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Grand Funk Railroad “Caught In The Act” (1975)

October 31, 2009


Mari menggemblunk-ria dengan musik claro pitungpuluhan .. dipicu oleh komentar bro Kristanto di tret bawah ini (Triumvirat “Spartacus”). Sekali-kali gak ngeproglah …

Siapa mau komentar lebih dulu? Hayo … ndak usah malu2 .. mosok rocker kok isinan, rocker kok celingus..opo tumon???

  1. “Footstompin’ Music” (Mark Farner) – 4:07
  2. “Rock & Roll Soul” (Farner) – 4:04
  3. Closer to Home” (Farner) – 7:08
  4. “Heartbreaker” (Farner) – 7:22
  5. Some Kind of Wonderful” (John Ellison) – 4:14
  6. “Shinin’ On” (Farner, Don Brewer) – 5:31
  7. The Loco-Motion” (Gerry Goffin, Carole King) – 3:21
  8. “Black Licorice” (Farner, Brewer) – 4:27
  9. “The Railroad” (Farner) – 6:13
  10. We’re an American Band (Brewer) – 3:38
  11. “T.N.U.C.” (Farner) – 9:32
  12. Inside Lookin’ Out” (Eric Burdon, Chas Chandler, Jackie Lomax) – 12:24
  13. Gimme Shelter” (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) – 7:00

Mengenal album live ini dari kaset Yess yang masih mulus hingga kini. Album titlenya diganti menjadi "Recorded Live" biar catchy ya kali?


Triumvirat “Spartacus”

October 26, 2009

Ini saya posting apa adanya dari bro Adi Prakoso yang post tret ini di milis i-Rock! Kenapa saya post di sini karena ada embahnya Triumvirat di sini …Pak Alfie. Saya ndak berani mendahulu takut kuwalat nanti. Monggo pak Alfie, dijawab ini …

Triumvirat Spartacus album cover


Gara-gara teknologi digital alias mp3, lagu-lagu di komputer jd ada saja yg kurang tereksplor. Siang ini setelah agak jenuh dengerin Behind the Lines-nya Genesis (salah sendiri lagu yg sama di-spin sampe belasan kali hihihi ….) sambil menjelajah belantara mp3 di external hardisk lha kok ujung-ujung ketemu dgn yg namanya Triumvirat, kalo gak salah dulu hasil donlod di progarchives (waktu itu website msh mengijinkan donlod). Berhubung penasaran dan sayup-sayup teringat bahwa dedengkot prog rock di milis ini yaitu Oom G, pernah menulis ttg grup ini entah di mana, saya pasanglah satu-satunya lagu Triumvirat yg ada di hardisk yaitu Spartacus. Ternyata efeknya memang mengejutkan, bener-bener yahut top markotop pokoke, meminjam ungkapan Oom G, hamba menderita kepuasan paripurna. Begitulah sambil dengerin sambil iseng tengok wikipedia, jebulnya album ini memang album Triumvirat yg paling sakses, utamanya di ngAmerika sono, dan konon vokalis sekaligus bassist-nya Helmut Kollen meninggal dlm usia 27 thn gara-gara keracunan karbon monoksida. Kesian banget ya?
Oya, tolong dong Oom G merepiu grup ini biar mangkin terbuka wawasan hamba soal grup yahud ini. Monggo Oom …. :)



n.p. Paula Abdul – Forever Your Girl (lho kok?)

Astra “The Weirding” – a Review

October 26, 2009


Whoooooooaaaaaaaaa…!!! Akhirnya berhasil juga mereview album yang udah berhari-hari ini saya nikmati sambil ‘fly me to the moon’ dan ‘comfortably numb’ lantaran musiknya mendayu-ndayu tenan jek! Udah gitu sound nya bener2 70an buanget dah! Udah pernah denger rekaman band kayak Cactus atau Mountain? Atau paling gak ya Led Zeppelin ‘Physical Graffiti’ gitulah .. Ya begitulah kualitas suaranya. Suara drumnya ‘kemlothak’ gak empuk blaszz ..treblenya juga pelitnya minta ampun, bassnya kering …ditambah suara gitar yang bindhenk plus sayatan mellotron yang mengiris ulu ati, menyayat dodo menthok bikin ngguweblak nggulung koming ping kopang kaping nganti sikil keplintir nyangkut nang godhong kenikir.

Pokoknya kalo Anda masuk golongan penggemar prog ala Dream Theater atau Porcupine Tree ditanggung kuciwa berat sama kualitas rekamannya. Lha ….syukur Alhamdulillah wal syukurilah, saya ini hidup dari jaman kaset bajakan seharga seribu tiga. Jadi yang namanya bunyi ‘kemlothak’ ndak karuan dan gitar suara bindhenk itu mah biasa bahkan menambah suasana ‘nunjek’ lebih bermakna lagi ….wis jan pokoke nuansamatik. Apalagi melodinya lagu ‘The Weirding’ itu ndak kalah ‘catchy’nya dibandingkan dengan ‘Epitaph’nya King Crimson. Ndak percaya? Coba aja!


Astra picture

4 stars When past limitations brought forward as a theme …

I grew up in poor family where I could not afford to buy a vinyl. As my passion in rock music was very high, I occasionally purchased music cassettes sold cheaply in small town, Madiun – East Java – Indonesia, the place when I penetrated rock spirit into my head and my heart. Of course it’s not the best media as you might compare it with a vinyl but it’s quite good enough to broaden my horizons on rock music. I had also friends who had the same passion in music so we sometimes exchanged the cassettes among us. After listening to the cassettes we sometimes had a hang-out to discuss the music we were listening to while sipping a cup of coffee in front of Train Station at Madiun, and ate nasi pecel (you may call it the daily bread of Madiun people). What a life!

Recently, I paid my trip back to past times …. the time when rock music grew steadily and creatively in the 70s by replaying back my cassettes collection which have already been with me more than twenty years. They still sound great and I really enjoy the sound because by doing so I can grab the nuance when the glory years of prog and rock were there. In the middle of that enjoyment, a friend of mine, Koni, introduced me to ASTRA. The first time I listened to this album couple of months ago I thought it was a band coming from the 70s era. But then I was surprised that this was just recorded in 2009. I don’t actually believe it because the music and the sound are so seventies especially on drums, guitar and mellotron. I salute the band for successfully bringing back the seventies’ analog sound in today’s digital era. Well, it’s not like when I knew Presto Ballet for the first time. Presto Ballet’s debut album was promoting their return to analog technology as they put it in the CD sleeve notes. But unfortunately the sound was not that analog and seventies. While this album by Astra is totally seventies sound. I believe they are brilliant in sound recording. And the album title seems like conveying the message that they are ‘weirding’ us with this debut album because they have brought forward past limitations (in sound technology) as a choice to make this record.

With the above background, you might understand why I appreciate this album very much …

Well, it’s actually not fair to say that all old sounds are not good. In fact, I was amazed with Genesis ‘Selling England by The Pound’ which sounds really great even though it was recorded in the 70s. You might find also Pink Floyd ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’ which is excellent in sonic quality of the record. But obviously many 70s records were capped in their sound quality especially with dull treble and thin bass sound (like you find in Ritchie Blackmore’ Rainbow records or Led Zeppelin’s ‘Physical Graffiti’). Astra recaptures all the limitations of the past in sound quality in today’s environment when we get used with great soundscapes of Porcupine Tree’s records. Some of you might find it weird why these guys from Astra do this thing. But for me, it’s a brilliant idea.

Mellotron-drenched and long guitar solo …

Musically, this band is heavily influenced by many legendary bands from Hawkwind to Eloy to Pulsar to Pink Floyd to Symphonic Slam to Tangerine Dream to King Crimson to Van der Graaf Generator. Blended together, they sound really nice. If you like long guitar solo with Gilmourian flavor backed with mellotron-drenched music, this is for sure fits your taste. The band has adopted two approaches in this debut album: song orientated and jamming orientated compositions.

As you might have been aware with my reviews, I always focus the review on two major dimensions: composition and performance. On composition, I always use five factors to analyze prog music: melody, harmony, complexity, change of styles and structural integrity. The main factors that are very obvious with this album are their skills in creating memorable melody for the song-orientated composition like the second track ‘The Weirding’ and making also excellent harmonies in the music. While on the jamming-orientated approach they demonstrate their musical skills with long solo throughout the music like those shown on opening track ‘The Rising Of The Black Sun’ and the fifth track ‘Ouroborus’. They also make an excellent ballad like ‘Broken Glass’ with good melody and nice harmonies between vocal and acoustic guitar fills, supported beautifully with synthesizer and mellotron.

On complexity, they really start with a simple one and as the music moves they make it much complex and sometimes they sound weird. With weird sound especially on drums and sometimes guitar, the music really brings me back to the 70s era. The simple arrangement sounds like Symphonic Slam but it then moves steadily, even though slowly, to the next segments with more complex setting contributed by multi-layered keyboard / mellotron sounds as well as guitar solo. If you love long guitar solo, go for this album! It’s really stunning!

Even though the music moves slowly but the band ensures the change of styles from one segment to another happen smoothly, sometimes through a change of melody and sometimes in guitar solo or keyboard solo which they do it excellently. For example on the last track ‘Beyond To Slight The Maze’ you might find the nice combination of changes in nuances from Pink Floyd ‘Meddle’ (especially ‘Echoes’ track) with the nuance of Steve Hackett ‘Voyage to the Acolyte’. As the sound of mellotron sound quite thick in some segments you might forget that they actually bring us forward in a change of music styles. What should I say on structural integrity? What is it all about? It’s all about how each song builds up the album in one cohesive whole. The answer is straight forward: Yes! You might listen to it from the opening track until the concluding one: there are many interconnecting dots that build up an album into one single message: It’s weird man? (But I really enjoy it very much!). I can say the album marks well in structural integrity factor especially on these two points: 1.) It has successfully built the theme excellently, which fits with the album title ‘The Weirding’ ; and 2.) Composition-wise, it moves really well from opening to concluding tracks and they (the tracks) form a cohesive whole as an album.

In addition to composition, I need to put some words on performance. The guitar work is really stunning. The keyboard work is excellent even though sometimes it’s quite boring. The vocal work is excellent and it fits with the music; in some segments he sings like Ozzy Osborne. Drumming is good but it could be more dynamics on some transition pieces.

Overall, it’s an excellent addition to any prog music collection. It’s hard nowadays to find band(s) similar with what Astra is doing. If you enjoy Eloy, Symphonic Slam, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd with some bits of King Crimson and Van der Graaf, this is for you. Don’t forget to tell your mom that you still proggin’ ?yeah ..keep on proggin’ man …!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW

Astra The Weirding album cover

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Rising Of The Black Sun (5:44)
2. The Weirding (15:27)
3. Silent Sleep (10:41)
4. The River Under (8:41)
5. Ouroboros (17:23)
6. Broken Glass (3:45)
7. The Dawning Of Ophiuchus (5:29)
8. Beyond To Slight The Maze (11:36)

Total Time: 78:46

Line-up / Musicians

- Richard Vaughan / guitar, mellotron, echoplex, vocals
– Conor Riley / mellotron, arp odyssey, organ, guitar, vocals
– Stuart Sclater / bass
– David Hurley / drums, percussion, flute
– Brian Ellis / guitar, moog, vocals

Releases information CD Rise Above RiseCD120P (2009 UK)

Rick Wakeman “No Earthly Connection”

October 24, 2009

Pertama kali dengar album ini dari kaset punya kakak saya rekaman Pop Discotic – opo tumon? Dimana letak prog nya kalau pake label Pop Discotic? Begitulah jaman kaset bajakan, jaman dimana tarbiyah progrock dan claro disebarkan di negeri ini. Kalau ndak ada kaset bajakan yg dulu dijual murah dengan rp. 500 tak akan mungkin saya kenal lebih jauh grup2 seperti Yes, Genesis, Marillion, ELP, Pink Floyd dan lainnya? Mustahil. Untuk itu saya berterima kasih yag seikhlas-ikhlasnya kepada para pembajak yang terhormat karena simbiose mutualisme terjalin harmonis: situ dapet untung, sini dapet kenikmatan sukmawi menikmati musik2 indah. Pokoke harmonislah hubungan antara pembajak dan penikmat musik kayak hamba ini.

Pertama kali denger album Rick Wakeman ini saya gak begitu tertarik, gak tahu kenapa. Cuman saya memang sudah mulai meresap dengan lirik yg bunyinya “music of my soul”. Tapi lama kelamaan makin indah. Apalagi saat saya kuliah di Bandung ketemu temen rocker, Ilham Lukito Putranto, yang punya PHnya dari belanda (dia pernah sekolah di sana). Wah saya lebih “greng” lagi liat kemasan PH nya yg dilengkapi dengan kertas tabung buat melihat artworknya. Keren. Waktu saya belajar di rumah Ilham di Jl Tengku Angkasa, Bandung, saya suka nyetelk PH ini di kamar IlhamM makin cintalah saya dengan album ini. Apalagi radio OZ pernah beberapa kali muter lagu “The Prisoner” dari album ini… Whooooaaaaa…adrenalin langsung “crut” muncrat setinggi plafon rumah jek! Uediyaaaannnn….

Secara keseluruhan album ini memangh sempurna bagi saya. Namun yang bener2 saya suka ya lagu “The Prisoner” ini. Dari intro hingga pamungkas lagu ini melemaskan urat saraf dan memompa adrenalin sehingga mengalir begitu deras bahkan sempat muncrat saat Ashley Holt tereak “You shall hang said the Judge …” …wah diyampuuuutttzzz…ngemut kue ciput nganti semapuuuuuttt…!!! Gusti Alloh nyuwun ngapunten …!!! Meski mendengarkan musik termasuk pekerjaan sia-sia, aku mohon ampunanMu ya Allah ..ijinkan hambaMu nggeblak meski sedetik karena menikmati indahnya “The Prisoner” ini.

Cuplikan lirik The Prisoner sungguh bermakna:

One man`s life has cost another
You shall not lie in sacred ground
The time has come to meet your Maker
Down on earth, they heard no sound

Gak salah dan gak ragu kalau di saya beri album ini dengan FULL lima bintang tanpa ragu tanpa cacat. Luar biasa! Saya gak peduli gak banyak orang menganggap album ini. Menurut sauya, album ini “way too underrated” by many music reviewers. I stand tall witj my view that this is a TRUE MASTERPIECE progrock album! Gak ragu blas pokoke aku! Lha ini sekarang saya nikmati jan nuilkmat pol! Menderita kepuasan paripurna saya ….

Karena Yess tidak mengedarkan album ini, maka saat di Bandung dulu saya beli rekaman Monalisa. Meski udah punya CDnya, tetep aja menilmati kaset jauh lebih nuansamatik kemlitik mesin ketik tanpa titik tenaaaaannn!!! (embuh opo hubungane – PROG soalnya…kalau ngomong gak harus berhubungan. Soalnya harus “out of the box” gitu …).

Kaset koleksi yg terpelihara mulus kek kaki meja ...hiks ...

Kaset koleksi yg terpelihara mulus kek kaki meja ...hiks ...

Ditanggung Anda nggeblak menilkmati album ini! Kalau gak? Pasti Anda bukan wong prog! Udah pasti tu!


Review lengkap KLIK disini.

Studio Album, released in 1976

Songs / Tracks Listing

Music Reincarnate: 28:08 (tracks 1-5)
1. The Warning (8:19)
2. The Maker (3:34)
3. The Spaceman (4:03)
4. The Realisation (4:17)
5. The Reaper (7:55)

6. The Prisoner (7:01)
7. The Lost Cycle (7:02)

Total Time: 42:11

Line-up / Musicians – Rick Wakeman / keyboards, synths, Mellotrons, harpsichord
+ The English Rock Ensemble:
– Reg Brooks / trombone, bass trombone, backing vocals
– John Dunsterville / acoustic & electric guitars, mandoline, backing vocals
– Tony Fernandez / drums, percussion
– Ashley Holt / lead vocals
– Roger Newell / bass, bass pedals, backing vocals
– Martyn Shields / trumpet, flugel horn, French horn, backing vocals

Marillion for Kabinet Baru

October 24, 2009

Pesan Fish untuk Kabinet yang baru:

Minister, minister care for your children

Order them not into damnation

to eliminate those who would trespass against you

For whose is the kingdom,

the power, the glory for ever and ever








(Forgotten Sons –  Marillion)


ELP “Brain Salad Surgery”

October 21, 2009


Emerson Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery CD (album) coverNgapain pulak ngomongin album tuwek ini? Yo ben! Soale ini kan blog gemblunk…ngomong apa aja bolehlah wong ndak ada larangan kok. Inipun terkait dengan kerinduan saya yang setengah modar dengan nuansa menikmati musik 70an dimana CD dan iPod belum ada, PH gak mampu beli …ya akhirnya kaset yang dikoleksi. Udah gitu, bajakan pulak! Tapi kalo ndak ada kaset bajakan mana mungkin kita semua ini ngeprog? Paling juga yang bisa ngeprog cumak “putrane wong kagungan” (anaknya orang kaya – red.). Lha saya ini tergolong kaum proletar nan dhuafa pol ..sehingga menikmati musik harus puas dengan kaset.

Khusus buat album ELP “Brain Salad Surgery” ini tadinya saya punya kaset rekaman dari PH yang direkamin oleh kakak saya, Henky, yang saat itu kuliah di UGM dan merangkap jadi penyiar musik rock di Radio Geronimo Yogya. Makanya, saya beruntung mendapatkan album ini “ahead of schedule” dibandingkan siapapun progger yang ada di Madiun saat itu. Ha ha ha .. beraninya cuman sama wong Mediyun, kalau dibandingkan sama orang Jakarta ya pasti saya kalah to? Tapi di Madiun saya udah paling nggajag (gaya – red.) karena ahead of time terus gitu … Karena Yess Bandung gak pernah mengeluarkan album ini, makanya saya berupaya cari rekaman lain sampe akhirnya nemu rekaman ALPINE. Whoooaaaa .. Ini kaset unik, karena masteringnya pake Beta HIFI dan rekamannya memang nendhank pol. Bass nya pulen kayak sego liwet kemedhul gitu lah .. Di kuping huenak tenan. Apalagi kalai buat dengerin Jerusalem sama Karn Evil 9 …biyuh gendhank telinga menggelinjang memancarkan adrenalin yang muncrat menandakan kenikmatan paripurna.

Beberapa hari lalu saya puter kaset yang masih mulus ini menggunakan walkman Sony nyambung ke loudspeaker active Altec Lansing …wah genjreng-gumenjreng tenaaaaaaan …. !!! Apalagi dinikmati sambil nyruput kopi tubruk, sarungan , terus duduk dengan kaki jigang …whueeee ….what life tenan rek! Sayang ndak ada jadah bakar supaya nuansa prog pitungpuluhan Mediyunan terjaga seperti pada jamannya. Tapi yang jelas saat menikmati saya pake kaos singlet cap Dua Daun yang udah bolong, celana dalam (maaf) merek Hings yang warnanya udah putih mangkak …kuak kak kak kak kak kak kak kak kak …makin menggelinjanglah jiwa ini menderita kepuasan paripurna.

Ini review lengkap yang saya tulis di Maaf pake Boso Londo soale 350 tahun dijajah wong Londo …:

5 stars This album was my first introduction to the band sometime in 1975 / 1976 (can not remember exact year). It was from my friend’s tape that played “Toccata” at that time. I was so shock with the kind of “weird” music these guys were producing. My friend then lent me his tape and I got more listen at home. Oh man . it was a great record the whole album (even though I was not into “Benny The Bouncer”). When I got into epic track titled “Karn Evil 9″ I was totally amazed with this band and I talked to myself that I had to buy the cassette myself. It was not easy really because at that time I had no money at all to buy (even) the cassette. I remember that I had to wait until my mom got a what so called a “project” as she was just successfully sold some spaces in our house for a rent to a group of accountants that audited one company in my small city. My mom then gave me money to buy the cassette. Thanks God! Finally I got my first ELP cassette man! Yeah! The cassette then rocked my house all the time with Yes “Fragile”, “Relayer” and also Uriah Heep “Demons and Wizards”. (Oh by the way, my mom was – and still – open mind with rock music that my brother and myself played through player at our home at that time. She liked Uriah Heep “Demons and Wizard”. Even now with her 79 years old age she still enjoy the opening track “He was the wizard of a thousand kings .” when she visited my house last month).

I was so proud having this “Brain Salad Surgery” cassette in my collection of (I think) about 20 rock cassettes at that time. I kept playing the tape over and over – especially during “Toccata” and “Karn Evil 9″. I was proud with the group and collected some write- ups about the band from our local rock magazine at that time – Aktuil. I had a habit of playing the tape in “high volume” every morning before school. Then, when I walked to my school I still sing part of the lyrics like “Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends .” for my 20 minute-walk to my school. I felt “energized” everyday by singing (in my heart) this album’s song. It meant a lot to me! What made me happy (also) was the fact that many of my friends and my brother’s friends who liked music (at that time the difference between pop and rock was that thin – people did not categorize the music style) mentioned ELP highly. We talked about how complicated but enjoyable the track like “Karn Evil 9″ was. OK OK . that was old story that surrounded me in my small city in Indonesia during time when this album was released. When I could earn money during digital era, I bought the CD (not the remaster one) and I still enjoy listening to it even until now when I’m writing this review.

Having described the “nuances” of this album and what it meant to me personally in a small city far away from the place where the album was released, it suffices to say that this album is a true masterpiece! Sorry, I have to be “firm” this time that I can only accept a minimum of four stars (out of 5) of people’s rating because for this album nothing is “vague”. If someone gives less than 4 stars rating, I’m sure s/he does not understand (or is not interested with) the context of this album or not a progressive rock explorer. Well, I know that expressing views in prog arena is an interesting challenge. People have different views and perceptions based on their taste and background. And, because of the nature of prog music is somehow (in my humble opinion) too broad and sometime I feel like “boundaryless” (ehm .. it looks like I’m a business strategy guys like “Kenichi Ohmae” or “Jack Welch” hah?). But .. there is an absolute value about this wonderful album “Brain Salad Surgery”, either you are “into” or “not into” it. Let me tell you my rationales why I am in the “into” bandwagon ..

Rationale # 1: The album has been decades around us and if we compare it with any complexity, harmony and musical quality produced by any prog band(s) that emerged later on, nothing would shake this album from its (still) top position. The prog elements are there and most importantly the originality issues. Yes, the band has adapted the classical music creation – but look (please) the brilliant approach the band had taken in their arrangement.

Rationale # 2: The album (and the band, of course) has inspired many groups that emerge after this album. For practicality, just browse through this page and you may find tens or even hundreds of bands that reviewers have given marks of “influenced by ELP” or even some reviews that specifically mentioned this album. You might find it on Triumvirat, Ars Nova, Cast, Cairo and many others.

Rationale # 3: The musical quality of this album is really top notch and unquestionable at all. The overall composition blend all technical skills of each contributor in such a way that produce a complex music in a very tight structure with excellent harmony. In fact, with sometimes a lack of nice melody, this album still produce wonderful sound.

I think with those three rationales, you would understand why I adore this album. You might have different views, as I hope. Otherwise, it’s not prog at all if you agree on whatever I’ve just written. Any differing opinions are welcome and you may post in this site. And for this album, I don’t think it’s wise to review track by track as this is a legendary album that any prog explorer MUST have the CD and enjoy himself / herself. My personal experience has indicated that having enjoyed all tracks, I finally can enjoy “Benny The Bouncer” that I hated the first time. So at this point of time – and onward – this album is a well rounded prog creation that deserves a “full five stars” rating. And it will be like that through time passages in the future. That’s my humble opinion. Keep on Progging! – GW, Indonesia.

Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Jerusalem (2:44)
2. Toccata (7:23)
3. Still… You Turn Me On (2:53)
4. Benny The Bouncer (2:21)
5. Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression – Part 1) (8:44)
6. Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression – Part 2) (4:47)
7. Karn Evil 9 (2nd Impression) (7:07)
8. Karn Evil 9 (3rd Impression) (9:03)

Total Time: 45:04

Line-up / Musicians – Keith Emerson / organ, piano, harpsichord, accordion, custom-built Moog synths, Polyphonic Moog Ensemble, voice of bridge computer in 3rd Impression
– Greg Lake / vocals, bass, Zemaitis electric 6-string and 12-string guitars
– Carl Palmer / drums, percussion, percussion synthesizers




Egg “Civil Surface” & Muse “The Resistance”

October 19, 2009


Apa hubungannya antara Egg (70an) dan Muse (2000an) ? Ada tentunya …

Hari Minggu yang lalu, 11 Oktober 2009 saya dapat sms dari mbak Didy: “Gatot, cd Egg pesenanmu udah dateng. Ambil aja di rumah ya …”. Whoooooaaaaa…..sueneng biyanget hati ini karena akhirnya dapet cd musik dari angkatan 70an ini. Selama ini memang saya hanya punya kaset rekaman Yess serial #92. Bahkan saya mereview album ini di progarchives juga dari mendengarkan kaset ini. Nah kebetulan sebulan lalu mbak Didy bilang bahwa beliau akan ke Jepang dan Eropa. Langsung aja saya nitip. Cepet sekali, kira-kira 3 hari setelah keberangkatan beliau ke Jepang, saya langsung dapat email yg menyatakan cd udah dapet. Bungah tenan saya … Terima kasih banyak, mbak Didy ….

Egg versi kaset Yess seri #92

Egg versi kaset Yess seri #92

Sebenernya ada BONUS oleh2nya mbak Didy ini karena SMS beliau terus berlanjut ”Kamu sudah punya Muse yang baru?” saya jawab belum. Dan SMS menyusul lagi: ”Ntar tak kasih juga ya CD nya …”. Wah banjir rejeki tumpah ruah dari mbak Didy nih. Dan, ini bukan kali pertama lho beliau berbaik hati kepada kaum dhuafa ini …udah beberapa kali saya tertimpa musibah dibalang (dilempar – red.) CD sama mbak Didy ini. Matur nuwun sekali lagi, mbak Didy yang cantik ….Kamsia kamsia …jazakallah ….

Paket oleh2 dari mbak Didy ...

Dan ternyata setelah diambil paket kirimannya, masih ada bonus lagi yang gak pernah dibilang oleh mbak Didy di SMS nya: yaitu majalah Rolling Stone yang membahas Muse! Ha ha ha ha .. markotop!!!

Sekarang cd EGG udah di tangan dan saat ini sedang diputar. Memang asik banget musiknya: solid dan berkualitas. Kaset Egg dulu memang jarang saya putar karena tingkat kerumitannya. Tapi sebenernya semakin diputar makin nunjek ulu ati lho sebenernya. Dulu beli kaset ini karena ’gengsi’ aja lha wong nama band nya aja udah aneh ..”endog” meski gak dikasih tahu endog bebek atau endog pitik. Tapi musiknya memang elegant ala Canterbury gitu. Lha wong kasetnya aja kan side B nya berisi dedengkot Canterbury juga: ’Hatfield and The North’ (yang merupakan lawan Rasela – Radjawali Selatan. Opo hubungane? Ya itu … ’utara versus selatan’ …ha ha ha ha …prog tenaaaannn ….).

CD Inlay nya banyak gambar jadul 70an pol!

CD Inlay nya banyak gambar jadul 70an pol!

Instrumen ini digunakan dalam rekaman ini

Instrumen ini digunakan dalam rekaman ini

CD Muse ”The Resistance” juga udah saya putar …bagus. Yang perlu dibanggakan: sebagian besar temen2 saya memiliki CD yang pressing local, tapi saya punya pressing Eropa – lha wong dibeli langsung oleh mbak Didy di sono, ‘fresh from the oven’ …masih kunyus-kunyus mulus tenaaaan ….

Sebentar lagi saya tulis review Muse di progarchives lah. Emang Muse prog? Prog gak sih? Embuhlah .. sing penting huenak tenaaaaan …. United States of Eurasia …!!!




Kaset Inlay versi Yess. Side B nya Hatfield & The North

Kaset Inlay versi Yess. Side B nya Hatfield & The North

Kasetnya pun masih mulus jek! Dibeli 500 ribu pun (kalau ada wong edan yang mau) saya persilakan beliau cari di tempat lain ajalah ... ha ha ha ...

Kasetnya pun masih mulus jek! Dibeli 500 ribu pun (kalau ada wong edan yang mau) saya persilakan beliau cari di tempat lain ajalah ... ha ha ha ...

Review di Progarchives:

4 stars With Dave Stewart as leader of the band you might have expected that this album would have a strong influence of Canterbury music. The combination of his organ style, energetic drumming by Clive Brooks, bass guitar and French Horn (oboe, bassoon, clarinet) delivers a really good music harmony with its unique sound. As Dave Stewart also helped Steve Hillage’s band KHAN who produced only one album “Space Shanty”, the music has no major difference between the two. It’s probably the vocal part that’s different because Khan “Space Shanty” was a song-oriented album while EGG’s “Civil Surface” is a full music-oriented album. The other bands that similar to EGG are: National Health, Hatfield & The North, Steve Hillage.

Song like “Enneagram” flows beautifully with variations of chords produced from organ accentuated with drum work and insertion of oboe, clarinet and bassoon. The music varies between simple and complex arrangements with excellent composition, overall and it moves from slow to relatively medium/fast tempo music with jazz/ fusion influence in addition to Canterbury. “Germ Patrol” continues the tradition of organ-oriented music with great drumming and bass lines. Piano and French horn improvisation have also enriched the textures of the music. For me it’s rewarding experience whenever I play this album especially with nice flow of the music combining unique sounds of individual instruments and the melody. In some parts I can sense an exploration to avant-garde and repetition of certain segments but with different textures. “Prelude” explores Dave Stewart’s organ solo in multi-layered sounds followed excellently with a stream of music resulting from bass, drum, organ and some choral section. “Wring Out The Ground Loosely Now” features Mont Campbell on vocal Organ work characterizes this track and it has variety of styles – being a Canterbury and avant-garde. I like the solo organ continued with unique arrangements of the accompanying music that features organ as lead melody.

Provided that you are familiar with Canterbury, this album is an excellent addition to your prog collection. The music is original. The composition is neat and great. Keep on proggin’ ..!

Progressively yours, GW

Studio Album, released in 1974

Songs / Tracks Listing

Side 1
1. Germ Patrol (8:31)
2. Wind Quartet 1 (2:20)
3. Enneagram (9:07)

Side 2
4. Prelude (4:17)
5. Wring Out The Ground (Loosely Now) (8:11)
6. Nearch (3:22)
7. Wind Quartet 2 (4:48)

Total Time: 41:36

Line-up / Musicians

- Dave Stewart / organ, piano; bass (6)
– Clive Brooks / drums
– Mont Campbell / bass, voice, French horn and piano

– Jeremy Baines / Germophone & Bowle
– Lindsay Cooper / oboe, basson (1-6)
– Tim Hodgkinson / clarinet (1-6)
With Help of:
– Amanda Parsons / singing (4)
– Ann Rosenthal / singing (4)
– Barbara Gaskin / singing (4)
– Steve Hillage / guitar (5)

Wind Quartet performed By:
– Mont Campbell / French horn
– Maurice Cambridge / clarinet
– Stephen Solloway / flute
– Chris Palmer / basson

Releases information LP Caroline Records C 1510-UK-1974
CD Virgin Records CA 1510 (1990)

I remember Christoper …

October 16, 2009


Ini sebenernya bukan curhat musik, tapi lebih ke curhat nuansa jadul yang menjadi bagian dari hidup saya ketika masih remaja, tepatnya SMA. Curhat ini dipicu oleh telpon di HP saya minggu lalu dari seseorang yang menamakan dirinya Bambang. Lha …saya kan banyak temen yang namanya Bambang …ya tentu saya heran dan tanya. Dia jawab “Iki Bambang Cino Tot …”. Jedhut! Otak dan memori saya tahu-tahu melesat bekerja begitu kuat dan dipicu juga oleh muncratnya adrenalin saya menguak masa remaja, …dan tak salah lagi…saya punya temen di Madiun (sejak SD) yang namanya Bambang Haryono – tapi karena putih dan matanya sipit maka dipanggil dengan nama Bambang Cino.

Lha wong namanya juga tiga puluh tahun ndak pernah dengar kabarnya lagi, ya kangen2an lah jadinya, meski lewat telpon. Rasanya damai sejuk bahagia mendapat telpon dari temen sejak SD yang lama ndak jumpa. Apalagi ternyata pada saat dia nelpon itu sebenernya dia sedang kumpul dengan temen saya lainnya yaitu Eddie Sanyoto (Eddie Ting) dan Manyu. Udahlah akhirnya saya ngomong sama ketiga-tiganya.

Setelah telpon itu saya kok ‘ujug-ujug mak gedandhut’ pengen nyetel lagu Styx bertajuk ‘Christopher Mr Christopher’. Apa pasal? Ini dia yang jadi pokok tulisan ini. Lagu yang saya kenal dari kaset Prambors Hits II rekaman Aquarius di jaman itu merupakan hit di kota Madiun tahun itu (antara 76 – 79 gitu).  Salah satu yang membuat TOP lagu ini adalah gank anak muda yang namanya Christoper (gak pake “h”). Ini gank bisa dibilang penguasa Madiun saat itu. Mereka kompak sekali, dan karena banyak yang anak orang punya (pejabat dsb.) makanya rata-rata mereka memiliki sepeda motor bahkan mobil. Lucunya, semua motor mereka di cat seragam warna putih dan ada strip nya merah …ha ha ha .. pokoke jadul pol lah! Seneng juga melihat tingkah polah mereka, apalagi kalau konvoi motornya putih semua. Ini bukan berarti saat beli motor warnanya putih lho .. karena memang ndak ada motor baru berwarna putih. Jadi mereka dengan sengaja mengecat dengan “Pylox” (ha ha ha ha …ini cat jadul amat!) warna putih. Ya dasarnya “putrane wong kagungan” bagi mereka ndak papa motor dicat putih. Nah .. gank anak muda yang merupakan trend setter di kota Madiun saat itu memiliki lagu kebangsaanya milik Styx itu …

I remember Christopher
such a man
so brave and tall

he took the baby Jesus
in his arms
across the waterfall

people cried, “he’s holy!
he’s a saint not a man!”
all at once it was written
in the book of the land

Christopher, Mr. Christopher
why won’t they leave you alone?
Christopher, Mr. Christopher
why won’t they leave you alone?

Memang saat itu di Madiun menjamur sekali gank anak muda dengan nama yang serem2 seperti “Bulldog” (angkatan dua tahun di atas saya) dengan gembongnya orang2 seperti Kotjo, Aang. Kemudian ada lagi namanya “Asabor” (Anak Sadis Borobudur). Borobudur itu nama sebuah jalan dan anggota Asabor tukang berantem dan ditakuti orang saat itu. Ada lagi “McLaren” yang merupakan angkatan setahun di atas saya. Terus ada lagi “Rhapsodies” yang merupakan temen2 angkatan setahun di bawah saya, dengan gembongnya Rafi Pitik sama Wahidin. Kalau Christoper (disingkat X’oper) ini gembongnya buanyak banget: Yayak, Bambang Cino, Bobo, Gopri (Goback), Manyu, Ardianto Tatok, Eddie ting, Sigit …wah pokoke banyak banget. Oh ya ada satu lagi gank yang bener2 ditakuti karena mereka punya ilmu beladiri, namanya “Setia Hati Terate” yang merupakan gank pencak silat. Wah ini paling disegani sampe2 ada istilah “Cah Njero” (orang dalam – red.) atau “Wong Ublem” saking ditakutinya.

Ini adalah foto beberapa gembong X’oper setelah tiga puluha tahun berselang:

Tak kalah dengan trend yang terjadi, saya dan temen2 sekelas sejak SMP juga bikin gank namanya Thunderstorm (disingkat TS) yang kegiatannya lebih ke siaran radio gelap (pakai antene dari bambu). Ha ha ha ha.. Pokoknya seru dah. Pernah kita dulu ke Bali berlima (termasuk saya) dengan temen saya yang namanya Koko Bolek, Dudhit Yuliadi, Djoni dan Bagus Sudaryanto. Di Bali bukannya menikmati pantai, tapi kita berburu kaset Pink Floyd dan lampu “807” buat pemancar. Harga lampunya Rp 2500,- dan kita saweran Rp. 500,-. Lha ke Bali kok malah yang dicari lampu buat pemancar – opo tumon? Kalau X’oper punya lagu Styx, kita gak mau kalah .. Thunderstorm punya lagunya Triumvirat “The March of Eternal City” dari album Spartacus sebagai lagu kebangsaan kita. Aneh juga dulu, dalam sebuah pesta gank kita di Jl Sumatra 26 (rumah ibu saya) sebelum pesta dimlai, kita pasang lagu kebangsaan tersebut dan hadirin diharapkan berdiri. Padahal lagunya berdurasi 8 menit .. opo ora dengkek? Ha ha ha ha …

Masih ingat saya saat perpisahan SMA Negeri I Madiun, anak2 X’oper ini ngeband lagu2nya Keenan dan Chrisye, sebagian lagu ‘Negriku Cintaku’ dibawain. Mereka tampil serba putih dengan selendang merah. Wis jan lucu pol!

Itulah kenangan indah tiga puluh tahun lalu, dan sekarang…gara2 internet dan FB, saya nyambung lagi sama temen2 X’oper … Rasanya seperti punya dulur yang lama ndak jumpa gitu loh! Aduh jan nuansamatik kemlitik tenaaann …

I remember Christoper ….such a man …so brave and tall …

Saya sangat menyukai lagu ini karena dulu direkamin kakak saya, Henky, seluruh album dari Man of Miracles karya Styx ini. Saat saya review di progarchives, ada pembaca yang (wong londo) yang terheran-heran mendengar bahwa lagu “Christopher Mr Christopher” pernah menjadi hit di Madiun. Ha ha ha ha …  Reviewnya bisa KLIK disini.




Kaset RUSH ‘Permanent Waves’ (Yess)

October 6, 2009


Kaset koleksiku. Masih mulus.Tadi malem nyetel kaset Rush “Permanent Waves” rekaman Yess bernomor seri 302 yang saya beli Juni 1982. Kaset ini masih mulus saya simpan bahkan sleeve-nya saya laminasi segala biar awet. Banyak kaset rekaman yess punya saya yang saya laminasi karena saya menganggapnya sebagai aset yg sangat tinggi nilainya bagi saya.

Meski telah memiliki format cd, menikmati rekaman kaset merupakan pengalaman tersendiri yang menyenangkan. Tadi malam saya ambil kaset ini dari rak kaset khusus koleksi Yess dan posisi pita dalam keadaan siap putar di sisi B. Tak apalah, justru ini seninya memutar kaset, tergantung pada posisi akhir. Kata temen, kalau nyetel kaset musti diatur suoaya sampai pita habis sampai pok. Makanya kaset ini sebelumnya sdh sy putar sisi A-nya dulu, entah berapa bulan lalu.

Sisi B dari kaset ini dimulai dengan lagu keren berdurasi standar ‘Different Strings’ yang saya suakai karena ada sentuhan blues dan sound gitar yang vintage banget. Mengingat album ini diciptakan di jaman Duran Duran maka sungguh ajaib saya bisa mendapatkan sound 70an dari aspek gitar dan olah vocal. Wuiihhh …terasa terbawa kea lam 70an banget .. Apalagi saya nyetelnya malem hari. Biyuh!

Namanya juga kaset bajakan, maka sisanya diisi dua lagu epik dari album ‘Caress of Steel’ yang sayangnya sama Yess

Sleeve nya dilaminasi ...biar awet.

Sleeve nya dilaminasi ...biar awet.

gak ditulis lagu ini dari album apa. Dasar. Lha murah kok kita ini nuntut banyak ya? Ha ha ha ha ha …. Dimulai dengan ‘The Necromancer’ yang berdurasi 12 menit dan terdiri dari tiga movements: I) Into The Darkness (4:20), II) Under The Shadow (4:25), dan III) Return Of The Prince (3:51). Wah …terasa Rush banget deh lagu ini. Epik selanjutnya adalah The Fountain of Salmacis …eh salah ya? Itu kan lagunya Genesis? Atau memang Rush ini ‘terinspirasi’ sama Genesis ya? Yang bener adalah ‘The Fountain Of Lamneth’ yang berdurasi seperti ‘Close To The Edge’ nya Yes yaitu sekitar 20 menitan. Uediyan ..muantabs jek! Kata temen saya kalau lagu berdurasi lebih dari 8 menit itu berarti PROG. Benarkah? Epik ini terdiri dari enam movements : I) In The Valley (4:17), II) Didacts And Narpets (1:00), III) No One At The Bridge (4:15), IV) Panacea (3:12), V) Bacchus Plateau (3:12), dan VI) The Fountain (3:48).

Puas dengan sisi B, kaset pun setelah mengalami ‘automatic stop’ akhirnya saya balik ke sisi A. Maklum saya nyetelnya pakai walkman disambung ke active speaker Altec Lansing, dan gak ada automatic reversenya. Whoooaaaa…sekarang mengalun salah satu lagu kesukaan saya ‘Natural Science’. Lagu ini memang muantabs karena menggabungkan riff tujuhpuluhan yang gahar dan olah vocal Geddy yang gahar. Karena minim pemain, musik Rush jadi mudah dibedah dalam hal bebunyian instrument yang dipakai. Di sinilah letak kehebatan Rush. Meski minim instrument tapi permainannya penuh. Sambil tereka si Geddy juga membetot bass dengan dinamisnya dan saling mengisi dengan rofel dahzyat Neil Peart. Terasa sekali mereka kompak seolah menjadi tulang punggung rhythm section dari musik yang mereka mainkan. Liukan solo gitar Alex Lifeson juga begitu memukau sehingga musiknya terasa penuh. Lagu ini juga yang pada akhirnya, menurut hemat saya,mempengaruhi ’The Great Debate’ nya Dream Theater.

Pitanya pun di 'Rugos' he he he ...

Pitanya pun di 'Rugos' he he he ...

Lagu-lagu lainnya juga jangan ditanya dah ..semuanya keren termasuk ’The Spirit of Radio’ yang sudah begitu ngetop. ’Jacob’s Ladder’ juga keren …. Secara keseluruhan album ini memukau dan menarik perhatian penggemar hard rock karena riff-riff nya dan sekaligus penggemar prog karena musiknya cenderung bengkok-bengkok.

Nuansamatik banget tadi malam nyetel kaset ini dan serasa kembali di jaman masih kliah di Bandung dulu. Kebetulan pada waktu itu Marillion belum merilis ’Script’ jadi ya praktis kaset ini menjadi favorit saya saat itu. Hampir tiga puluh tahun sudah usia kaset ini namun masih kinchlonk. Kalau ada yang mau belipun saya hanya bisa mendoakan semoga calon pembeli mendapatkan rahmat dari Allah swt sehingga mendapatkan kaset ini dari penjual yang lain ….

Rush jan rule tenan! Apalagi rekaman Yess … Kalau cumin mendengarkan CD, ribuan orang di dunia ini bisa melakukannya. Kalau kaset Yess? Hanya orang-orang pilihan saja yang punya .. The True Collector! Hua ha ha ha ha ha ha ……




Jaman dulu seneng banget ngoret-ngoret kaset ...ha ha ha ...

Jaman dulu seneng banget ngoret-ngoret kaset ...ha ha ha ...


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