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A Call for ProgRing #4

July 31, 2008


Udah lama neh kita gak pul-kumpul sejak ProgRing ke 3 yang lalu dan rasanya udah lamaaaaa…biyanget!! Hayo, kita rancang lagi ketemuan, sebelum Ramadhan tiba, gimana?? Ada usulan gak kapan? Kalo maunya weekend aku bisanya setelah 10 Agustus 2008. Apakah 18 Agustus (Senin) libur yah? Kalo iya, berarti temen2 banyak yang gak bisa ya, pada keluar kota. Kalo Sabtu 23 Agustus gimana (aduhhh .. lama be’eng!!!).

Ada yang punya ide…???



Prog Spawn

July 31, 2008

Ah lupa cerita … Selasa sekitar jam 21:00 sampe rumah cukup lelah karena habis bersepeda dari kantor …tapi gak jadi lelah gara2 di meja redaksi telah tergeletak majalah Classic Rock terbaru dengan cover story RUSH. Jreng! Yang menyenangkan, bonus CD nya itu lho .. PROG SPAWN! Kerennnn …. Prog will never die!!!!



Magenta “Metamorphosis”

July 26, 2008

MAGENTA Metamorphosis progressive rock album and reviews Neo Progressive
(Studio Album, 2008)
(16 ratings)

MAGENTA — Metamorphosis
Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto)
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars I agree with Tarcisio Moura that when you were bit disappointed (including myself) with Magenta previous “Home” album, you should not worry with this “Metamorphosis” album as, I think, the band has returned to its form. I might say that this album is in a good comparison with first two albums “Revolutions” (2001) and “Seven” (2004). It took four years for the band to come back to their original creativity even though the music of Magenta is nothing original. There was “Home” in between two excellent albums “Seven” and “Metamorphosis”. The central mastermind of Magenta is Rob Reed and I think most of you would agree with me that this latest release by Magenta is much better than “Home”.

Back to their original concept …

There are basically two epic tracks “The Ballad Of Samuel Layne” (20:17) and “Metamorphosis” (23:15) that build this album plus two short tracks “Prekestolen” and “Blind Faith”. The first time I played this album, I was not hooked right away especially on the melody that did not seem to catch my attention. However, I did believe that the composition was good as the music moved beautifully from one passage to another in natural way. I finally found what inhibit me for enjoying the music, it’s basically my expectation that the melody should flow something that I want and each passages must have catchy elements like Marillion did in “Misplaced Childhood” where every piece of music is catchy. But when I gave up this expectation, it grew on me gradually and until four spin I could sense the music nicely.

Like “The Ballad Of Samuel Layne” (20:17), it indicates that they can write and perform excellent epic where the styles are different from one passage to another. I can sense the energy of Christina in moving the music energetically accompanied by excellent combination of notes produced by keyboard, guitar and accentuated by drums. The first 6 minutes of the track demonstrates how Christina is one of the best prog vocalist. The music flows dynamically from one passage to another with great intertwining roles of keyboard solo as well as guitar. One thing I observe excellent is the bass guitar and drumwork. All in all when I play the album loud, I can nanturally enjoy the music from start to end.

“Prekestolen” (03:43) is also a nice track and it does not show that this is a filler because I expected that this would be. “Metamorphosis” (23:15) is an excellent epic which starts grandiose with soft guitar solo followed by a blast of music that brings Christina’s voice enters the epic. What happen is then a nice musical riffs by guitar overlaid beautifully with an electric orchestration. There are accentuation of the music during this track with some musical breaks that reminds me to ELP and Yes. Bass guitar playing reminds me to those played by Chris Squire of Yes. The long sustain keyboard work at the back in the vein of Yes’s “Heart of The Sunrise” makes the music sounds truly symphonic. There asre passages with stunning keyboard work. There are some passages with spacey keyboard effects. Drumming s also great! The album concludes nicely with “Blind Faith” (6:01) which has acoustic guitar work. But later the music includes electric guitar riffs.

Overall, this album is better than pervious “Home” (2006) and deserves a four star rating. Keep on proggin’ ..

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

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Toko KASET ANTIK di Bandung

July 25, 2008

Sejak Rabu pagi (23 Juli) di Bandung, cumak mau keluyuran aja kok …kali ini ndak ada beban kerjaan musti ngajar atau apa .. wis pokoke mung keluyuran wae ….sambil liat2 koleksi CD atau kaset yang ada di Bandung yang katanya barometer musik di negeri ini. He he he …

Dulu waktu ke Bandung pernah mau mengunjungi toko kaset antik di Cipaganti dan baru kemaren sempet nyambangi. Banner di depan toko memang mengundang birahi buat mampir …keliatan banget nuansa 70an nya .. inget jaman kuliah dulu aja. Bahkan, selama lima tahun saya dulu di Bandung, gak ada toko kaset kayak gini ,,…. adanya Toko Bintang di Balubur yang bisa tuker balik kaset yang dibeli, kalo ndak suka…he he …

Sang pemilik namanya Henry dan ternyata mengenal saya gara2 saya jadi MC di DragonForce concert tahun lalu. Hiks .. ternyata selebriti juga … meski kelas teri .. kuak kak kak kak kak kak kak kak. Masuk tokonya asik banget banyak barang jadul kemudul yang dipajang mulai dari poster 70an, tape deck, turntable, kaset, piringan hitam … banyak dah .. terasa 70an banget! sayang gak sempet lama soalnya ada janjian di Paris van Java …sambil ngopi …ha ha ha … Jadi inget banget masa muda dulu tinggal di Bandung. Bagi yang tinggal di Bandung pasti seneng dah ke toko ini. Koleksi kasetnya lumayan lengkap dari rekaman bajakan jadul …Yess, Perina, Saturn, Lolita, Apple, Monalisa, bahkan Nirwana pun ada …ha ha ha … asik tenan. Harga kaset Yess bervariasi dari Rp. 20 ribu hingga Rp. 40 ribu. Perlu bangga nih .. kaset yang Rp. 40 ribuan ternyata dari kelompok Gentle Giant .. wuaahhh .. keren banget ya….!!! He he he ….

Sayang gambar yang saya ambil gak begitu bagus … ntar siang coba saya jepret lagi …

Bandung memang top markotopszzz ….!!!



Ayreon “01011001”

July 22, 2008

AYREON 01011001 progressive rock album and reviews Progressive Metal
(Studio Album, 2008)
(95 ratings)

AYREON — 01011001
Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto)
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars One might consider this album is somewhat “pretentious” with its story-telling kind of thing in the science-fiction territory. No harm with putting the main story to the album so that each song in the album contributes to the whole story. Having the story as the main idea for the album might inhibit full exploration of the music as it is limited by the chapters of the story – unless the whole story comprises radical ups and downs that allow the music flow wildly. Unfortunately, it does not happen here with this Ayreon because there is practically little varieties in style and mood from one song to another. I actually reach “boring” state at the later part of the first CD. There is basically no surprise and the music can predicted – no challenge at all. And also, the album title is hard to memorize (it’s using “binary” numbers known by computers). However, as usual, Arjen Lucassen has gathered many musicians to contribute in this album.

A predictable stream of music … and boring riffs?

“Age of Shadows incl. We Are Forever” (10:47). It’s a nice track which relies heavily on groove and beat as the music flows. There is nice part with acoustic guitar work which remarks the “We Are Forever” part. I like the ambient part with thin guitar solo during the female vocal portion. It’s quite good to open the album and set the overall tone. The music comes back into upbeat style with good violin work. No more repression. “Comatose” (4:26) starts off with a sound of the sky followed with keyboard loop typical to Ayreon. No need to feel the pain, No need to feel betrayed, No need to feel inane, No need to feel afraid. flows nicely with only keyboard loop in spacey nuance backed with some guitar / violin effects. “Liquid Eternity “ (8:10) opens with great guitar distortion followed with long sustain keyboard sound followed by music riffs. The keyboard loop still appears hear and seems like to be used in any other segment. The key attraction of this track is on violin solo performed by Ben Mathot in the middle of the track.

“Connect the Dots” (4:13) does not sound quite nice to my ears as it has weak intro part. The chorus part is quite OK. We are dying for tomorrow, we are living for today …. “Beneath the Waves” (8:26) flows in mellow style with keyboard loop and guitar fills accompany male vocal until female vocal enters, the drum starts to roll. Floydian guitar work is nice. This track comprises five parts. “Newborn Race” (7:49) starts with good combination of acoustic guitar and mandolin. It comprises six parts. “Ride the Comet” (3:29) has good percussion work. Disc one concludes beautifully with nice acoustic guitar and violin work accompanying female voice “Web of Lies” (2:50).

Disc Two kicks off with “The Fifth Extinction” (10:29) where the intro part is a spacey nuance created by long sustain keyboard and guitar fills. This opening track comprises five parts comprising soft parts and heavy ones with guitar riffs. The guitar solo in the middle of the track combined with keyboard solo are all stunning. “Waking Dreams” (6:31) is a mellow track with great guitar solo and melodic singing. “The Truth Is In Here” is a ballad (5:12). “Unnatural Selection” (7:15) opens with a very long spacey keyboard work followed with low register male voice and at approx minute 1:52 it moves to heavy riffs typical Ayreon. “River of Time” (4:24) starts with traditional acoustic guitar that reminds me to Ayreon’s “Looser” of Human Equation album. “E=MC2” (5:50) is a nice track with typical Ayreon’s riffs. The album concludes nicely with “The Sixth Extinction” (12:18) which comprises six parts. I like parts with growling style.

Overall, this is a good album with good composition typical Ayreon music. Unfortunately there are many similar riffs that tend to bore me if I listen to the whole CD in its entirety. Keep on proggin’ ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW (i-Rock! Music Community)

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Marillion “Misplaced Childhood” Tour Book 85

July 21, 2008


Sesuai dengan SMS dari mas Tatan Taufik yang baik banget, saya dioleh-olehi Marillion “Misplaced Childhood” Tour Book 85. Pagi ini tadi langsung diambil dan … BERGETAR dada, tangan dan kaki saya .. mata saya berkaca-kaca …gak nyangka melihat (dan memegang) benda begitu indah dari band paling indah di dunia ini, pada formasi paling indah pulak!

Fish – Steve Rothery – Pete Trewavas – Ian Mosley – Mark Kelly

Uediyaaaannnn!!!! Guembloenk sugendhenk tenaaaannn!!! Langsung saya jeprate-jepret sono sini buat dipajang di blog ini biar banyak yang ngiri dan misuh-misuh ….:

Tampak depan:

Tampak belakang:

Halaman dalemnya keren2 banget .. ada lirik, ada foto, ada behind the scene .. wis pokoke ditanggung iler ndhlodhoszzz ….

Ini juga nuansamatik .. duh mau nangis.. the best line-up of MARILLION: (yang bikin nangis tuh liat gambar anak kecil main tenor drum dan ngangkat stick nya ke atas .. wadouuuwwww… Gusti Alloh nyuwun ngapuro .. nuansamatik sekaleeeeeeee……..

Ini juga seru:

Udah ah .. gak usah ditunjukin semua .. kasihan yang liat blog ini yang juga suka Marillion … nangis ntar …ngiri pulak …

Oh ya .. kaos yang dipake Mark Kelly ini, dulu saya punya, beli langsung dari BRAVADO Merchandise.. wah gagah banget pake kaos ini rasanya:

Terima kasih banyak, Kang Tatan yang berhati mulia. Gimana gak mulia hayo? Pertama, beliau tahu banget selera gw.. sesuatu yang bisa bikin gw ngguweblak nggulung koming ping kopang kaping. Kedua, beliau tahu banget saya in prog dhuafa yang belum sanggup jalan2 ke Jepun …dan beliau persembahkan oleh2 maha dahzyat ini kepada hamba .. wuiihhhh … terharu pol nih saya …..




Deadsoul Tribe “A Lullaby for The Devil”

July 20, 2008

DeadSoul TribeA Lullaby For The Devil album cover
Studio Album, released in 2007

Track Listings

1. Psychosphere (3:36)
2. Goodbye City Life (8:27)
3. Here Come The Pigs (4:01)
4. Lost In You (4:55)
5. A Stairway To Nowhere (6:35)
6. The Gosamer Strand (6:21)
7. Any Sign At All (6:17)
8. Fear (4:24)
9. Further Down (2:57)
10. A Lullaby For The Devil (6:13)

Total Time: 53:51


– Devon Graves / guitars, vocals
– Adel Moustafa / drums
– Roland Ivenz / bass
– Roland Kerschbaumer/ guitar

4 stars Deadsoul Tribe was founded in 2000 by Devon Graves, former member of Psychotic Waltz. A year later the debut album Deadsoul Tribe was released and proved to be a success with former Psychotic Waltz fans and beyond. Graves is the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose music is both philosophical and challenging. Everything I write has a message, an approach to poetry, he says. It’s the major function of poetry not to provide answers, but to raise questions – to be thought provoking and to create space for individual interpretations. Together with drummer Adel Moustafa, who also plays the drums on the records, the guitarist Roland `Rollz` Kerschbaumer and bass player Roland Ivenz, Deadsoul Tribe is known for their stirring stage performance. [official DsT site]. Devon made an original concept for Deadsoul Tribe in 1999 and he acted as Songwriter, Producer, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocalist, Overlord. His favorites range from Jethro Tull to Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Hendrix and Zappa.

Excellent Music, Inspiring Lyrics!

The opening track “Psychosphere” (3:36) is basically a metal song with repeated riffs and nice melody. The second track “Goodbye City Life” (8:27) amazes me in a way that this song has combined great composition (multi-style and multi-mood structure) with philosophical lyrics written using simple words. I really cannot afford to separate the music from its lyrics which reminds me as a Moslem I should strive to seek the paths to Allah The Great The Merciful. The whole lyrics of this song are captivating and reflective for me personally. The title in itself can be read as “goodbye the temporary world”. Yes, as a Moslem I do believe that the world we live in is very temporarily whereby there would be life after this world. Devon brings the message clearly: Look at you Where you going to / Do you find that piece of mind that you’re trying to, Deep inside of you? On the other words he continues with this important message: Start to think nothing you hold to is real / Save for tomorrow, but today You throw it away, throw it away. It’s so inspiring lyrics! On the musical part, this song starts beautifully with ambient nuance backed with drumming at the back followed with grandiose riffs that remind me to Opeth or Porcupine Tree. It suddenly turns mellow with acoustic guitar and nice piano work accompanying catchy melody on first lyrical part. You can find also Floydian guitar at the end of first verse and the music is getting louder with “Look at you …” lyrical part. It’s a great musical experience!

“Here Come The Pigs” (4:01) is a heavy blast of music with great riffs combining bass guitar and guitar and dynamic drumming. Guitar solo appears in between passages. “Lost In You” (4:55) flows in similar vein with the previous track with nice singing part. Until this track I can capture the overall musical style of Deadsoul Tribe that combines atmospheric progressive metal with some sudden changes that work smoothly as you can find in Opeth or Porcupine tree or Tool. You might say this track is in the vein of Tool.

“A Stairway To Nowhere” (6:35) is another song with inspiring lyrics and excellent musical composition. The opening part really reminds me a combination of Peter Gabriel “The Rhythm of The Heat” and Tool kind of music. It’s so wonderful opening part! When the vocal line enters the music, it brings the whole music is captivating. “The Gosamer Strand” (6:21) tones the music down with a mellow piano work that continues with nice FLUTE work! Yes …the uniqueness of this album (band) is the use of flute in metal work where I have never found any metal band uses flute in their music. The nice part is when the Floydian guitar work is combined with flute. On the heavy part this song moves brilliantly with flute as lead melody. Imagine this: Dream Theater hires Ian Anderson to replace Jordan Rudess! Unbelieveable!!! This is really great and it satisfies my taste to the fullest. This is the first time I enjoy instrumental progressive metal music with flute (instead of guitar or keyboard) as lead melody. Bravo Deadsoul Tribe! You all are metalheads with classic rock minds!

“Any Sign At All” (6:17) starts like the opening track “Psychosphere” where bass guitar work is used as the main rhythm section of the music, augmented by drumwork. The interlude part in the middle of the track – where bass guitar and guitar play together combined with percussion – reminds me to Tool. The music turns into softer style in “Fear” (4:24) and going up again with heavy riffs in “Further Down” (2:57). The album concludes with the album title track “A Lullaby For The Devil” (6:13) which starts beautifully with piano work and melodic singing part followed later with heavy riffs music. Again the lyrics are great. Observe this: Forget about today / Let it drift away / Let your logic go / Let the feeling grow followed with Let go of all your hate / Let it dissipate / Find the love within / Let the dream begin. It’s so encouraging lyrics that invite us to have a positive thinking. The music riffs that accompany this song remind me to “Kashmir” of Led Zeppelin.

Overall, I tend to give five star rating for this album the first time I know Deadsoul Tribe music. But, I’d rather keep another star for future observation as I need to avoid the ‘hallo effects’. If you ask me, honestly, I am really impressed with the fact that this is the first time I listen to a progressive metal music with flute! From this point – let alone melodic and tight composition of the album – I am already amazed. This is then coupled with inspiring messages the lyrics bring into the music. As I told you, as a Moslem I truly believe that there will be world after this world. And there is price we have to pay to enter the next world happily and peacefully. Having considered this, personally I think this album is a masterpiece. But as this site has grown significantly as the most complete and comprehensive website you can find on the net for progressive music (of course with wide variety of audience background and tastes), I’d rather give this an excellent plus overall rating (four star +). Highly recommended. Keep on proggin’ ..!


Thanks to Nirarta who showed me the path to this band …He is my prog mate who live in different island in Indonesia and once sent me a short message to my cellular saying: “Have you heard Deadsoul Tribe? – A progressive metal music with flute! Opo tumon ?! (a term in Javanese that translates something like :”Can you imagine that??!!!”).

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW (i-Rock! Music Community)


Ngereview di Brew

July 19, 2008

Malam ini nganter anak (Dian) ke Citos mau nonton Afgan nyanyi (halah! bapake prog kok anake pop! .. yo wes lah … kalo satu keluarga seleranya sama ya namanya ndak prog to? hua ha ha ha ha …). Biyuh, ini Citos jan kebak (penuh – red.) sama menungso …kayaknya lebih banyak menungsonya ketimbang luas lantainya .. ha ha ha … Yang gak tahan tuh denger musik dhang dhing dhung ndak karuan dari panggung dimana Afgan main.

Dari pada bengong, saya ke aksara aja cari buku .. eh ada buku keren baru keluar berjudul Necessary Revolution karya Peter Senge yang kondang sama buku The Fifth Discipline itu. Whoa ….tanpa pikir panjang, langsung disikat aja .. apalagi punya voucher senilai cepek .. mulyono lah bayarnya gak mahal amat. Apalagi pake kartu kredit Citibank ada diskon 5% … JRENG! Sambil nunggu Dian, gw cari tempat yang enak .. eh dapet tempat di Brew. Lengkaplah kenikmatan karena gw lagi banyak album prog yang mau direview. Asik juga ngereview sambil nenggak Caramel Affogatto kesukaan gw di Brew ini … nyam … nyam sambil JRENG musik Ayreon album 11100011 (embuh bener gak .. pokoke binary numbers lah …) nendhank gendhank telinga melalui headphone Sennheiser PX100 …nuikmattsss…. Bentar ye … gw review dulu ye ….



[OOT] Berkah Nyepedah

July 18, 2008

Hari ini jadwal nyepeda ke kantor. Berangkat jam 6:10 dan ngonthel sepeda cukup santai, gak ngoyo blas, pokoke nyepeda mellow ala Chelsea Monday nya Marillion gitulah ..halah! (padahal tadi gak nyanyi Marillion blas lho!..jan ngarang tenan1). Pas paling saya suka ya saat masuk komplek Senayan, hawa sejuk, gak ada polusi karena memang sangat minim mobil lalu lalang bahkan hanya ada 2 mobil berpapasan dg saya tadi. Motor yang suka ngumbar gas dan suara, gak ada pagi ini. Uasik pol! Di JCC sedang ada pameran mobil, sempet foto obyek2 menarik seperti kereta shuttle yang “lucu” dan seperti masa kecil aja rasanya. Kok malah saya pengen naik kereta ini ketimbang liat mobil baru (buat apa kalo cuman liat gak mampu beli. Kalo ada acara “pameran kaset” mungkin saya masuk, krn masih mampu beli …ha ha ha …). Ah kalo ada waktu besok mampir ah, mau merasakan “numpak sepur” tanpa rel …biyuh pasti asik nuansamatik …ha ha ha …sambil pasang kaset Koes Plus “Bunga di Tepi Jalan” biar top sekalian!

Keluar dari kompleks senayan, gak seperti biasanya, pagi ini mobil dan bus pada mandeg gak jalan, keliatan dari mulut pintu keluar. Saya brenti bentar nenggak air mineral di botol minuman yg saya bawa di sepeda. Sejauh mata memandang saya tengok arah Blok M …whoalah kok macetnya sampe bunderan patung pizza Ratu Plasa. Hah, ada apa gerangan? Getahu dah …. Ya udah saya ngonthel sepeda saya menuju tujuan akhir: Kantor Pusat Indosat. Sepanjang ngonthel saya nyalip puluhan bahkan ratusan mobil karena mereka pada ‘pamer paha’ (padat merayap, panas hawanya – halah!) …ha ha ..asik juga bisa “nyukurin” sama “ngejek” mereka yang naik mobil sambil dalam hati bilang “Hare gene masih naik mobil??!!” ….hua ha ha ….

Ini gambaran kemacetan pagi ini yg sempat saya jepret di seputar menara BCA:

Saya melaju terus semakin kenceng seperti semakin epetnya tempo “In The Cage” nya Genesis …sampe akhirnya ketemu biang kerok kemacetan seperti di foto ini:

Ya… Sebuah crane yang sedianya mengangkut rongsiokan papan rfeklame di atas jalan Blora, kata pak Polisi yang saya tanya, macet gak mau gerak dan posisinya di badan jalan. Tentu aja badan jalan menyempit dan menyebabkan kemacetan dahsyat pagi ini. Saya sempet ambil beberapa foto dg hp saya. Setelah itu, melaju lagi menuju Indosat. Inilah berkah nyepeda …gak kena imbas macet! So, mari bersepeda …haua ha ha ha ….sambil ngerock tentunya!!!



Indonesian PROG di

July 15, 2008


Boleh minta tolong kalo pas Anda mampir di blog ini dan nyangkut di thread ini, sebutkan grup Indonesia yang ada elemen PROG nya? Memang beberapa band prog sudah sempat saya masukkan di situs prog paling lengkap di dunia ini. Kalo misalnya ada yang tahu, mohon daftarkan di blog ini ya, ntar saya masukkan di situs tersebut. Yang saya perlukan:

  • Nama Band
  • Profil singkatnya (termasuk fotonya)
  • Albumnya apa saja (yang sudah rilis)
  • Jenis musik yang dibawakan
  • Alamat situs (kalo gak ada, sementara saya buatkan di blog ini, seperti kemarin saya buat untuk SharkMove)

Gak usah takut musiknya musti kayak GENESIS atau YES atau ELP …asal ada sedikit unsur prog nya, bisa saya daftarkan. Lha wong Radiohead aja dianggep ada PROG nya kok.

Insya Allah, saya sedang menggarap beberapa band yang memang sudah kita kenal selama ini.