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God Bless Live at PRJ

July 6, 2007


The last time I saw God Bless played live was during Uriah Heep live in Jakarta, February 12, 2006 – Senayan Tennis Indoor. This time, the band played at the Jakarta Expo (Pekan Raya Jakarta), Kemayoran at July 5, 2007. The line-up was: Ahmad ALbar (vox), Ian Antono (guitars), Doni Fatah (bass), Abadi Soesman (keyboards) and Yaya Moektio (drums). The concert started at approx 10:00 PM with Abadi’s keyboard punch, accompanying Ian Antono’s guitar solo.


The music then blasted off with an intro of “Bla .. Bla.. Bla ..” (Semut Hitam) . The sound sytem was not good where the sound of snare drums did not come out clearly and transparently and even the cymbals did not sound properly. But that’s okay because I had been so long not seeing this song played live. The big trouble I had was the drum work by Yaya Moektio which to me did not sound good at all. I know he is a good drummer and I have seen many of his performance with Cocpit covering Genesis. But this time with God Bless he was the one who made many (yeah, “many!”) mistakes which basically caused by his ego. Ego? Oh yes, he seemed like enjoying himself with many drum fills that did NOT match at all with the music and destroyed time signatures.

Next was “Menjilat Matahari” (Raksasa) which had a good keyboard opening. This is one of the tracks that I like from God Bless. Again, I saw the band played with many flaws especially in providing music harmony. Each player seemed like not paying attention to other fellow musicians. Critical musical breaks like those with bass as well as keyboard solo followed by Albar’s vocal line was no longer there. The subtleties were gone.

When the band performed “Kehidupan” (Semut Hitam) all crowd seemed to enjoy this hitgod-bless-05jul07-2.jpg and sung together with Ahmad Albar . This time the music sounded better but still not good. The vibe was toned down with “Rumah Kita” (Semut Hitam) and the crowd went even crazier and they sung together with the band. They played for approximately one hour with major hits of 70s and 80s. I really enjoyed when they played “Musisi” even though it was performed with many flaws. Ahmad Albar was very communicative with the audience – it’s good.

For most of God Bless fans, the concert was quite memorable because most of us have not seen they played live for such a long time. Most songs played were very familiar for the audience. The lighting system was top notch! Overall, the performance was good.

But …

  • They did not perform cohesively as a band. Each member of the band does not seem to match to other musicians. The result was a bit disappointing music with less harmonies and less solid sound.
  • The new drummer: Yaya Moektio played too much on satisfying his ego and most of the times his fills disrupted the music.
  • God Bless seemed like not practicing in regular manner.
  • Ahmad Albar did not seem mastering the lyrics – many of them were mistakes. Even he was wrong mentioning the title of song by Eet Syahranie which he said “Anak Jalanan” where actually should be “Srigala Jalanan”.

The impact for me was that: There was nothing left for me after the show except the memory of old days when I listened to God Bless cassettes.

Complete Setlist:

  1. Bla .. Bla … Bla …
  2. Menjilat Matahari
  3. Kehidupan
  4. Rumah Kita
  5. Srigala Jalanan
  6. Sesat
  7. Syair Kehidupan
  8. Panggung Sandiwara
  9. Musisi
  10. Raksasa
  11. Ogut Suping
  12. Semut Hitam