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Sarasehan Musik YES

April 30, 2008


Temen2 prog warriors yang saya cintai dan semakin gayeng ngobrol gayeng kumayeng di blog yang makin hari tambah gemblung ini ….

Sekitar dua minggu lalu saya ketemu seorang musisi yang piawai memainkan kibor, namanya gak asing lagi: KRISNA “Discus” yang merasa “gatel” tangan dan pikirannya buat memainkan musik2 YES seperti beberapa tahun lalu dia mainkan dengan Noldy (arek Malang pol) pada gitar. Obrolan malem di Coffee Bean Plasa Senayan itu berkembang intens dan sempet memuncratkan adrenalin kami berdua sehingga makin gayeng – karena sama2 kedanen musiknya YES.

Singkat cerita gini dah .. Tahun lalu (3 Feb 2007) i-Rock! pernah menggelar acara sarasehan musik dengan tajuk: “An Appreciation for GENESIS” di Mario’s Place pada hari Sabtu siang sampe lepas Magrib. Sukses besar karena meski jakarta dilanda banjir buesar, masih ada 75 orang yang mau jibaku dateng ke Mario’s Place.

Nah … (ambegan dhisik) …

Kalo acara “serupa” (tapi tak sama) … wuih .. kayak teka-teki di majalah SELECTA jadul … masih inget gak? digelar tapi dengan menampilkan diskusi mengenai YES dan performance “live” dari Krisna & the band .. kira2 bakalan banyak yang dateng gak yah???? Katakanlah 200 orang hadir gitu???

Kenapa YES?

1. Musiknya unik dan legendaris

2. Artwork nya top markotop by Roger Dean

3. Jarang ada acara “Tribute to YES” kalo Genesis terlalu sering lah …

Karena keindahannya tidak hanya pada musik, mungkin kita perlu narasumbernya mewakili dua hal: musikalitas dan artwork (menampilkan orang2 desain grafis tapi yang suka juga musik YES).

What do you think, my friends? Would it work successfully?

Yang penting lagi: ANda mau gak dateng??? Itu!

Silakan komentarnya yeeee .. kalo bisa buruan biar bisa diambil langkah sigap dan kita langsung gaet si Mas Krisna biar mau Ngerick Wakeman ria …..




Sharkmove “Ghede Chorra’s” @ ProgArchives

April 30, 2008

SHARKMOVE Ghede Chokra's progressive rock album and reviews Symphonic Prog
(Studio Album, 1970)
Avg: 4.00/5
from 1 ratings
SHARKMOVE — Ghede Chokra’s
Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto)
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

— First review of this album —

4 stars Indonesian “first” prog band ..!

This might have been the greatest sin that I have ever made for the musicians of my beloved country, Indonesia, who named themselves under the banner of SHARKMOVE because I only got a chance to listen to their music decades after their debut and only album was released in 1970. My prog friend gave me a copy of “Ghede Chokra’s” album by Sharkmove from his LP collection. Because it’s just a CDR copy from LP, I could not get full information about the band. Only lately I knew that an international label company, Shadoks Music (Germany), was interested to remaster the album and release it in CD and LP format. The CD that I have on my hands is the one remastered by Shadoks Music, given to me by the band’s original member and founder: Benny Soebardja.

It’s interesting to review this album on the basis of “time” in which this album was recorded on January 2, 1970 or the very beginning of the year. This is very important to mention because by analyzing when the album was made we all can see what sort of influences the band adopted. My initial (and natural) reaction when I saw the cover artwork it was very similar with Gentle Giant’s “Octopus”. But, looking back the time, it’s impossible that Sharkmove copied the concept of Gentle Giant “Octopus” album because the latter was released two years later in 1972. Not only that, Sharkmove released an album before Gentle Giant debut album.

To put things into perspective, there were practically not so many prog albums available in the market at that time. Yes, for sure King Crimson did release “In The Court of The Crimson King” couple months before “Ghede Chokra’s” was released. But I barely identify any close similarity, musically, between Sharkmove and King Crimson. Prog masterpieces albums like Yes “Close to The Edge”, Yes “Fragile”, Genesis “Foxtrot” or “Nursery Cryme”, Pink Floyd “Dark Side of The Moon” were not born yet. Couple of releases in 1969 were : Yes debut album, Pink Floyd “Ummagumma”, and King Crimson. With this limited number of albums, we can simply conclude that there was practically not so much influence the band adopted from legendary prog bands. That’s the theory. And … the reality proves it.

The Music

My Life (9:04) starts mellow in ambient mood with traditional texture through the sound of flute played by Janto Diablo. Benny’s vocal line enters beautifully in catchy and memorable notes. The song moves beautifully with excellent melody through vocal line and it then flows in crescendo as drum work by Sammy Zakaria enters. Beny’s vocal quality is crispy and powerful and it reminds me to the vocal of David Byron (whom later formed a band called Uriah Heep). This song is to me very emotional because the overall tagline melody is very catchy, memorable, and it touches my emotion – deeply. Composition-wise, this is a masterpiece symphonic progressive rock offering which successfully blends excellent melody with challenging arrangement, especially knowing that it was written those days in 1970 when music was not that complicated and challenging in nature. (This is not to undermine a great album by King Crimson “In the court of The Crimson King” which is really masterpiece with its “21st Century of Schizoid Man”).

“My Life” also moves dynamically through its passages with changing styles and tempo from a mellow one at opening part and to heavy part with music riffs and vocal shouting (beautifully) by Benny Soebardja. One thing peculiar is the way Sammy played his drum (at approx. minute 2:01) which then being followed by Guruh Gipsy through its “Indonesia Mahardhikka” composition. Guitar work by Benny is stunning especially when it’s augmented by Soman Loebis’ hovering organ work that represents truly the 70s sound! The guitar solo during interlude that starts at 3:13 is really top notch! For sure, this is a masterpiece song that all of you, prog warriors, would definitely enjoy! AT the later part of the song, when the song in mellow passage, flute work makes its mark beautifully.

Butterfly (4:28) cools down the music a bit through an ambient organ sound played by Soman Loebis. This song can be considered pop with some progressive touches like Procol Harum even though there is no such thing similar, musically, between the two. Throughout the song, Benny sings nicely, backed by organ sound that characterizes this song, augmented by acoustic guitar rhythm section. Again, this song is strong in melody-line and it’s enjoyable for many ears, I believe.

Harga (2:51) is a mellow track with acoustic guitar serves as main rhythm section followed by organ in jazzy mood, augmented beautifully by flutework. This song features Janto Diablo on vocal as well as maintaining his role as flute player. The interlude part offers nice flute passages with acoustic guitar as rhythm section. This song is simple but it has a nice composition that makes it enjoyable listening to it.

Evil War (5:42) is another beautifully crafted song that features Bhagu Rhamchand on vocal. The unique characteristic of this song is its energy cast by Bhagu’s vocal line combined with its composition that comprises classic rock style of music plus some musical jamming (well, at least it sounds like “jamming”). From the start of the song, Janto has demonstrated his virtuosity in playing bass guitar which serves as main rhythm section throughout the song. The most challenging part of this song is during the jam session part that starts at minute 1:43 where Janto gives his bass guitar solo augmented by Sammy’s drum for approximately 1 minute, followed by Benny’s stunning guitar solo.

The remaining three songs are basically ballad with unique texture through flute work. “Bingung” starts with piano followed with guitar fills to accompany vocal by Soman Loebis. “Insan” features Sammy on vocal while Benny focuses on guitar and Janto provides nice flute work. “Madat” starts with nice piano work followed by vocal line performed by Janto Diablo. The lyrics contain social protest and the heroic spirit to fight against its enemies.


Overall, this is an excellent vintage progressive rock – classic rock music that successfully blended the elements of progressive music, traditional harmonies and nice melodies throughout the songs it offers. One thing I need to mention here is that this album is quite original in musical ideas as you can see from the music. It’s not totally a prog album as some songs are just ballads but the prog elements are quite significant. This album was a landmark and foundation of Indonesian progressive rock scene. It’s truly a gem. Highly recommended. Keep on proggin’ ..!

The Plan

For Indonesian prog fans, it’s a good news that Sharkmove will perform a Reunion Concert on May 8, 2008 at Mario’s Place, Jakarta. Initiated and organized by i-Rock! – Indonesian Biggest Rock Community. Be there guys! It’s like dream comes true .. it’s like imagining Gentle Giant Reunion Concert! … sort of …

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

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Focus 8

April 27, 2008

4 stars New album that maintains vintage style …

Studio Album, released in 2002

Track Listings

1. Rock & Rio (3:27)
2. Tamara’s move (5:17)
3. Fretless love (6:08)
4. Hurkey Turkey (4:15)
5. De ti o de mi (6:30)
6. Focus 8 (6:19)
7. Sto ce raditi zwota (5:26)
8. Neurotika (3:47)
9. Brother (5:39)
10. Blizu tebe (6:38)
11. Flower shines (5:41)

Total Time: 59:07


– Jan Dumée / guitars, vocals
– Bobby Jacobs / bass
– Thijs van Leer / Hammond organ, flute, vocals
– Bert Smaak / drums

Releases information Cd. Musea FGBG 4472.AR

It’s my natural tendency not to take a closer look of band(s) who were very successful in the 70’s and then disappeared, all of sudden by virtue of one or two members of original line-up, made another effort in 2000FocusFocus 8 album cover with new album. I thought, their come back is just merely for commercial reason and take a benefit from the fact that the music industry is now a bit booming by promoting the memorable releases. By no exception is this Focus 8 album. I could not imagine that I would be able to accept the fact on “musical degradation” of old band like Focus who was very successful with songs like “Focus 3”, “Sylvia”, “Hocus Pocus” (in fact this song was used by global television network as background of TV news), by releasing a new album. So, when I saw this CD at local CD store, I was not interested to get it and, even worse, no intention to search the review of this album on the net!

But then when this year I got a chance to listen this album due to courtesy of my long time prog friend, Hardiansyah Rizal, I’m happy with the fact that this album still maintain the style, the energy and, most importantly, the quality that the band produced in the 70s knowing that only one member of the legendary line-up remains: Thijs Van Leer. Regardless you know the band before or not, you can enjoy this album stand alone and make an imagination that this is the kind of music the band played in the 70s. The only difference is probably the recording quality that this album

What I mean here is that we can compare this with Focus 3, even from the opening track Rock & Rio (3:27) which directly reminds me to the band’s 70s nuance. It’s the way the band has delivered music so far and it’s kicking! If you are not familiar with track by track of Focus legendary albums you might think that this is part of the old albums. Of course, if you can not differentiate vintage and modern recording. The composition is for me quite compact where the musical density quite sounds like complex for normal music buffs, especially on the intertwining roles of keyboard, guitar that overlay the dynamic and tight basslines. I am amazed with this song.

The next track “Tamara’s Move (Allegro-Adagio-Allegro)” (5:17), brings the memory back to the 70s because this song is led by flute solo with some break using male vocal line. This kind of music is representing the sound of old Focus especially with the changing style / tempo in the middle, featuring stunning guitar solo. Yes, man, I am really happy enjoying this track and I can say: FOCUS IS BACK! “Fretless Love” (6:08) takes us to a musical break as the song starts mellow with ambient nuance using slow flute work backed with nice acoustic guitar and keyboard. The song moves in crescendo until at approximately minute 1:30 it really takes off into medium tempo music featuring a nice combination of flute, acoustic guitar and organ punches while drums and bass serve as rhythm section.

“Hurkey Turkey” (4:15) starts differently compared with other previous tracks because it uses soft guitar riffs followed music and then guitar provides excellent textures through a sound effect that you can hear clearly with a descent headphone moving from left to right channel. What follows is a short guitar solo, followed with organ and then overlaid by flute. Guitar then takes another solo to lead the song. “De To O de Mi” (6:30) is another excellent track which opens with tight bass lines in slow tempo with drums as beat keeper followed with thin organ line at background. The guitar (electric) then takes the music through its solo that serves as melody line. The song has some symphonic element in the middle of the track through the sounds of organ.

The album title track “Focus 8” (6:19) is another guitar-led instrumental with slow tempo where keyboard, bass and drum serve as rhythm section. Composition-wise this is a bit boring to my ears even though this is not a bad song at all. The music reminds me to the Path Metheny Group and it’s probably too mellow for me, “Sto Ces Raditi Ostatac Zivota?” (5:26) starts with an ambient flute-work backed with acoustic guitar fills. The song moves in African style with male chanting at background and acoustic guitar serves as main rhythm section followed with electric guitar that takes the lead melody. The beauty of this song is the insertion of flute sounds in some passages.

“Neurotika” (3:47) brings the music into an “upbeat” tempo and this song shares similar vein with the band old-time hit “Hocus Pocus” in music as well as singing style. It’s so interesting to have this song enjoyed after slow tracks. This is not as energetic as “Hocus Pocus” but it has excellent soul as its predecessor. The electric guitar, backed with organ sound, is really stunning especially when the vocal enters at the same time. “Brother” (5:39) brings the music into a dark mellow nuance in the vein of Focus 3 (the song) where it starts in ambient mood through a long sustain organ work. Drums takes the role in inviting the bass guitar and electric guitar to enter the music, maintaining the slow tempo. At approx 1:59 the music moves into higher tone which takes the involvement of flute into the music. It’s nice. This is truly a guitar-led music with some insertion of organ and flute as some transition pieces. “Blizu Tébe” (6:38) seems like an extension of previous track where the electric guitar still take the role as melody-maker of the music. It’s a nice composition. But, I think it would be much more powerful if the ending part comprises musical passages with faster tempo to conclude the track. This album has “Flower Shower” that serves as a Bonus Track. It’s quite strange but fun music.

Overall, I admire Thijs Van Leer who still have the passion and energy to reform the band and making a new album that maintains the quality of old time’s albums like Focus 3 or Hamburger Concerto. It’s of course an excellent addition to any prog music collection. Highly recommended. Keep on proggin’ ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

CD2 Yang Baru Dateng

April 26, 2008


Beberapa hari lalu, tepatnya 22 April 08, pesanan pertama lewat amazon udah tiba. Heran, di KLIK tanggal 8 April, biasanya 3 minggu baru tiba, eh sekarang cuman 13 (tiga belas) hari kalender udah tiba di meja redaksi.

Waduh .. yang namanya dapet kiriman CD itu senengnya bukan main. Perasaan dag-dig-dug “How would it look like?” tetep menggelayut meskipun cover artworknya sudah liat di internet. Thanks to the internet invention that has made information can be obtained at the speed of thoughts (opo iki karepe? kok melu2 Bill Gates’ “Business at the speed of thoughts”? Wis embuh .. sing penting prog lah!!!). Tapi ya kalo di internet kan cuman dapet cover depannya thok aja, jadi ya kurang josz! Sebetulnya, faktor inilah yang menyebabkan saya tuh ndak pernah tertarik dengan beli musik lewat download, soalnya ndak ada artwork nya yang seringkali “mencengangkan” seperti karya Ed Unitsky yang menurut saya adalah generasi penerus Roger Dean. Anda bisa peroleh torehan buah karya Ed Unitsky di album The Tangent yang terdahulu, bukan yang terbaru. Wuih .. kerren pol tuh desain nya Ed Unitsky. Sekelas dah sama Roger Dean! Gak percaya? Liat aja artwork nya album debut The Tangent “Music That Died Alone” .. biyuh … jan Subhanallah tenan … gak nyangka ada manusia bisa bikin karya begitu indah di dalam CD sleeve nya. Kebayang kalo itu dalam bentuk LP.

Lha ini kok ngomongin artwork jadi panjang lebar? Balik ke pokok tulisan ini, paket pertama yang saya terima adalah tiga album:

  1. Kamelot “Ghost Opera – Second Coming” berisi dua disc dimana disc pertamanya adalah enhanced CD dengan 2 lagu live performance mereka dan CD Two nya adalah live performance mereka. MenurutKamelotGhost Opera - The Second Coming album cover saya, rilis ini tidak menarik kalo kita sudah punya edisi “GHost Opera” yang pertama karena “live” nya gak menarik amat, meski gak jelek. Ntar deh .. saya bakalan review di, as usual … udah lama gak ngereview dalam bahasa Londo, rada kaku juga. ABis … blog ini banyak komentar Boso Jowo dan Sundo nya sih .. jadi jarang ngomong Londo lagi …
  2. The Dear Hunter “Act I”. Wah ini band “mencengangkan” warna musiknya, sulit The Lake South, The River North album coverdigambarkan. Totally prog to the bone! Saya tahu band ini ya dari IPS Chairman, Andy Julias, yang rekomen saya untuk beli album ini. Saya “inguk” (intai -red.) di amazon kok harganya cumak USD6, ya tak KLIK langsung lah. Musiknya kayak opera, mengingatkan saya ke band semacam Devil’s Doll (Italy) tapi ada warna The Mars Volta nya juga. Musiknya rancak bana … meski durasi total hanya 38 menit, tapi ini sebuah concept album. Tunggu dah reviewnya ntar ….
  3. The Dear Hunter “Act II”, ini juga concept album meski ini bukan sambungan dari album sebelumnya. Durasinya lebih dari 1 jam dan sedikit lebih berat musiknya. Tapi grup ini totally uediyan to the bone man! Kayaknya musti dibahas di Prog Ring 3 yang insya Allah digelar paska ROCK 2 GENERASI ntar (8 Mei 08). Herannya, band ini tadinya adalah band punk .,… tapi bisa putar haluan 180 derajat menjadi band prog. Apakah prog lebih laku dari punk? Wallahualam lah .. sing penting pokoke sekali prog tetep prog! ha ha ha ha ha ………..

Nah .. belum juga sempet putar sampe khatam paket pertama, eh paket kedua datang pulak, tiga hari kemudian:

  1. Asia “Phoenix” yang saya beli gara2 pre-order nya cuma dibandrol USD9.99. Saya gak berharap banyak dari band ini karena since the beginning the band was never be intended as prog band even though the members were all prog warriors! Musiknya pasti kecimpringan. Yo wis ben lah … buat refreshing. Saya suka album debut Asia dan album “Alpha”, namun selebihnya so and so ajalah, meski di album “Astra” saya cukup senang dengan lagu berjudul “Go” yang riff nya mantep nuansamatix itu. Ternyata .. track pembukanya “Never Again” liriknya muantap daleeeeem banget, meski musiknya ringan berkualitas (lho?). Lagu ini seperti penggabungan lagu “Time Again” (debut) dan “Go” (Astra). Bagi saya sih huenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak pol pol an ini lagi .. Gak prog yo ben! ha ha ha ha … Yang hebat ..artworknya oleh mbah Roger Dean bener2 muantabz suromenggolo tenan. Subhanallah .. indaaaah sekali artworknya. Jadi inget “Tales From Topographic Ocean” aja .. keren dah pokoke!
  2. Van der Graaf Generator “Trisector” .. ini mah grup kawakan yang bikin album lagi sejak dua tahun lalu. Ini album muantabs dan masih mempertahankan ciri utama VdGG. Saya baru denger sekali di mobil, jadi belum komentar.
  3. The Tangent “Not AS Good AS The Book”. Dua kali denger, musiknya gak masuk kalbu. Begitu spin yang ketiga .. lha kok MAK BLENK masuk huenaaaaaaaaaaaak pol! Itu si Jonas Reingold main bass nya sekelas dah sama Chris Squire. Sekarang sudah saya denger 4 kali dan nikmat sekali. Mau pasang lagi ntar. Saat ini masih menyimak acara i-Rock! di Trijaya FM Saturday Night Rock. Yang paling gagah dari album ini adalah adanya lirik yang asik pol: “Besides we have done PROG two million times …” hua ha ha ha ha ha ha … ini jan band prog tenan!

The TangentNot As Good As The Book album cover

Gak ada CD pusing, kebanyakan CD pusing .. wis embuhlah .. yang jelas saya seneng banget hari2 ini karena musik prog makin berkembang in the direction that we have never imagined before (opo sih ? kok dadi kemlondo ngene!!!).

Sebentar ah .. mau konsentrasi menikmati temen baik saya, Rizal B. Prasetijo, yang malam ini membahas tuntas The Sex Pistols di Trijaya Saturday Night Rock. Ngakunya prog warrior, dan selalu hadir di setiap Prog Ring, tapi kok ngebahas punk… opo tumon?!!



Mau Kopdar dengan Benny Soebardja?

April 23, 2008

Insya Allah .. kalau gak ada halangan yang datangnya ujug-ujug mak gedhandhut (“out of the blue” – red.) besok (Kamis, 24 April 2008) saya mau ketemu mas Benny Soebardja di Mario’s Place, Menteng Huis, Jl. Cikini Raya no. 1 sekitar ba’da Isya gitu. Kalau ANda berminat datang, silakan. Tapi jangan ngrecokin minta tanda tangan di jidat dan dengkul atau dimana aja yah .. soalnya kami akan membicarakan teknis pelaksanaan konser akbar 8 Mei 2008 yang merupakan REUNI dari SHARKMOVE.

So .. siapa mau join? Ngacung! ha ha ha ha ha ha ….




April 18, 2008

PLONG! Alhamdulillah …

Akhirnya .. berhasil juga memohon mas Benny Soebardja nyangklong gitar lagi buat acara reguler i-Rock! di Mario’s Place tanggal 8 Mei 2008. Terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya, saya dan komunitas i-Rock! sampaikan ke mas Benny yang telah bersedia buat memeriahkan acara reguler yang kali ini dikemas beda:

Berita heboh lainnya menyusul …!!! Jagat prog akan bergoyang .. karena mas Benny akan mengajak juga Yanto Diablo (original member of Sharkmove) ikut naik panggung .. ngeband bareng bawain lagu keren Sharkmove seperti: My Life, Butterfly, Evil War, dll … Pokoknya seru! Jangan ngaku prog kalo ndak dateng!!!!

Eits .. jangan salah .. gak melulu prog yang disajikan .. karena ada seleb yang bawain lagu2 The Police, dan juga band modern rock IDEALEGO yang akan “launching” album sendiri!!! Gak kalah ama Bapaknya .. mosok tahun 70 aja Bapaknya udah bisa bikin lagu, masak anaknya gak? Makanya .. dateng ..!!! Kita liat kebolehan putra mas Benny ini ngeJRENG musik aliran modern rock!

Makanya ROCK DUA GENERASI … ada prog, ada new wave (yang pernah membuat prog kelojotan di 80an), dan ada modern rock.

Hayo .. ambil bolpoin dan catat di kalender Anda, tanggal 8 Mei ke Mario’s Place!! Dijamin NGGUWEBLAAAAAAKKKK….!!!!

Oh ya … di acara tersebut juga akan di “review” album SHARKMOVE “Ghede Chorra’s” (1970) yang tahun lalu dirilis ulang CD & LP nya oleh label internasional!!! (lha mosok malah musik kita kok yang bisa appreciate wong londo .. mana apresiasi dari kita yang sebangsa dan se tanah air ???) oleh Honorary Collaborator dari yang berbasis di Canada.



The Rollies Live

April 15, 2008


Ini adalah pengalaman mendengarkan kaset album ini yang terjadi sekitar dua minggu lalu, tapi belum sempet ditulis di blog karena banyak kesibukan nih .. (gaya pol .. sok sibuk, padahal tiap hari gaweane mung nge-blog .. biasa … manusia sedang cari jati-diri kan biasanya sua sok sibuk kayak saya ini …ha ha ha ha ha ha …). Tapi sungguh koleksi yang satu ini sangat luar biasa! Dulu saya beli kasetnya saat saya masih SMA di Madiun. Begitu nyetel pertama kali, langsung GLEGEK bablas musike mlebu ati (masuk ke hati – red.).  Kaset ini bolak-balik saya setel sampe menginspirasi saya pergi ke Surabaya buat “nonton sendiri dengan mata kepala bikinan Allah SWT yang ditanamkan di diri saya” begitu saya tahu kabar dari majalah Aktuil bahwa The Roliies akan main di Gelora 10 November. Biyuh! Ndhredheg pol saya! Dengan modal duita yang cuman cukup buat naik bis sekali jalan dari Madiun ke Surabaya (pulangnya ndak tahu gimana ntar, sing penting nonton Rollies) plus buat beli tiketnya. Pada kenyataannya sih pulang bisa naik bis soalnya saya “ngenger” nginep di rumah kakak sepupu (mbak Aniek yang suamisnya seorang dokter gigi Herdi Eko Pranjoto) yang saat itu mereka masih mengontrak di Jl. Kedungsroko, Surabaya.

Subhanalllah .. saya hampir gak percaya lho .. kok akhirnya wong ndeso dari Mediyun Lor bisa mblusuk sendiri ndil nonton The Rollies in Concert. Merindhink Disco (dulu ada disko di surabaya namanya seperti ini) saya melihat panggungnya yang untuk ukuran wong ndeso udik .. jan gedham tenan. Apalagi saat mereka main .. aduh … TIADA KUSANGKA (biyuh! kayak judul lagunya The Rolllies aja) saya mbrebes mili gak percaya terhadap yang saya liat … Keren banget! NGGAJAK POL! (istilah bombastis ala Jowo yang menunjukkan kekaguman dan kemasygoelan … – red.) permainan mereka dengan brass section nya. Uediyaaaaannnn …!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhh …!!!

Sebetelunya keberangkatan saya ke Surabaya nonton The Rollies ini jujur dikata di “DRIVE” (wuih gaya tenan .. mentang2 konsultan ngomonge pake istilah “drive” segala .. dasar gak tahu diri wong ndeso!!!) oleh keinginan melihat mereka membawakan lagu paporit saya dari Rick Wakeman berjudul “King Arthur”. Sumprit tanpa sempritan polisi, saya jatuh cinta pol ama lagu ini! Juancuk tenaaaaannn …!!! Versi aslinya keren, dibawakan Rollies .. juga keren. “Upon a new year’s day …” (kalau denger lirik ini saya mbrabak mbrebes mili .. edan tenan .. melodinya nyayat ati meski belum pernah nonton Ayat-Ayat Cinta .. lha apa hubungannya? Sama2 ada “ayat” nya kan?! Prooooooggg …!!!!). Malam itu .. malam yang sungguh memorable .. saya dibuat TERCENGANG tanpa KEPALANG nonton hebatnya Benny Likumahuwa memimpin brass section menggebrak “King ARthur” nya Rick Wakeman. (Kalo belum pernah denger lagu ini, jangan bilang wong prog.. dan jangan teruskan baca blog ini!!! karena akan BBWT .. buang buang waktu tauk!!!). Ini lagu wajib wong progresif!

Pokoknya saya bener2 DEATH ON TWO LEGS (mati ngadheg) menikmati keindahan King Arhtur dibawakan begitu megah dan indahnya oleh The Rollies. Speechless tenan … Itulah mungkin pertama kali saya mengalami suatu fase dalam pikiran saya yang merupakan fase “menderita kepuasan paripurna” … uediyan cuk!

Daftar lagu:

Tapi jangan salah ambil kesimpulan ya .. semua lagu di album live ini top markotop, apalagi “Salam Terakhir”, “Tiada Kusangka”, “Gone Are The Song of Yesterday”, apalagi menikmati Gito menyanyikan “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” dengan penghayatan yang teatrikal dan nuansamatik sekali. Kaset saya tersebut akhirnya bodol dan raib entah kemana. Atas kemurahan Allah SWT … saya menemukan kaset tersebut dipajang di Duta Suara Sabang sekitar tahun 2004. Tanpa pikir panjang, tak embat!!!!! Gambar di atas, udah kaset keluaran baru, makanya sulum koyok sikile siska … ha ha ha ha …. Nah, di acara ProgRing #2 kemarin , kawan baik saya, Pak Alfie Anderson, membawakan ke saya versi CD nya .. waduh … jan mak gedhebug muantabhhhhzzzz … Gak rugi punya konco2 prog yang baik hati dan suka berderma ke golongan papa ….

Bagi temen2 yang “survived” membaca sampai baris ini, terima kasih atas kesabarannnya! Sebetulnya banyak kisah di balik kaset nuansamatik ini, tapi saya yakin ANda bakalan bilang “capek deh … panjang amat ….” makanya saya akhiri aja. Kaset tersebut masih banyak dijual kok, silakan beli. Meski rekamannya jan bootleg tenan, namun kualitas performansi nya markotop jek!

Tahu gak?

Setiap liat kaset ini saya inget masa hidup saya di Madiun yang indah, yaitu saat “siram-siram tanaman bunga di taman depan rumah”. Lho? Critanya gini … (lha kapan ini tulisan berakhir .. nyrocos terus aja! Yo ben!) salah satu “Main Responsibility” saya di rumah kami di Jl. Sumatra 26 Madiun, adalah siram2 tanaman bunga yang ada di halaman depan rumah kami yang super duper buwesaaaarrr … kali luasnya 2000 M2. Nah .. biasanya pulang sekloah jam 13:00 saya makan, terus nyetel kaset (pelan) .. terus tidur .. jam 16:00 bangun, ambil ceret jirigen buat siram2.. terus nyiramin air. Nah … saat siram2 itulah saya senandung setiap lagu yang ada di kaset ini … masih melekat di ingatan saya kejadian ini! Semangat sekali rasanya, siram2 bunga sedap malem, bougenville, sepatu, kuping gajah, dll. sambil menyanyikan “Gone Are The Song of Yesterday ..” …. what a great life man!

Adakah ANda punya pengalaman nuansamatik seperti yang saya alami?




Satu Lagi Radio Rock Bangkrut

April 15, 2008

Sedih nih berita dari majalah Classic Rock:

Layak Koleksikah Dylan?

April 13, 2008

Musisi yang satu ini memang tergolong yang sering saya lewatkan karena musiknya, menurut saya, kurang gedombrangan dan terkesan tanpa energi dan dinamika. Tentu, ini masalah selera karena memang saya lebih banyak menikmati musik begitu khusyu’ mendalam namun terfokus pada perpaduan bebunyian notasi dan kort yang dimainkan musisi tanpa banyak menyimak lirik, apalagi makna, dari lagu tersebut. Biasanya, begitu suka musiknya, saya baru mau lihat liriknya, itupun kalo sempet. Namun, sekali saya melihat liriknya, saya sering masygul dengan keindahan untaian kata yang dibalutkan ke musik menjadi satu kesatuan utuh yang membahagiakan jiwa.

Musik Bob Dylan lebih sering saya dengar dari musisi lain karena memang di kuping terasa renyah. Salah satunya adalah “Father of Night, Father of Day” yang dilantunkan oleh Manfredman’s Earth Band yang nuansamatik itu. Anehnya, saya kok ndak pernah terpanggil buat koleksi album2 original Dylan ya? Memang saat SMA saya suka melantunkan “Blowing In The Wind” tapi bukan karena alasan suka lagunya, namun lebih kepada “mudah”nya memainkan lagu ini karena kort nya yang super duper gampang, dan banyak yang kenal lagu ini.

Dengan diulasnya Dylan di Koran Tempo Minggu yang ditulis oleh teman saya yang terbukti handal tulisan2nya, mas Pur, ditambah Steve Howe (Yes) yg ter-gila2 Dylan sampe anaknya diberi nama Dylan, maka udah sepantasnya saya mulai menyelami Bob Dylan.

Ada yg bisa kasih pencerahan, sebaiknya saya mulai ari album apa?

Oh ya .. saya juga inget ada film judulnya (kalo gak salah) ”Dangerous Mind” yang berkisah tentang seorang guru cantik mengajar di daerah kumuh dengan murid yang bandel2. Sang guru sering menyinggung Bob Dylan juga di ajaran sekolahnya. Nah lo …




Reportase ProgRing #2

April 12, 2008

Progressive Gathering (ProgRing) #2 digelar khusyu’ pada hari Jemuah tgl 11 Apr 2008 meski hujan dan bledheg membelah jalanan Jakarta dgn gagahnya. Prog warriors berdatangan dimulai dengan yang termuda (saat ini, bukan 10 tahun lalu, kelas 3 SMA), Lody Makara Putra, yg sempet nyasar namun semangatnya baja mencari alamat rumah kang Tatan sampek ketemu. Lody sempat telp saya yg sudah dekat lokasi namun masih mau ngikuti shalat Isya di masjid belakang citos. Abis shalat, Den Bagus Djoko nelpon sy dan juga sempet nyasar, akhirnya pas di rumah kang Tatan bareng sama saya. Tuan rumah menyambut ramah dgn kumisnya yg makin “Thick as a Brick” itu, dengan semangat. Betapa bangganya tuan rumah krn rumahnya dipilih sebagai tempat daprukannya prog warriors dari manca daerah di Jakarta ini. Tak lama kemudian hadir prog warriors lainnya: Mr. Alfie Anderson, mas Kelly, mas Ari “Fish”. Bang Ijal ditunggu gak dateng2 juga, rupanya kena macet total di Wijaya – makanya punya rumah jangan di dalem kota pol; agak minggir dikit kenapa sih? Lho? Kok marah? Ha ha ha ha ….

Ada dua orang yg cukup sombong dan congkak karena gak jadi hadir di acara yg, sungguh!, sangat nuansamatik ini. Gimana gak nuansamatik?! Lha wong demi menghormati tamu, kang Tatan ini menyediakan minuman Fanta Grape “khusus” buat Bang Ijal yg cinta dg minuman ini setengah mati! Bang ijal memang akhirnya join, namun udah jam 22:00. Gak popo sing penting teko, berarti prog jiwanya. Yang gak dateng jan GPB tenan.

Pokoknya seru menderu, nuansamatik kemlitik dan pasti memorablik tenan acara tadi malem: gayeng ngobrolnya, manteb makanannya (martabak kumplit plus sprite, coke, fanta grape, johny walker …hush! yang ini haram! ha ha ha …), kemreteb materi musiknya, gendenk orangnya! Ha ha ha …

Acara dimulai dengan penjelasan kang Tatan (KT) tentang konser Led Zeppelin akhir tahun lalu. KT menjelaskan semua proses dan pernak-pernik konser mulai dari tiketnya, gelang tangan yg kudu dipake saat konser, tour book nya, mug, cd bootleg, PH bootleg, dan semua printhilan konser reuni akbar nan nuansamatik tersebut. Koleksi memorabilia KT ttg LZ memang tergolong “kelas wahid” lha wong apa aja ada. Bahkan, tongkat gepuk lele yang dulu dipake Jimmy Page saat kecilnya pun ada! Wis jan gendhenk gumindhenk tenan! Pokoke KT kayak Kijang aja! Tiada duanya…!

Setelah itu baru muter PH Marillion “Clutching at Straws”. Aduh biyuuuuung …. “Hotel Hobbies” terasa gagah diputer dari sumber PH pake sound system klas wahid sudirohusodo ing wanito udo! Uediyan pol! Aaaaarggghhh ……! Sambil nyantap martabak, kita nikmati musik Marillion nan indah, sambil ngoprog (ngobrol prog). Wis jan enak tenan …

Abis itu nyetel dvd gonta-ganti: Rick Wakeman, Genesis, IQ, Dream Theater …tentu, sambil ngemplok martabak dan ngoprog cekakakan. Jam 10an Djoko, pak Alfie, Lody mohon-pamit. Namun kemudian Bang Ijal dateng sehingga tinggal berlima: KT, mas Kelly, mas Ari, bang Ijal, saya …ngoprog ampek jam 00:30 …puwaszzzzzzzzz……!!! Yang gak dateng dijamin ngiler nganti ndhlodhosz ……

Ini koleksi memorabilia Led Zepp milik Kang Tatan:  (sebagian)

Kalo ini Tour Book konser Led Zeppelin tahun lalu dan pernak perniknya:

Kalo ini CD bootlegnya:

Kalo ini juga sound systemnya

Serba tabung …

Layar lebar .. muantabbzzzz …

ProgRing #3 kapan????