To Forever ‘Music Magic’ album. It’s so memorable to me.

Before I had this DVD, I had listened to Chick Corea’s ‘Touchstone’ album where one of the tracks, i.e. ‘Compadres’ is actually the reunion of RTF with this quartet line-up. ‘Compadres’ is truly a progressive music composition ant it’s a pity that Chick Corea’s solo albums are not featured here at this site. It should. Then I got their latest live album ‘Returns’ which amazed me, really.

This DVD also amazes me entirely from start ’til the end. The music is truly brilliant, performed flawlessly by all the members of the quartet.

With improvements in both instrument, recording technology as well as members’ musical skills after they individually performed solo work and collaborative efforts with other musicians, this performance looks and sounds really great. As Russ Davis wrote on the CD sleeve of the ‘Returns’, there was a spirit of anticipation for a reunion before the 2008 Tour became a reality. Chick and Al reunited in 2006 to record Al’s solo project ‘Consequence of Chaos’. Al, Stanley, and Lenny appeared together at the Fourth Annual Stanley Clarke Scholarship Benefit in Hollywood, playing RTF’s Grammy winning tune ‘No Mysery’ with Patrice Rushen in the piano chair.

Grabbing some of the best material from the guitar-driven RTF’s music from ‘Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy’ Polydor, 1973) through Romantic Warrior (Columbia, 1976), it capitalizes on individual growth and talent since that time, making this is a wonderful live album. The music flows nicely from the ambient ‘Introduction’ to the dynamic ‘Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy’ (3:44) where Meola plays nicely, replacing original guitarist Bill Connors.

Most songs featured here are extended from its original recording like you can hear ‘Vulcan Worlds’ which contains interesting Stanley’s dynamic bass guitar solo in the middle of the track. He also plays bass notes from his solo album. It’s quite obvious as since the opening part bass guitar has played quite dominant role. The good thing about RTF music is that each musician does not seem to play the instrument as rhythm section. Even though the music contains solo, the other instruments play their roles to fill the music with their own dynamic playing. It happens across all the tracks in this DVD. When Al Di Meola plays his solo, other instruments play dynamically at the back including the jaw-dropping drumwork by Lenny. Chick Corea fills the keyboard in between the solo or sometimes he plays longer solo. You can find similar dynamic collaboration on the next track ‘Sorceress’ as well. This track is quite unique as after fisrt one minute the music turns into bluesy style featuring guitar solo by Al. It’s really great.

I thought I would get bored with the extremely extended ‘Song to the Pharaoh Kings’ which the original version only consumes 14 minutes of duration. But at the end it turned out a wonderful journey of musical enjoyment throughout the span of 27 minutes. In fact before it ends I feel like ‘why must it end?’ because I still enjoy the music. There are parts where Al plays his guitar wildly combined with inventive keyboard maneuver by Chick. At the what so called rhythm section Stanley plays his bass guitar dynamically. Lenny is very skillful in his changing style of drumming. The beauty of this extended version of ‘Song to the Pharaoh Kings’ is the fact that each segment of the music, in any portion of the track, provides me with the joy of listening the music. The time when guitar dominates, keyboard creates another dynamic fills that sound like they are making dialogue. The bass lines are also dynamic with great skills of Stanley throughout the song.

I really can’t believe that with their ages, they still can play solid music and also stage acts as, for example, Chick Corea sometimes play his keyboard set in standing position. Stanley clarke plays hiss bass like he plays cello. Al Di Meola also performs energetically throughout the performance. Lenny plays with high energy and looks very dynamic with his drum stool.


Overall, this is a masterpiece of jazz rock fusion live performance. The selection of songs as well as the band’s performance are all excellent. On composition, the harmonies and frequency of change of style are masterpiece and backed up by solid structural integrity of each song as well as the whole album I think this is the best jazz rock fusion band and amazing live performance. I can not expect more than this top class performance. What about you? Keep on proggin’ …!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

Songs / Tracks Listing
1 Introduction [DVD]
2 Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy [DVD] Corea
3 Vulcan Worlds [DVD] Clarke
4 Sorceress [DVD] White
5 Song to the Pharaoh Kings [DVD] Corea
6 Al’s Solo: Children’s Song #3/Milonga del Angel/Falacci Improv [DVD] Corea, Di Meola, Piazzolla
7 No Mystery [DVD] Corea
8 Chick’s Solo: 88 + 10 A/Alice in Wonderland/88 + 1 [DVD] Corea, Fain
9 The Romantic Warrior [DVD] Corea
10 El Bayo de Negro-Stanley’s Solo [DVD] Clarke
11 Lineage-Lenny’s Solo [DVD] White
12 The Romantic Warrior Continued [multimedia track] Corea
13 Lineage-Lenny’s Solo [*] White
14 Al’s Solo: Passion Grace & Fire/Mediterranean Sundance/CafĂ© 1930/Spain [*] Corea, Di Meola, Piazzolla
15 Friendship-Chick’s Solo [*] Corea
16 El Bayo de Negro [*] Clarke
17 Duel of the Jester & The Tyrant [*] Corea

* CD

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Line-up / Musicians

Stanley Clarke Bass (Electric), Bass (Acoustic),
Chick Corea Keyboards, Piano (Grand),
Al di Meola Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger, Guitar (Electric),
Lenny White Drums,

Releases informationEagle Rock / Eagle Vision
DVD + CD set

Membangun Top 10 Prog Albums

February 8, 2010


Berdasarkan postingan terdahulu tentang Top 10 Prog Albums dimana banyak komentar yang dilontarkan oleh proggers yang biasa berkomentar di blog gemblunk ini, maka saatnyalah kita sendiri membangun Top 10 Prog Albums itu buat konsumsi kita. Saya juga mencoba membangun. Jangan salah, istilah “membangun” tuh artinya ada sebuah proses yang terlibat, tak sekedar “sak det sak nyeng” (sekonyong-konyong – red.) karena banyak faktor atau kriteria yang perlu didefinisikan dulu – PROG gitu loh!

EMANGNYA GAMPANG APA membuat peringkat Top 10 Prog Albums itu? Coba aja kalau bisa …pasti puyeng! Kalau pikiran kita waras, gak mungkin kita bisa menyusunnya dalam waktu sehari dua hari…bisa jadi berminggu-minggu …bahkan berbulan-bulan .. bahkan, dalam hal saya, sudah tahunan …gak berhasil terus. Syusyah puwollll…!!! Apalagi kalau jumlah album prog yang Anda dengarkan sudah melebihi 250 albums, udah pasti pusying tujuh keliling jal!

Untuk itu, saya membuat kriteria yang terdiri dari empat hal besar, yaitu: 1.) Composition, 2.) Performance, 3.) Like Factor, 4.) Vintage Factor atau disingkat CPLV, biar mudah. Anda juga bisa membuat kriterianya sendiri, tentunya , lha wong ini ranah prog … bebas duoooong ….sak enak perute dewe atau perute mbahe Sangkil …yo po ra jal?


Kriteria pertama ini memiliki bobot paling tinggi (85%) bagi saya karena keindahan musik prog terletak dari komposisinya. Adapun komposisi terdiri dari lima hal pokok: melodi, harmoni, kompleksitas, perubahan style dan integritas struktural. Definisinya bisa Anda baca di sini yang udah saya posting di blog gemblunk ini beberapa saat yang lalu.


Performance dari musisi juga menentukan bagaimana rating sebuah album. Belum tentu pentholan-pentholan prog bila digabung akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang dahzyat. Ingat ASIA? Dulu orang berharap akan menampilkan musik yang doahzyat tapi ternyata musiknya simple banget, gak prog blas (GPB). Saya hanya memberi bobot 5% pada aspek performance ini karena kalau komposisi dahzyat, siapapun yang memainkan mestinya OK. Liat aja GodBless membawakan lagu Kansas “Carry On Wayward Son” yang ternyata bagus juga kan? Itu karena memang komposisinya memang sudah tjiamik tenan jal!

Like Factor

Kriteria ini menunjukkan derajat kesukaan kita (Like Factor) terhadap album tersebut. Lihat aja betapa pak Alfie mendewa-dewakan Triumvirat yang sebagian orang ada yang mencibirkan bahwa grup trio Jerman ini kurang orisinal karena terkesan njiplak ELP. Atau saya yang terlalu suka Marillion bahkan seringkali lebih menyukainya ketimbang Genesis. Sebagian orang bilang (yang wawasannya kurang tentunya) mengatakan bahwa Marillion ngikut Genesis. Namun Like Factor ini tak boleh punya bobot tinggi, cukup 5% saja, sudah cukup.

Vintage Factor

Ini adalah pemberian penghargaan bagi musisi2 legendaris yang mulai menulis lagu sejak pertengahan enampuluhan hingga akhir tujuhpuluhan. Intinya, semakin lama album diciptakan (misalnya King Crimson “In The Court of The Crimson King” – 1969) maka ia mendapatkan faktor tertinggi (10). Hampir semua yang awal 70an layak mendapatkan 10. Tapi seperti Rush yang hanya mulai membuat album akhir tujuhpuluhan, dia tak layak dapat rating 10 karena toh pada awalnya dulu orang bilang Rush itu nyontek konsepnya Led Zeppelin. Vintage Factor mendapatkan porsi 5% saja.

Top 10 Prog Albums Criteria (GW)

Nah … kalau Anda setuju dengan kriteria di atas, silakan bikin Top 10 Prog Albums versi Anda.