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Animo Hadir di “Tales from YES” 23Apr09

April 18, 2009

Alhamdulillah …

Animo buat datang ke event ini luar biasa, sampe ada yang musti ambil cuti dari NTB, Mataram, demi ke event ini.

Penjualan tiket via transfer akan ditutup hari Senin ini, karena perlu rekonsiliasi. Bila ada sedikit kelebihan tiket akan disediakan di venue, tapi gak jamin masih ada …karena dari pagi ini aja gw diberondong banyak pesenan …

Terima kasih bagi temen2 yang udah transfer nonton acara ini.

Keep on proggin’ …!

If you have not progged yet, why?

What’s wrong with your life?

Isn’t it that Life without music would be a mistake?

Music without progrock is a fatal tragedy as Dream Theater said it?

So …alter your life to progrock track before it’s too late man…!!!

Let progrock breathes the air of freedom and happiness

Because happiness without progrock is like mineral water without water,

bakmi ayam without noodle …

iced capuccino without coffee…

a band without musician …

live your life without heart …

start the day without hope …

How can it be?

Is it life?

Of couse it is not!

That’s absolutely definite!

If you want progressive life,

like the nature of life itself,

with its dynamic nature…

happiness and sadness come and go

fast and slow come and go …

That’s really life ….

So turn your head to PROG man!

Cause you don’t need to leave your rock taste

you don’t need to leave your metal taste

No harm at all, loving YES altogether with Kamelot, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Led Zeppelin ….

Turn your head to PROG man!