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Jadul abiszz…!

June 30, 2007

Masih ingat majaah Aktuil? Top? Muziek Express (Belanda)? Terutama majalah Aktuil, saya menjadi pelanggan setianya, setidaknya pinjem dari kakak saya, mas Henky, yang selalu beli Aktuil tiap minggu. Nah .. setelah mas Henky kuliah di Yogya, terpaksa saya beli majalah Aktuil secara teratur. Saya suka poster2nya …

Nah .. kalo dulu saya kenal Aktuil dari mas Henky, dewasa ini saya menemukan “harta karun” berupa foto2 jadul yang nuansamatik .. dan mas Henky pulak yang mentransfernya ke media dgital.

Ini salah satu foto nuansamatik itu:

Kamar tidur saya lengkap dengan gitar penuh stiker Aktuil, rambut gondrong, celana cutbray pol! Rasaya ini diambi l fotonya tahun 1977.


Poster ki-ka dari atas: Alice Cooper (rasanya keluaran Top), Rod Stewart, Bendera Inggris (baliknya Raque Welch yang sexy), Tomy Bolin, Rainbow, Beatles (bawah), bendera Inggris “Peace to All Who Enter Here”, Golden Earring (rasanya dari Top juga).

Ediyaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn …. nuansamatk pol!!!


Kuak kak kak kak kak kak kak kak kak kak kak ….

Kamelot “Ghost Opera” has just arrived!

June 30, 2007

What a great day today is…. It’s because I’ve just received my package from Amazon containing:

1. KAMELOT “Ghost Opera” limited edition (CD and DVD)

2. DREAM THEATER “Systematic Chaos” Special Edition (CD and DVD)

I opened the package and spun KAMELOT because I have been familiar with Systematic Chaos.  What a great album. Of course, I will write a review for “Ghost Opera”.




Mbrebes Mili di i-Rock! Thursday Watching Party

June 29, 2007


Keren banget tadi malem akhirnya temen2 di milis berkumpul bareng buat nonton bareng DVD Dream Theater bawain album legendaris “Dark Side of The Moon”. Banyak banget yang hadir .. ada 30 orang! Uediyaaannn … seruuuu ….

Saya sendiri mbrebes mili karena melihat animo yang besar terhadap acara ini. Topiknya pun menarik: grup baru membawakan repertoire klasik dari Pink Floyd. Maka, KLOP lah pertemuan antara generasi iPod dengan generasi kast bajakan (orang2 seperti saya ini … ha ha ha ha …). Cerita detil menyusul, sing penting fotone dhisik to ? … Ini dia:

Perangkat yang digunakan:


Menikmati “Any Color You Like” …


Penonton yang anthusias …


i-Rock! Watching Party

June 28, 2007

Oh yeah … tonite … tonite .. tonite .. all crazy people in the i-Rock! mailing list group will join together for a mind boggling event:

Watching Party

Dream Theater plays Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon

Oh yeeaaahh .. it’s gonna be a great event tonite. It’s not that dream Theater that matters! But .. the facts that there will be 33 (thirty three!!!!) people from the members of the mailing list that will have good time together at Philips building, warung Buncit, Jakarta that DOES MATTER!!!

Can not wait …..

Bangga Pake Kaos Genesis “The Lamb”

June 28, 2007

kaos-the-lamb-depan.jpgSeperti biasa, setiap weekend saya selalu memakai baju kebesaran: t-shirt! Setiap minggu gonta-ganti. Kadang Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Yngwie, i-Rock!, Metal Madness, Marillion, dll. Weekend kemaren saya memakai kaos GENESIS The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway .. BIYUH!!! Bangga abiszzz!!! Waktu jalan di mall gitu, rasanya jadi orang paling “gagah” di dunia dan sepertinya setiap mata memandang kaos ku. Ah .. itu cuman persaan dik Gatot aja yang GR abis. Padahal, jaman sekarang, mana adakaos-the-lamb-belakang.jpg manusia yang suka album gendhenk ini???

Album ini memang luar biasa. Ini merupakan titik kulminasi Genesis karena pada album ini Peter Gabriel menyatakan niatnya buat keluar dari band. Sayang sekali. Padahal, Genesis sudah identik dengan Peter Gabriel sejak saat itu.

Is this a “rare” collection???

June 27, 2007


Dear friends,

I have a full set of songs performed by Deep Purple in Jakarta (1975) as per this back cover:



Do you all have it as well? Is this a rare collection?

The front cover has a “very” memorable statement that I post down here without editing at all BUT the font:

Deep Purple
Jakarta On My Mind [no label, 1CD]
Live at the Senyan Sports Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia, December 4, 1975.

By the time Deep Purple released Burn and Stormbringer (both 1974), Ian Gillan and Roger Glover had already left the band but some fans still considered Burn to be a worthy successor to the earlier albums. But in April 1975, Richie Blackmore too decided to move, leaving Jon Lord (organ, piano) and Ian Paice (drums) from the classic line up. If Blackmore wanted out, vocalist David Coverdale managed to get guitarist Tommy Bolin into the group and Come Taste The Band was released in November 1975.

Deep Purple played two dates in Jakarta in December 1975 promoting Come Taste The Band. For the Mat Rockers there, it probably did not matter who was in the line up, it’s Deep Purple all the same.

But the Indonesian trip was marred by tragedy, as reported in the article, Indonesian Nightmare Strikes Deep Purple, by Peter Crescenti for Rolling Stone magazine (January 29, 1976), Crescenti wrote: “Tragedy and mayhem struck the Deep Purple tour December 4 in Jakarta, Indonesia, when one of the group’s road crew, Patsy Collins, a well-loved celebrity of the British rock scene and guitariest Tommy Bolin’s bodyguard, was killed in a six-story fall down a service elevator shaft at the band’s hotel. Then at a Deep Purple concert the following night, Indonesian police armed with machine guns, truncheons and a pack of Doberman pinschers waded into the audience, seriously injuring over 200 people.

“Deep Purple played to an estimated 150,000 Indonesians in two shows at the outdoor Senyan Sports Staduim as part of their first tour since adding Bolin to the band. The first concert, which saw about 20,000 people break down fences to join 35,000 ticket holders, was relatively free of police reaction. ‘They let everybody be,’ keyboard player Jon Lord said. ‘There were machine-gun guards all over the place and they were pushing kids around, but there seemed to be no organized police thing.’

“Back at the group’s hotel after the opening concert, Collins got into an argument with two other member of the road crew and left their room to go upstairs to his own. The elevators in the hotel were operating slowly, so the impatient Collins decided to walk up the fire escape stairs to the next floor, only to find the door on the next landing locked. Then, inside the stairwell on the sixth floor he found an unmarked, unlocked door. He opened it and hastily stepped in, plunging three-floors down the service elevator shaft, crashing through some hot water pipes… Hospitalized, he died early the next morning from internal injuries and burns.

“Surprisingly, the Jakarta police arrested the two crew members Collins had argued with and, later, the band’s manager, Rob Cooksey. The three were held on suspicion of murder and isolated from the jail’s other prisoners for two days, said Cooksey, ‘with a kind of threat hangin’ over us. All the time we were under suspicion of murder, they were making us sign autographs and things. You just wouldn’t believe the mentality.’

“The night following the accident, with three of their entourage in jail, Deep Purple played their second show. About 6,000 armed and helmeted policemen, backed by dogs, circulated throughout the stadium. Before the concert began, an announcement warned any Europeans in the audience to congregate near the side of the auditorium.

“No sooner did the music begin, getting the rock-starved Indonesians to their feet dancing, then police waded into the crowd, savagely butting, clubbing, punching and kicking the boogieing audience. Then the Dobermans were let loose, joining the attack. Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord later said, ‘Every time an effort to get up and boogie was made by any section, it was immediately pounded on.’ He also recalled seeing one mammoth dog dragging a kid across the floor by his arm, its teeth sinking into the boy’s flesh.

“The band played only half a set and left the stage frightened and sickened. ‘They went crazy,’ said Cooksey of the Indonesian police. ‘It was like maneuvers for them. Just a nightmare’.”

To be honest, this mono audience recording from the first night is rather raw. Some might even call it muddy and it sounds as if the taper is standing somewhere towards the back. While the vocals, guitars and organ are fairly prominent, the drums are buried in the back and, overall, it’s closer to a wall of sound with no distinctive soundstage. The band cannot be said to be at its best (there is a workmanlike feel to the performance until the end when the members let loose a little) though the band did try to be friendly by sprinkling in a couple of “Apa khabar?” (How are you?) and “Terima kasih” (thank you). Only Jon Lord, with his extended solos, seemed to be having fun. The set is built around the key songs from Come Taste The Band and if an old chestnut such as Georgia On My Mind is a throwback to the band’s blues roots, fans would have preferred the more recognisable hits. Guess Smoke On The Water must have been hard (for this line up) to live up to and Soldier Of Fortune, Lazy and Burn are poor consolations, to say the least.

But given the events that would happen later that night and the next day, this recording becomes a historical document to an unhappy and tragic tour that not many younger fans of the band know about.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality, stereo MP3s – sample rate of 192 kibit/s). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released.

Track 01  Tune-Up
Track 02  Burn
Track 03 Lady Luck ***
Track 04 Love Child ***
Track 05 Gettin’ Tighter ***
Track 06 Georgia On My Mind
Track 07 I Need Love ***
Track 08 Soldier Of Fortune **
Track 09 Keyboard Solo
Track 10  Lazy *
Track 11  Drum Solo
Track 12 Lazy (Reprise)

* Studio versions found on Machine Head
** Studio versions found on Stormbringer
*** Studio versions found on Come Taste The Band


Let me know man ….!

RAINBOW “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”

June 27, 2007

RAINBOW Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow progressive rock album and reviews Prog Related
(Studio Album, 1975)
Avg: 3.75/5
from 17 ratings

Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto)
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars A “very” memorable album for me …!

WOW! Rainbow on Prog Archives! Any prog album created by Rainbow? Well, I do not really know. As far as a bit definition of prog that lays around my head and my heart, there has been no such thing as prog from Rainbow. Nevertheless, I love this album very much man! Even until more than 30 years since it was first released. This album is so memorable for me personally for some reasons:

First, it was AKTUIL – the most respected local magazine in my country which discussed in deep the processes of Ritchie Blackmore’s divorce from legendary band Deep Purple. Almost in every issue this magazine discussed this topic tirelessly. Why Blackmore is leaving? Who’s gonna replace him as Deep Purple’s guitarist? How the new band named as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow would sound like? Would it sound like Deep Purple? Would it be radically different? Who would be Rainbow’s members? Oh yeah .. finally the magazine discussed about Dio’s previous band: ELF. Oh .. what a great news at that time. I think, the news about the shift of Deep Purple’s line-up was LOUDER than any political or economics issues at that time. It was so BIG (I mean it!). It;s because Deep Purple was evryone’s business at that glory days. When the band finally released its debut, AKTUIL provided its readers with bonus poster of Rainbow line up. In fact, I still have a photograph of my room (in 1975) where there was a wall. full of posters, including RAINBOW! ANd .. I was proud of it man!

booklet-dp-aktuil.jpgSecond, AKTUIL magz brought in Deep Purple to perform live in open stadium with 80.000 audience in December 1975. It was the first experience that Indonesians could see a ROCK CONCERT from one of the best bands. People were wondering about the capability of Tomy Bolin in replacing Ritchie’s position in Deep Purple. At about the same time, people in my country adored the debut album of RAINBOW. “Temple of The King” had become a radio standard! It was a BIG thing, really. Third, when this album was released I was on holiday in Jakarta and my brother Jokky kept playing this album many times at his room where I also shared. He loved “Temple of The King” but I was so impressed with “Still I’m Sad” and “Snake Charmer” .. oh also “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves” … and “Catch The Rainbow” .. “Self Portrait” .. oh no … to be honest with you .. I love each song in this album!!! Sorry for not being selective but .. it’s a FACT!

rainbow.jpgMusically, I would say that this album is NOT the same or close to any album that Deep Purple had ever made. Bravo Ritchie! You are the man! In fact, I admired his capability to form a band which has different style and sound from Deep Purple. Look at his decision to hire Ronnie James Dio with his eerie vocal! He did not sound similar at all with Ian Gillan. This was a good decision to include Dio in the band. BRAVO Ritchie!

This is an EXCELLENT rock album!!!

Keep on rockin’ ..!!!

Posted Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 22:31 EST
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Bersepeda dengan Symphony X

June 26, 2007

Di dunia ini memang tidak ada yang kebetulan, karena semuanya sudah ada yang merencanakannya. Anehnya, pagi ini saya bersepeda ke kantor dengan di kuping memasang Symphony X “Paradise Lost”. Lagi asiknya mengayuh dan menikmati dentuman musik progressive metal, kok tiba2 saya ingat … bahwa saya sedang memesan CD ini pre-order lewat Amazon. “Kling …” kok tiba2 saya ingat bahwa rasanya “release date” album ini adalaj June 26, 2007. LHA? Padahal hari ini adalah 26 Juni 2007. SUMPAH! Pada saat saya memutuskan menikmati album ini sambil ngonthel, saya ndak tahu kalo ini adalah released date.

Jadi … apakah ini suatu kebetulan? Jelas bukan ….

Innerbeauty “Live at Metal Madness”

June 26, 2007

For those who like Innerbeauty, these are their performance at METAL MADNESS (January 21, 2007) presented by Solucite and i-Rock!:








Pengalaman Menjadi MC DragonForce

June 25, 2007

Setelah beberapa kali gw menjadi MC hampir di setiap acara yang digelar i-Rock! (thanks to all of you guys …!!!), maka .. pada tanggal 19 Mei 2007, gw menjadi MC dan juga Press Conference Facilitator buat konser DragonForce di Jakarta: Inhuman Rampage World Tour. Ini bagi saya merupakan pengalaman SPEKTAKULER karena belum pernah sepanjang hidup gw menjadi MC buat sekitar 5.000 (lima ribu jek! – versi majalah SoundUp) massa metal. Wuah … suatu pengalaman yang tak terlupakan. Forget about my age man ..!!! Music does not recognize age – so be it … here I am a 46-year old guy, rocked the Tennis Outdoor Stadium! Ini adalah sharing gw di milis i-Rock! dan m-claro tentang pengalaman tersebut …


the-stage.jpgSebenernya cukup lama kok (sekitar 2 bulan lalu) saya mendapat kepercayaan sebagai MC dan Moderator Press Conference DF Inhuman Rampage World Tour ini. Waktu saya terima sms dari Andre Solucita, saya LONCAT girang sekali! Pikir saya: dari dulu saya pengen naik pentas jadi rocker, tapi ndak kesampean dan sekarang saya dapet kepercayaan menjadi MC konser grup internasional yang mestinya bakalan dihadiri ribuan orang. Gagal jadi musisi rock, gak papa .. tapi masih bisa tampil di pentas rock. Why not????!!!!

Makanya aku girang sekali dapet pekerjaan ini. Sejak itu segala macam konsep aku coba. Semua lagu2 opening acts yang belum pernah aku dengar (seperti Netral, Seringai) aku cari CD nya. Alhamdulillah Andre memberi aku album Netral “Putih” – lumayan buat tahu jenis musiknya. Maklum, saya kurang gaul dengan musik nasional, bukan sombong lho. memang kurang peka aja. Terus Om Zul ngasih pinjem iPodnya buat dengerin Seringai segala. Maka kumplitlah aku tahu semua jenis musik dari penampil yang bakalan main.

Meski pengalamanku ngemsi cuman pada panggung2 kecil dari acara i-Rock! yang paling banter dihadiri rata2 300an orang (kecuali UNITED WE STAND yang dihadiri 800 orang di Hard Rock Cafe), namun udah bisa membangun PEDE buat tampil di konser DF. Aku juga terima ksih buanyak atas kesempatan yang diberikan temen2 i-Rock! yang selalu setia mempercayakan MC ke aku di hampir setiap acaranya.

Masalah selanjutnya: Bagaimana bisa MEMBAKAR masa? Ini pertanyaan sulit. Mengapa musti dibakar? Ini jelas, karenathe-crowd-1.jpg kita di situ kan buat HAVING FUN, jadi ya harus SEMARAK dan HEBOH. Prinsip saya kalau lagi conduct training untuk perusahaan: selalu melibatkan partisipan agar aktif dalam kegiatan training. Masalahnya, ini bukan training dan massa nya bakal ribuan. Biyuh .. gimana caranya???? Yang jelas, pokoknya kudu ada YEL2!! Biar seru! Pernah sih terlintas ide pake YEL2 nya bola yang kesohor itu “Olee .. ole ole ole …” tapi kan NDAK METAL BLAS?!!! Otak terpaksa diperas. Semua album DF yang udah ada lokalnya gw puter sampek dobol, bahkan semuanya gw rip ke ipod. Pokoknya tiap hari pasang DF (padahal saat itu ada tantangan membuat 1000 review di ProgArchives by 16May2007! Wah .. puyeng tenan aku …).

Akhirnya gw jumpai bahwa salah satu ciri musik DF adalah kekuatan choirs ala Uriah Heep (coba deh diperhatikan baik2, banyak choirs nya yang style nya mirip UH). Di album terakhir INHUMAN RAMPAGE pada tiga lagu pertama semuanya memiliki choirs yang indah dengan “Ooooo … Oooo … Ooooo” …. Mangsalahnya … gw musti cari mana yang paling sederhana supaya bisa ditiru ribuan massa tanpa banyak pikir?
NAH! DOR! Akhirnya dapet juga! Ini dia… menit ke 3:40 dari lagu THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES … “Oooo …Ooo… OoooOoooo…” 2 x yang megah sekali dan SANGAT SIMPEL. Gw ulang berkali-kali bagian ini dan gw coba mbengok2 sendiri di rumah koyo wong edhan. Yo ben! Sing penting KUDU SUKSES! Jujur aja, gw suka banget lagu ini … indah, melodik, cepet dan rapi …!!! Nggeblak dah pokoknya!

gw-and-herman-li.pngSetelah mantap dengan bagian itu, gw bikin rekaman “khusus” bagian itu biar ntar pas tanggal 19 mei bisa dipake buat contoh “just in case” gw lupa notasinya. Terus gw susun SCRIPT nya lengkap dan detil sampe’ 13 halaman A4 ketik satu spasi! Setiap kata dan kalimat yang akan gw ucapkan, gw tulis rapi di situ. Gw gak mau “missed” sedikitpun karena takut bahwa ini massanya buanyak banget, takut demam panggung dan plegak-pleguk kehabisan bahan omongan di panggung (sementara kru masih nyetem alat). Di Script tersebut juga gw buat detil banget mengenai langkah2 yang musti gw lakukan supaya KOOR “Ooo Ooo..” itu bisa terjadi. Mulai dari memutar cuplikan lagu, sampe membagi dua kelompok besar KIRI dan KANAN. Ide ini gw CONTEK abis dari cara Andi Derris Helloween mengkoordinasi massa saat konser di Ancol dulu. So it’ NOT my idea at all! Pokoknya SCRIPT nya jelas banget. Bukan apa2, gw mau SHOW DIRECTOR dan PROJECT DIRECTOR konser ini mereview apa2 yang mau gw katakan biar gw dapet BLESSING dari mereka.

Setelah SCRIPT dibuat rapi (sampek jam 3 pagi bok!) .. baru gw presentasiin ke STAGE MANAGER dan SHOW DIRECTOR. Sayang STAGE MANAGER gak bisa hadir karena hari tu mendapatkan bayi bernama HISYAM (Murah Hati – kayak bapaknya, ZUL). Gw coba paparkan ide mengomando KOOR ke SHOW DIRECTOR, tapi dari raut mukanya sepertinya dia gak percaya bisa karena takutnya crowd gak bisa ngikutin. Herannya, gw kok gak patah arang dan semakin yakin. Akhirnya beliau mengijinkan aku juga kalo aku yakin bisa. Pertimbangan gw adalah: menurut pengamatan gw nonton konser METAL MADNESS dan SUNDAY METAL FEST, gw sangat kagum dengan massa metal yang disiplin meskipun urakan (slam dance, moshing, dorong2an ..etc.). Mustinya sih mereka komunikatif juga.Makanya gw berani laksanakan. Resikonya cuman satu: Paling gw ditimpukin botol Aqua sambil ditereakin suruh turun. That’s All …

df-on-stage.jpgTapi kenyataannya … mereka sangat KOOPERATIF dan PARTISIPATIF! Thanks GOD … ALhamdulillah… Sempet keder juga pas saat pertama notasinya salah .. Untung gw bisa benerin …akhirnya … kompak juga. FYI, koor ini gak pernah gw koordinasiin dengan ZP Theart (vocalist) tapi Alhamdulillah .,.. pas nyanyiin lagu THROUGH THE FIRE .. si ZP memberi kesempatan ke penonton buat koor “Oooo ..Oooo ..OoooOoooOooo”… aduh gw terkesan sekali. Syukur Alhamdulillah … yang gw harapin ternyata kejadian.

Meski ada kekurangan, namun saya PUAS sekali karena apa yang saya rencanakan bisa terjadi. Thanks GOD….!!! Sayagw-and-dave-mck.png mbrebes mili juga menerima puluhan SMS berkaitan dengan keberanian saya mengkomando ribuan massa … Sungguh ,…. ini yang mengharukan dari semua pengalaman: apresiasi dari temen2 terhadap apa yang saya lakukan! Itu yang bener2 membuat saya ‘tersentuh” mbrebes mili … Maap .. bukan gila hormat lho … cuman seneng aja ada apresiasi dari temen2, baik di milis ini maupun dari SMS yang saya terima. Tentu semua saya KEEP karena sangat memorable …

TERIMA KASIH…TERIMA KASIH …. kepada Allah SWT dan kepada temen2 semua, dan juga semua audiens yang hadir malam itu ….

Bila pada …
Februari 2002 saya mbrebes mili melihat maestro kibor yang saya idolakan selama 29 tahun, Rick Wakeman, main di hadapan saya;
25 September 2003 saya mbrebes mili menyaksikan band yang sudah 31 tahun saya sukai – YES tampil di Spore;
27 Januari 2006 saya terkesan dengan anthusiasme temen2 milis ini buat berjamaah nonton Dream Theater di Singapore;


pada 19 Mei 2007 saya merasa senang sekali dan terkesan karena saya terlibat dalam konser DragonForce yang sangat mengesankan dan tak kan pernah saya lupakan .. because I was part of the party! and .. my friends appreciate me very well ….